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Update from Leah

December is one of the best months in NYC! From the holiday parties, to the meetups with other entrepreneurs, to reviewing the wins and lessons of the past year (which, 2019 was the BEST year of my life), and to planning the next year, I’ve been so happy.

Email me back and tell me your biggest win of 2019!

New podcast episodes

Ep. 89- When to Hire a Coach (and why I did)

(Click here for the episode)

In this episode of the Your Biggest Vision show, we are revisiting the questions surrounding when to hire a coach and why! As we are thinking about how we can go bigger in the upcoming year, it may be essential for your business growth to hire a coach. I am not shy about how instrumental hiring a mentor has been for my business, but it is not always obvious when to do so. 

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • When you should hire a coach and how much you should be spending on one.
  • My two sense on what kinds of things you can and should expect from a coach.
  • What you should be thinking about when you are deciding whether or not to invest in a coach and how you can make this next year your biggest year of growth yet!

Ep. 90 Sara Anna Powers- Fear and Faith Can’t Coexist!

(Released Thursday)

Today’s episode was released earlier this fall, but we are releasing it again because this was one of the most insightful episodes of season one! Sara Anna Powers is a success coach for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As we make decisions for the new year, it is important to remind ourselves to go into new endeavors with faith rather than fear.  

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • How Sara Anna’s faith has helped her become a better businesswoman.
  • How to negate fear with your faith regardless of what religion or faith you identify with.
  • Why you cannot have faith and fear at the same time and why fear might be holding you back from achieving your biggest vision.

Upcoming travels & life

We’re enjoying some time in NYC around the holidays after a month of nearly nonstop travel in November. Spending Thanksgiving in Colorado was the best way to kick off the holidays as it was already a winter wonderland!

Holidays aside, this December is full of planning for 2020. It’s going to be an incredible year and a big part of that is because of how excited I am for the 2020 mastermind. The spots have been filling, but we have a few left! Is one of them for you?

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Business Tool

In the spirit of the holiday season, we put together a Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs! I know what it’s like to put together a Christmas list of random things when really I wanted to ask for… a gift card to Facebook Ads? A subscription to a landing page software? Why aren’t these gifts…?

So, we put together a gift guide for either you to put on your holiday list OR gift to the entrepreneur in your life! Check it out below.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

What’s your favorite gift?! Email me back and let me know!

Here’s to your success!