Happy Holidays!

I’m so excited to share this gift guide with you because every single one of these products has played a role in my journey. I went from side hustling around my non-profit job to building a multi six-figure business that’s completely location-independent. Much of that success is thanks to these very products and services below!

Feeling old fashioned and want to give a physical gift, even if you know a software subscription could be epic for the entrepreneur in your life? I get that- who doesn’t like unwrapping a present! When you purchase one of the softwares we list below through our affiliate link, we will personally print it out with a spiffy guide on how to make the most of it with real-life examples, wrap it, and ship it to you (time permitting)! Just email us with a receipt and our little elves will go right to work.

Holiday Gift Guide for Online Business Entrepreneurs

(This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Enjoy this holiday gift guide!)

1- ActiveCampaign

In my eyes, there’s no better email service provider than ActiveCampaign. Not only does it make it easy to send campaigns and regular emails, the automations are hugely sophisticated which helps keep track of your subscribers. On top of that, their advanced features like the Facebook integration and their Deals make sales seamless and hugely helpful.

Purchase ActiveCampaign here for your marketing-loving entrepreneurial friend! When you purchase through my affiliate link above, you’ll also get a FREE 60-minute session with me that’ll walk you through all the ways you can make the most of ActiveCampaign as you switch over.

This includes the automations I use to track my subscribers, how I use ActiveCampaign to increase my sales, and my favorite features of the platform!

2- Hover

I’ve used Hover for my own domains since day one and have bought multiple domains through them as I’ve built my business.

I come back for the excellent customer service, ease of use, and friendly pricing. Because Hover exclusively focuses on servicing their customers with their domains, they excel at it. They don’t attempt be a service platform, email platform, website platform, and so on, all in one.

A gift card or credit to Hover is a great gift for entrepreneur in your life… you wouldn’t believe how many domains you need to buy! very single domain I’ve purchased (who knew you needed so many?!).

Grab a gift card to Hover here. When you purchase through my link, you’ll also get a FREE 45-minute call with me where I can audit your website with my personal tips and tricks for a high-converting website.

3- Wireless Keyboard

One of my favorite tools when working on-the-go is this wireless keyboard from Logitech. Because it’s wireless, it’s easy to transport while traveling or even just working in different locations locally. It’s very light and it connects via Bluetooth to iPhones. This is hugely helpful for any entrepreneur with a social media presence because it allows them to type onto their cell phone as if it was a computer- much healthier for your hands!

It’s a great fit for your favorite location-independent entrepreneur. Grab yours here.

Using the to-go keyboard in Antigua!

5- Quickbooks Account

On the surface, gifting an accounting software might not sound like the sexiest thing on the holiday shopping list. However, using Quickbooks Online is one of the tools that most commonly support soloprenreurs in stepping into their role as CEO of their company. Quickbooks is almost like a hire within itself because their software is that helpful.

Surprise your entrepreneur with a yearlong subscription to Quickbooks. Whether they know it right away or not, it’ll take a weight off their shoulders!

6- LeadPages

One of my favorite business software in the world is LeadPages! LeadPages is a landing page builder that makes building pages online a breeze. I use LeadPages for my sales page, my opt-in pages, to host webinars, and so on. You can see some examples below!

This holiday season, go all out for the entrepreneur in your life with a yearlong subscription to LeadPages (which brings down the price by $30 per month!). When you sign up to LeadPages through my link here, you’ll receive my three most profitable LeadPage pages that have been tested time and time again. Take the guessing out, put the profit in.

7- Keurig

I bought this cute Keurig for my coffee-loving husband when he resigned from his 9-5 job to work on his own business. Whether the entrepreneur in your life is newly self-employed and misses the free coffee at work or simply doesn’t want to have to pay for it every single day at a coffee shop, this will save the money but increase their productivity!

8- Lux Waterbottle by Buzio

One of the most simple but powerful tweaks any busy worker can make to their health is increasing their water intake! When I started working for myself, I noticed that I would drink about a glass of water per hour. I would just wait to refill until I had a “break” from work. But I tend to get sucked into my computer and lose all track of time!

I bought this 40z Water Bottle and have been thrilled with the change I’ve felt in my health and energy. It keeps drinks warm or cold for 48 hours, so the water stays cool and refreshing all day long. This water bottle tripled my daily water intake and I use it every single day.

This makes a great gift because it’s not typically something people buy for themselves! Spoil them and they’ll thank you for their increased productivity.

40z Water Bottle by Buzio- perfect for any busy entrepreneur to stay hydrated and increase productivity!

9- Jo Malone Candle

I’ll always believe that luxurious candles are one of the best gifts to give because, for whatever reason, people so infrequently splurge on them for themselves. Yet, a nice candle can make all the difference!

While working for myself, I’m constantly trying to perfect my at-home workspace and figure out what about my surroundings can make the most productive and inspired. One addition that adds that touch of entrepreneurial magic every single time is a Jo Malone Candle. They smell incredible but aren’t overpowering or overly ‘spa-like’, they last, and they’re calming.

Grab yours here!

10- Working Bag!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know by now that I’m not often to be seen traveling without one of my Longchamp bags.

Longchamp bags are great for travel bags and work bags alike. For travel, they’re lightweight, they fold up into themselves and are compact, and the durable nylon material protects whatever is in them. If you’re traveling with designer items or valuables, they can be stored safely in the bag.

For work, their lightweight and roomy structure allow you to carry your entire office with you daily! They comfortably fit my laptop, all normal purse items (wallet, phone, and so on), chargers, and snacks!

I can’t recommend these enough for the laptop lifestyle entrepreneur in your life! This is one of my favorite items on this gift guide.

Leah Gervais with a Longchamp bag on Park Ave in the Entrepreneur Gift Guide

Longchamp Giveaway!

I love Longchamp bags so much that I’ve decided to give one away to a lucky entrepreneur or subscriber! You can enter below! *Closes on Monday, December 16. Winner was Didi Ajayi!*

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