Building your business when life is busy isn't easy, but you have to prioritize goal setting so that you progress. Read this post to gain some clarity!


This past weekend, my future in-laws through my fiancé and me a beautiful, family-filled wedding shower.

It was beyond magical and I still feel like I’m on cloud nine from it!

You can see us on my Instagram here (with some behind-the-scenes in the story entitled “BRIDE”)!

Planning a wedding has been so much fun, but it’s no small task! I by no means am complaining (it’s a blessing to plan this!), but it’s certainly a lot to juggle, especially while self-employed.

Planning a wedding while building my business and goal setting presents a common tension that I imagine you’ve experienced, whether through a wedding or not.


Juggling Obligations and Goals

The tension is this…

How do I continue goal setting and doing WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY being present and showing up for the other big obligations in my life?

Honestly, this single tension is a common block for ambitious side hustlers I talk to all the time about why they’re not moving forward with their business and their goal setting in a more aggressive way.

This tension takes all shapes. The most common is…

“I really want to build my business and quit my 9-5 job, but I…”

  • Have a lot of family obligations coming up and won’t be able to juggle both
  • Am wanting to spend more time relaxing to help my anxiety, and entrepreneurship is stressful
  • Have financial goals I’m working toward, and this isn’t within my budget
  • Am in a lot of weddings this year and shouldn’t spend extra money on myself
  • Am planning my own wedding (my current situation!)
  • Am moving and need to save money for expenses

… You get the picture.

So this begs the question, how do we juggle our own business goals WHILE STILL showing up for your other goals, life events, and the people in your life counting on you?


The Key to Juggling Business Goals

Here’s the key:

You need to have an honest conversation with yourself. You need to ask yourself who you want to be during this big (and often very exciting!) commitments. 

For example, though it’s time-consuming planning my wedding while ramping up my business, I know that I will feel happiest walking down that aisle as the woman who has never abandoned her own goals and the vision she has for her future.

That is the kind of woman and wife that I want to be.

If instead, I took my foot off the business break during this time, I would have sacrificed so much opportunity and time where I could’ve been building my future for my fiancé and I.

See what I mean?

Another example could be if you have a lot of family travel and/or obligations coming up.

You may feel that the responsible thing to do would be to take time off of your own work and totally focus on them. That way you can spend more time together, help out, and prioritize your spending on them.

But is that the family member you want to be?

Do you find more pride in being able to have coffee together every single morning while visiting together, or spending an hour in the morning working on your business and sharing with your family the rest of the day how committed and driven you are?

Trust me, your family will be more impacted by your inspiration, commitment, motivation, and drive than spending every single waking second with you.



I recognize that this post might push some buttons about your own boundaries.

I don’t mean to make assumptions, but I do mean to get you thinking. Often times, we think putting others before ourselves is a selfless thing to do.

But in reality, we end up wasting our time and opportunities where we could’ve been building our businesses, which in turn could create more money, more inspiration and a better example for everyone in our lives.

So, if you’re wondering if right now is the right time to grow your business, even while you have *Insert Commitment Here* {a wedding, financial goals, a big move, family obligations, etc.} to tend to you, I urge you to ask yourself who you want to be while you’re conquering these commitments like the badass I know you are.


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