Coming Back to Mindset for More Growth (inside a Scale Your Side Hustle™ call)
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 32

Are sales calls an intimidating aspect of your business? You are not alone! Sales calls used to be one of my least favorite parts of my business, but today I am sharing how I turned them into one of my strong suits.

Today’s episode breaks down my personal checklist that I use on every sales call. I highly encourage you to refer to this exact checklist for your own sales calls to help you effectively connect and problem solve with your clients and so that you can stand in your power, allowing your zone of genius shine through! 

Tune in to hear:

  • How this checklist has changed the way I approach my sales calls.
  • Why sales calls can be an optimal time for you to stand in your power and step into your zone of genius.
  • How to get an exact copy of this checklist so you can start to use it in your business!
Today’s episode is pulled from one of my Scale Your Side Hustle™ coaching calls where I dive deep into what might be stopping your success.

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Leah on using mindset to grow

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: And as we go into today’s call, I want to start with a reminder of the importance of mindset. So a lot of this program started with mindset. We did a lot of in-depth work about the power of mindset in the first few modules and in the first few weeks. And that is by design. That is structural, that is foundational. And that is something that we hope carries you throughout this program. However, what ends up happening to even the best of us and the most, you know, uh, mindset dedicated is that the more momentum we get into and the more that are to do with piles up, the more mindset can feel like it gets pushed to the bottom. 


The more it can feel like we have already done that, we kind of know better, et cetera, et cetera. So this is our opportunity and our invitation as we go into the final month of this program to recognize that anything that hasn’t happened quite yet in this program that you’ve wanted to, or anything that you still hope to achieve in this program or anything that is still exciting you to do while you still have the support of failure side hustle is a mindset shift away.


And this tends to feel too good to be true. It tends to feel like, well, no, Leah, because I have X, Y, and Z to do, or I have this big list or I’d have so much to catch up on and it can feel like, is it really just as simple as me thinking differently? And the answer is yes, as we talked about on our last call, mindset work is the hardest part. 


So one of the traps, I’m seeing a lot from a lot of different entrepreneurs, not so much my own clients, because I think I very proactively teach against it. But mindset work should not be at the cost of action and here’s what I mean by that. Here’s what I think can happen is entrepreneurs can think, okay, I’m sold on the importance of doing some personal development, work on the importance of doing some inner work on the importance of working on myself.


I hear you. It sounds important. I understand that it’s something I need to do, but what they’ll do is they will stop taking action, stop taking massive action until the mindset work is done. So that will look something like them realizing that they need to sort out why they are afraid of what other people think of them or why they are afraid of failure or why they are afraid of spending money. And they’ll sort of like journal on that or think about that or research shot or pray about it, or listen to podcasts on it until that feels sorted out. But the thing is those pieces of clarity do not come from waiting. They do not come from being handed to you. They come from you getting them. So I would argue that mindset work isn’t being done properly if it’s not lending itself to you taking massive action.


So that’s what I want us to circle back down today, back around you today is do you feel like you’re taking massive action? And for many of you at this point in scale, your side hustle, that’s pretty clearly asking, are you making sales? Are you trying to make sales? Are you putting yourself out there every single day? And it’s not? Why not? And this isn’t about shaming you, this isn’t about embarrassing you, this isn’t about making you feel like you’re behind. It’s about taking your power back and realizing that you may have fallen into a thought pattern that allows you to give credit to something else. For the reason you’re not taking those actions. When in reality, the power has been here as all along. So let’s say, for example, in this program, maybe a week or two or three ago, we talked about a particular thing you could sell or a product or service you could sell or something you could market.


And you haven’t done that yet. Well that’s okay, but ask yourself, why haven’t I done that yet? Is it because you needed to fine tune the offering a little bit more? Is it because you felt like you all of a sudden didn’t know who to offer it to? Is it because you felt like you ran out of time to market it? 


Those all can sound like very logical excuses and those excuses are costing you your success. So let’s break them down in a different way. If perhaps you did not sell something that we talked about you selling and you think that it’s because you needed to fine tune the offering a bit more. What is, that’s actually just a form of perfectionism, keeping you from trying and seeing if something works, no offering is going to be perfect, no product or service is ever perfect.


The only way you get valuable information about whether or not that thing is working is by trying to get it out there and sell it. The only way you will get feedback about how you could improve it is if you have people to give you feedback, getting stuck in your own head is not the way to go. Just think about the creators of the I-phones. You know, every time they come out with a new one, do you think that there’s a moment where they say now, now is when everything about it is perfect. It literally could not be more perfect and everything about it does not need to be touched anymore.




They stick to deadlines. They push themselves to do things. They do the best they can, they get feedback. And that’s why we have like 15 versions of the iPhone, right? Because we, the users of our iPhones have come back and given them feedback after feedback, after feedback. And in the meantime, they’re a billion dollar company. They are not sitting behind the scenes, waiting for the perfect iPhone for what would be the iPhone 20 to come to them. They are getting that information in real time. And they’re keeping your business afloat in real time. And if someone else was out there trying to perfect the perfect iPhone, they’re still probably out there. I mean, it’s still probably going to have $2 to show for it. So where is your perfectionism stopping you from doing what we want to do? Now, I’m just using this example of selling thing.


You’re going to sell something and then not trying, that might not be the situation you’re in. And maybe you did sell something that we talked about in the past few weeks. I know some of you really, you know, have made a lot of momentum here, which is great. I’m just trying to illustrate whatever is next that you want to do. How mindset work could actually be the corporate between why you haven’t done it and doing it. 


So in that example, maybe it’s because you are in a cycle of production. Um, you know, maybe one of the other things we, I, I kind of shared for why you might not be selling something. If that, if the example that resonates with you, maybe you felt like you had too many other things going on. That probably is valid. You probably are busy. You probably do have a lot going on.

You probably do have a lot on your plate. And I invite you to actually ask yourself when that’s going to change. And the answer is probably that it’s not. Or if it is after, if you’re really willing for it to wait. So the whole busy thing, you know, I don’t like the word busy. I think everyone is busy. I think modern life is busy. We all have families. We all have personal lives. We all have dreams. We all have nine to five jobs. We have to start with as we go through this, we all have bills to pay. The more power you pay attention to the things that you need to deal with. But so does everyone else, by definition, you’re fighting for your logic of being the norm.


You’re not fighting for your logic of how it can work for you. If you’re feeling like that this week, if you’re feeling like you just haven’t had time to get what you really want to do, get on today’s call so we can tease out your priorities. And we can look at what is more important. This thing that is going to get you in momentum that you want to do, or whatever else is on your plate. And how can we reconcile the two? The other example we used is maybe wanting to sell something, but all of a sudden, you don’t have people to sell it to, or you realize you’re not sure where to sell it to? My guess is that you do actually have people that you could at least pitch it to. Not everyone’s going to say yes, not everyone is going to say yes, but you can’t make people’s decisions for them.


So how do you know if they’re going to say yes or no? Unless you ask them, my guess, is that the reason you haven’t asked them is because you’re afraid of rejection. You’re afraid of them judging you. They’re afraid of what they think of you. I know that this has been a big one for me over the years, I have sold. I’m about to cross the line of selling over a million dollars worth of services in the past 11 months and I still am terrified all the time of what people will say to me when I offer them something. I still hover over the send button before I push an email, because I’m afraid of what the email back will be and do people say, no, you bet I get more no’s than I get yes’s. Do people give me snarky responses? Sometimes, yeah. Do people go to me? Yes. Do they gossip to friends and family about me and what they think of me? Yep.


Are they going to dictate my success? Hell no. And that has been a lot of mindset work that has been me deciding over and over again that I’m not going to let these things blocking me standing in the way of my journey and of my success. And you know, I get more nodes than I get yeses. You don’t need that many yes’s. You just need enough. But if you’re afraid of the no’s, then you’re blocking the yes’s. I’d write that down. If any of you are feeling nervous around sales, if you’re afraid of the no’s, then you’re blocking the yes’s.


So as you can see nearly all the excuses we have for why we’re not taking things to the next level is because of something we haven’t worked through in our mind. Now it’s okay if you still have fears, it is okay. If you’re still needing support, it is okay. If you’re still scared, it doesn’t make you a bad entrepreneur. It doesn’t mean that you’re not serious about this program. 


It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be successful, but it means it’s an invitation for you to do the work, to step up and look at it and to change it. And this gets easier, every time you shift out of something that is blocking you, it gets easier. And so have faith in the person you can become. The more you move past, these have faith and how proud of yourself you can be.

As you do things anyway, and feel empowered by the ability to almost blame your excuses on your own mind, because then they’re not anyone else’s power in anyone else’s power. Christina has, this is areas like you can see inside my head. I’d love to chat with you today, Christina. But I think that, you know, it’s important to have these conversations because I think that they are universal amongst entrepreneurs. I need these conversations with myself too all the time. And I’m happy that we’re able to talk about it today for you, Christina, and anyone else that is feeling like this is exactly what they needed to hear.


So what’s your, why, what can you take this back to? How can you zoom out of the to-do list on your desk, the calendar on your computer screen, the email inbox that needs to be cleared out or the text messages that keep going off? What is the reason that you joined this program? What is the reason that you decided to bet on yourself? What is the reason that you decided to become an entrepreneur? 


I was interviewed this morning for a wonderful podcast called boss uncaged. And he asked me what I forget to say kind of like how I don’t remember his exact phrasing, but I think it was something like, if you could go back to the version of you that was filling her nine to five, half assing it, you know, giving a little, but not giving it all, thinking that she was giving it all, but still not making sales. What would you tell her? And how would you help her get through the fear that she had around not giving it her all? 


And I told him that my answer would be to, to tell myself and to tell anyone who feels that way to do their version of zooming out, which I think usually does connect to people’s why. I think that we all have our own personal philosophy. This is something that I get a whole workshop on with my masterminders at our retreat, uncovering your personal philosophy on why you can do this. Maybe it’s a tie to some sort of religious theology around the fact that you believe that God put us here to succeed. God did not put us here to struggle. God did not put us here to get by. God did not put you here to be like everyone else and when you’re able to reconnect with that philosophy, doesn’t the fear around pushing, send on a freaking email, seem irrelevant?


How many times a day do you push send on an email? I know I do it probably upward of 30 times a day. And how interesting it is that at some points it feels harder to push. Then it goes at others. When in reality, from a physical perspective in muscle memory, I’m doing the exact same thing. I’m typing words and I’m hitting the only reason it feels harder at times than others is because of what’s in my mind, maybe personal philosophy isn’t so much about religion as it is about your view on the world, your view on humans, your view on what you’ve experienced. 

Maybe you are able to look back on your life and think, holy, I have had such amazing things happen to me. Yes I have gone through struggles that I’m always able to connect the dots backwards. Yes. I’ve had hard times, but I’ve been amazed at myself at how I’ve overcome this.


Yes, I’ve had struggles, but I wouldn’t trade a thing for them because they’ve allowed me to be where I am. And when you have that proof, you know, when you have that timeline in the review mirror of how everything unfolded for you, why are you letting yourself believe that things aren’t unfolding for you right now? Why are you letting yourself get stuck in the thought pattern that now should be any different it’s because of what’s in your mind, it’s because of your fears, maybe one of your why’s and zoom out that you are able to do to reconnect your personal philosophy is because somebody traumatic happened to you that put a lot of this into perspective. You all know, I mean, I have been very open about how traumatic losing my dad was for me and how much that put things into perspective for me and how often I remember the fact that, you know, he was even two times my age when he suddenly left and to think that willing to let the fear of other people say no to me, via an email, in which case I will never even experience that rejected energy stand in the way of what I really want out of life. A life that if I were to leave, when he did would be more than halfway done. And I don’t mean that to be morbid. I don’t mean that to sound harsh.


But that is something that connects with me. That is a big why for me, because it helps. I think it helps put things into perspective. And it reminds me that the only limitations are the oness in our minds. So this is your opportunity as we go into those socks month of scary side hustle to zoom out and think, okay, I did so much mindset work at the beginning of this program. I got such beautiful messages from so many of you, uh, at the beginning of the program, you know, saying things like eat, you, you feel like you are a, um, a new person. Um, you’ve never, you know, realized the power of mindset. You feel like you see life through new glasses, so beautiful. And how can you reconnect with that? How can you up-level that? How can you apply it to whatever more you want to see through in this program and how can that be connected to your bigger picture and your why?




With that, I would love to go ahead and speak to each and every one of you today, uh, that are on the call live. You can go ahead and hit star two. And I would love to hear about whatever is stopping you, how we can work through the mindset, work, any mindset or he need to talk through. Um, or if you just want to kind of talk about what you’re up to right now, I’m sure mindset stuff will come up.

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