Staying at my dream hotel in Italy was more than anything I could ask for. Check out the 5 takeaways from my amazing trip and how they can help you!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent the last few weeks on the coast of Italy! 

The trip was for my best friend, Natalie, in celebration of her 30th birthday.

Natalie and I have always bonded over our love of dreaming big, so seeing this incredible trip come to life was a dream come true for us. 

5 Takeaways from Italy

We had several “pinch me” moments, and I wanted to share my takeaways with you from that!

Though we were celebrating her birthday, the trip nonetheless taught me so much about myself, my ability to make my dreams happen, money in general, and my business!


1. Visualization is Powerful

During one of the highlights of the trip, we stayed at the Belmond Hotel Caruso (THE most incredible hotel I’ve ever stayed at, check out my full review here.)

I’ve been dreaming of staying here for years, actually, but it wasn’t too long ago that it would’ve been totally out of the question because of the price.

So, when we started planning this trip, we began visualizing our stay there as a reality. This didn’t make it magically appear, but it did lead me to take the necessary actions to make it happen. Our jaws dropped when we first spent the day at this pool.

Apply this concept to your business by visualizing it the way you want it to be and feel.

Easy? Seamless? Epic? Influential?

Don’t focus on the setbacks, focus on the potential you have.


2. If Not You, Who?

One of the hurdles we all have to get over when making big leaps is essentially becoming a different person — the person who DOES achieve those goals, not who just dreams of them.

Making this trip happen was no exception. In starting my business, I was a paralegal making an entry-level salary.

I would’ve looked at a trip like this with lust-filled eyes but brushed it off as a possibility for me.

Rather, I would assume “other people” could do trips like this.

A fundamental switch I’ve used to step into the person who does take trips like this is questioning why it shouldn’t be me. As a Catholic, we believe all are equal in the eyes of God.

So, why do we allow ourselves to think others are worthy of things that we’re not? We can change that thinking and doing so is hugely powerful in becoming who you want to be.


3. Find People Who Push You Higher

Natalie and I have the best “how we met” story of anyone in my life (sorry, Adam!).

We met at a construction dive bar in NYC years ago when we were the only two women in the place and hit it off right away. But what’s grown our friendship is how much we push each other. We’re not afraid to call each other out when we see the other playing small with her potential.

We don’t settle.

When it came to this trip, the power of that dynamic really came to life.

We did what it took to make this dream trip happen, instead of surrendering when things seemed too difficult or stressful. But we couldn’t do that without each other.

The same goes for business. Find people that question your limits, call you out, and push you further. Your fears stand no chance that way.


4. You’ll Never Have More to Gain Than If You Start Today

Pushing “publish” on your website? Do it today.

Buying that domain? Do it today.

Sending a sales email or doing a sales call? Do it today.

Hiring a mentor? Do it today.

You’ll never have more to gain than if you start on the path of your next goal today.

This is real, you guys! If you don’t start today, you never know the things that you’ll miss out because you’re not able to do them. But if you did start sooner, you probably would be able to.

There are so many things that have happened to me this year (this Italy trip, my wedding, a trip to Tel Aviv, etc.) that I wouldn’t have been able to do not that long ago.

If I didn’t push myself to start things before I was ready, I could’ve missed them. Don’t miss out on the things that you have every ability to do… start today!


5. Don’t Settle, Ever

Often times, we’re taught to compromise and to not ask for too much. While compromising with others can help strengthen relationships, don’t compromise with yourself.

It may sound dramatic, but truthfully, every time you settle for something other than what you truly want, you let go of a part of who you are.

You wouldn’t advise your best friend to settle and marry someone that was “good enough”, even if he was convenient and less stressful. So why are we telling ourselves to settle for vacations that aren’t really what we want, just because they’re convenient and less stressful? What about for business courses that are less stressful but not that great? What about branding?

When you settle, you hurt yourself and the core of who you are. And trust me, you’re pretty amazing and the world needs you!


(By the way… I’m getting married soon! Follow along on Instagram for some real-time shots and BTS of our New York City Wedding this weekend!) 


What action can you take today based on some of these takeaways?