You need to know your "why" when you become an entrepreneur. For me, having freedom as an entrepreneur is everything. Find out why inside!


Hello from Washington DC!

This weekend, I spontaneously took a trip down here to spend time with my mom who was here for a work trip. I woke up Sunday morning, found a train ticket, packed my bags and was off all within about an hour of deciding to make the trip.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because for me, it’s these types of simple freedoms that give me so much motivation to work for myself.

Not asking for time off, not having to move around my schedule, and not even thinking twice about traveling is exactly the life that I’ve always wanted.

Maybe you feel the same way?


Having Freedom as a Lifestyle

Maybe you desire to have complete freedom and ownership of your schedule?

Maybe you want to be able to travel without having to ask for time off? Maybe you crave the flexibility of working from your computer, so your business can go wherever you go?

For me, that lifestyle is one of my biggest motivators.

It’s what keeps me going when I feel like I’m exhausted, or things aren’t working, or when I’m scared of taking risks. It reminds me that there’s a reason few live like that, and that’s because it takes a lot of guts and persistence to fight through all the fear that comes up in pursuit of that lifestyle. 

So, if you’re also in pursuit of that lifestyle, I encourage you to remind yourself that it’s waiting for each and every time you feel stuck.

Remember that every single time you…

  • Say “no” to your fears
  • Believe in yourself
  • Start something new
  • Invest in yourself 
  • Put yourself out there

You get yourself closer to that sweet and freedom-filled lifestyle.

As Wallace D. Wattles says in the Science of Getting Rich…

“Your vision and faith will set the creative force in motion to bring it (riches) toward you, and your action will cause the forces in your own environment to move you toward the place you want.”

That life is yours for the taking. Go out there and get it!


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