How to Work with Us for Free (& why I'm offering this)
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 59

You read that right- coach with my Team and I, for free! We have decided to release this free, two week opportunity as a way to bring people together and get a taste of how valuable high touch coaching is as an entrepreneur. While free value is nothing new to us, this is a deeper level of free than we have ever offered to our audience before! This episode dives into the details of why we are doing this and how you can be a part of one of the free cohorts!

Tune in to hear:

  • Why my team and I are offering a two week free coaching cohort for entry level and high level entrepreneurs


  • How you can join one of the free coaching cohorts we are offering


  • All about what this program will look like and why high touch coaching is extremely helpful as an entrepreneur

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This episode dives into the details of why we are offering free coaching and how you can be a part of one of the free cohorts!

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Free Coaching with Leah Gervais
Leah Gervais- free coaching

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey visionaries. Welcome back to the your biggest vision show. I’m your host, Leah and I have my co-host with me today, Abby.


Abby Gervais: Hi everyone.


Leah Gervais: Thanks for being here Ab!


Abby Gervais: Thanks for having me. I love being here.


Leah Gervais: My pleasure. We love having you Abby and I wanted to come on today together because we have something so excited to share with you all something free, who doesn’t love something free that we’ve, we’ve never done before. And I wanted her to have me here to explain it with you guys. So you can find out if this opportunity is right for you. Um, and even if it doesn’t end up being right for you, I still encourage you to listen to this episode because we’re gonna share why we decided to do this, um, which I hope gives you a little bit of a sneak peek into kind of our way of thinking and what we really see entrepreneurs needing right now. So before we get into all those details, Abby, do you wanna give a little synopsis on what this opportunity is?


Abby Gervais: Yes, definitely. Um, I’m so excited to start this. I think it’s such great opportunity. Um, so what we’re doing, I, um, we’re offering two free success coaching cohorts. This will start February 20, um, and it will go for two weeks. Each cohort will last two weeks. One cohort is for more advanced entrepreneurs and the other one is more entry level entrepreneurs. Um, within the cohort, you will have four coaching calls for two weeks, um, with me and Leah, um, well, she’ll be, um, running the advanced one. I will be running the, uh, entry level cohort. And basically we’re going to ask everybody to come into this program with one major goal that they want to achieve by the end of the two weeks. Um, and this can be anything that you want. Um, but the goal is, you know, to see results within in two weeks, um, which we can definitely make happen. And, um, yeah, it’s gonna be a great opportunity for everybody. I think coaching is just so important when it comes to, you know, scaling your business and now that this is going to be a free two week thing, um, it’s incredible. So I think it being extremely useful for anybody.


Leah Gervais: Awesome. Thanks Abby. It’s so exciting. So, um, why are we doing this for free? It might be what, you’re, what you’re ask asking yourself, because if you follow me in my business, you know that we have a few different coaching programs and our most entry level one starts at $5,000. So obviously we believe very much in the power of our coaching and I value it very highly and I’ve given away free value in the past all the time. And I think all businesses need to give some sense of free value away. We do a lot of webinars. We have this podcast, we do a lot of optins. I’ve done free calls with people. 


Some has Abby, so free is important to us and it’s nothing new to us. I think it’s important to provide that to your audience, to really build that connection with them, regardless of whether or not you’re selling to them at that time or what you’re, this is a deeper level of free value than we’ve ever given before.


And I wanna be clear on why, when I think about the type of support entrepreneurs are looking for whether they know it or not, there’s a few categories that split up this type of help. And I can say this as someone who looks for support myself, um, the first is things done for you. These are things you want off your plate. You don’t wanna do them. You just want someone else to do them. You don’t wanna think about them for a lot of entrepreneurs. These are more tech focused things. They don’t wanna do their own ads. They don’t wanna do their own website. Totally understandable. So they’re looking for other people to do it for them. Then when you think, think about things that you wanna do on your own, but might not know how to do. We can get even a bit more molecular with the type of support you’re looking for there.


So first it could be that you want someone to teach you how to do things. You wanna learn how to run your own Facebook ads, or you wanna learn how to sell yourself, or you wanna learn how to create your own program, even if you’re not exactly sure what goes into a good program or how to start your Facebook ads or what goes into sales psychology. 


Right? And from there, we can think, okay, I might wanna learn this from someone who’s done it, but at what level do I want them to teach me at the lowest touch level? Maybe you’d read a book they wrote, maybe in the middle, you have a little bit more in depth work. Maybe you take an e-course that, that they’ve done, or you go to an event of theirs. And then at the highest level, you want them to really be in the ringer with you, teaching them yourself, uh, teaching them themselves, excuse me.


And then of course the other type of support we’re looking for is typically team related, who is supporting you on your team and who is working, you know, with you and for you. So support comes in all different shapes and set, but what I’ve really seen happen in the online business world and just in kind of online entrepreneurship in general, this isn’t specific to coaching this isn’t specific to court courses or influencers or anything it’s specific just to the online marketplace, which most of us are in. If you have any business at all, is that there’s almost this, there, there has kind of grown to be this over-emphasis on the learning from others, but a low and a low touch way. And I have two theories for this one. I believe that as an entrepreneur, you wanna sell things that are low touch because obviously that’s more scalable.


You’re going to be able to reach more people. If you write a book than if you’re working with a one on one model, but as a consumer, this is where I think it’s it’s. We need to take more responsibilities as, as entrepreneurs, when we’re looking for our level of support, we often look for the cheapest option, right? Let’s all admit it. It’s not necessarily something to feel guilty about. We all have to think about our finances and what we can and can’t afford. But a lot of times we, what we think is cheapest like a book or like an eCourse, because we don’t wanna pay for the co consultant or coaching, et cetera. However, I believe that there’s a time and a place for both. I think that having that lower touch, just learning from someone is super valuable. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read that have changed my business in life.


How many courses I’ve taken that I don’t know where I’d be without, I really believe in that model, but I do not think it is the only way to go. So I think a lot of entrepreneurs have almost invested too much in that level, and now they need a bit more of that high touch support, or they just want things send for them completely. So I might sound like I’m on a little bit of a rant here, but my point is we basically wanted to offer people that opportunity to have that high touch experience for free, because we feel that so often people have the opportunity for that low touch support, a free ebook or a free five day course or a free web R. Those are really, you know, they’re helpful. I’m not like bashing those as models. We do those, I believe in them.


I’ve learned a lot from them, but how could we think differently so that people can get that level of high touch support. They might not even know they need and do so in a way that they can, that they can reach which, who, who can’t, who cannot afford to do something for free. Now, of course, we’re not going to give away our long term programs for free. We obviously have them price out what we do for a reason, but we wanted to try this as a way to offer that level of support for free. So that is the background. And even if you don’t end up, you know, listening to this episode and then going to apply for these free cohorts, I wanted to share that with you just as an opportunity to sort of evaluate your own business support and your own prioritization of support, and just make sure that you do have that well rounded sense of support that you’re not overly relying on one or the other.


Um, and even if you are doing a lot of done for you and you’re having people do things for you, making sure that you’re still understanding what’s going on in your business, making sure that you’re reading those books and, and taking the courses, but also really having someone or a few people in the ringer with you. I can tell you, I personally have, I have a life coach. I have a business coach. I have two new mom coaches that cause I’m part of two new mom groups. And I’m about to hire someone to help me start to live weights again, after, um, after pregnancy, a little bit of rampage here, but the point is support is important. 


Having that high level, someone in there with you in your situation is important, and we wanted to provide that with you for free. So that’s what we decided to do these, and we’re so fortunate that we’re in a situation where we’re able to do it. Um, that’s what is going to be so amazing about this. And so whether or not you’ve had that high touch piece, we wanted to give you a piece of coaching, specifically our coaching, so you can sort of see the magic around it. So Abby, can you talk a little bit, you, you gave some of the logistics, you said the dates and everything, but could you just maybe repeat some of that a little bit and also just talk a little about some of the goals you envision people having when they come into this?


Yeah, so, um, well again, um, it’s going to be a two week, uh, program and we will have four calls total within our two weeks. Um, and the goals that I think would be, you know, really great for people to come in with are, you know, goals that are pretty realistic to be done in two weeks. Um, like, you know, maybe landing your first client or, um, creating a, um, a webinar for, you know, or Instagram live or whatever it might be, or, you know, creating content for a week. Um, you know, just goals like that, that are moving the needle, but aren’t, you know, so long term that we won’t be able to, to see the results within two weeks. I also wanted to, um, I don’t know if either of us have said this Leah, that this is obviously to service based entrepreneurs.


Um, we’ve had a couple of applications of people who, um, have applied who aren’t service based, but, um, you know, which obviously we support, but these cohorts are specifically for service based entrepreneurs. Um, so yeah, I mean a goal that you can see actually, you know, coming to fruition in two weeks, something that is, uh, realistic and, you know, not going to totally, you know, run you to the ground if, um, you know, you can’t do it in two weeks or if, you know, it’s just too much for the two week time period. So just, um, anything that is moving your business forward, I think, you know, any goal can, can work.


Yeah. And it’s amazing what can happen in two weeks. Sometimes we feel like, you know, what really could, but I always tell my clients two weeks is like a year in entrepreneurship time. I’ve seen so many miracles happen then. So if someone’s listening to this and they’re excited about this, and maybe they have a goal in mind coming to them after hearing you talk Abby, and they’re thinking, oh, I would love for my goal to be, to sign a new client, or I would love for my goal to finally be clarity on my service so that I can put the sales page up or, you know, they, they’re starting to have something in mind. And they’re wondering, or I guess what I, my question for you, Abby, is what do you think makes the difference between someone who has that goal? And hasn’t yet me to have that happen on their own versus the support they would get from us and the power of coaching. What do you really think is the big difference between doing it on your own versus doing it with people like us?


Abby Gervais: Yeah. Well, I kinda wanted to touch on this a little bit earlier because I, when you were talking about high level, um, you know, uh, support and what that means, I don’t think a lot, do people know the power of coaching until they actually do it? You know, I think a lot of people go in, um, to building their own business, doing it on their own reading books, whatever it might be. And I, like you said, I think that’s great, but only to a certain extent, you know, having support and having help and sharing, you know, experie with other entrepreneurs who have gone through the same thing as you is so valuable that I think, you know, those who are coming in with the goal who thought they could do it on their own. And then they come into the cohort and work with us in hopes to get it done.


Abby Gervais:  They would just, I think, see a huge difference in being able to, you know, um, talk to talk their thoughts out or being held accountable. So coaching just has that yeah. High, high touch support, where you can just really talk through what you’re thinking and if you’re on the right track, as opposed to, you know, reading a book or going through eCourses, it’s just not as strong, um, of support. Uh, so I think that, yeah, the, the person coming in with a major goal will be able to see a big difference when working with us.


Leah Gervais: Yeah. Yeah. I think that the power of accountability often, often underestimated. I know for myself, I have always been a pretty self-disciplined person, Abby, I’m sure you know, this being my sister, I’ve always just been, you know, I’ve always had a lot going on. I’ve always been very busy and I’m pretty able to put my head down and make things happen when I want them to. So before I started hiring my own court coaches and also known as, before my business took off, I never thought of accountability as something that was really missing in my life. Certainly not something that I would pay for. I just sort of thought that I had self-discipline if you need accountability, then you’re not, you know, basically being hard enough on yourself, which is such a toxic way of thinking. And it’s not a bad out how hard you push yourself or how hard you have coaches push you, or how hard others push you.


It’s just about getting called out when you stand in your own way. And I think that for a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs, they struggle with perfectionism, which you’ve talked about on the show before Abby, where they think of themselves as being disciplined, because they’re not launching something until it’s perfect or, you know, they know what they wanna do, but they haven’t done it yet because not everything is completely figured out. And when you have that accountability, you have someone saying to you, Hey, you said, you wanna do this. You’re saying one thing, but you’re acting in a different way. 


You start to sort of see what you’re not able to see yourself, which is that you’re, you’re, self-sabotaging in a sense and I can’t on or estimate or, or I can’t, I guess emphasize enough how valuable it is to just have that mirror being held up for you and seeing the blind spots that you can’t see. And that doesn’t always mean that you’re gonna be pushed to do something you don’t wanna do. Sometimes the program isn’t ready to be launched. Sometimes the sales email isn’t ready to be said, that’s not the point. The point is you having an honest look at what’s stopping you so that you can tackle it and move it out of your way, which you can’t do. If you’re letting it be stronger than your ability to kind of bull through it and move it to the side.


Abby Gervais:  Totally. And I also think there’s something to say about, um, these cohorts will have, um, you know, multiple people in them as well, which I think is, you know, a whole nother aspect of accountability. You can hear everyone else’s perspective and hear the support from them, not just your coach and, uh, yeah. You’re, it’s like you’re constantly learning new things when you’re able to work with somebody else, as opposed to just doing it on your own, because when you’re doing it on your own you’re yeah. You have tunnel vision as to what something should look like. And that’s when coaching and having a community of people around you to help you comes in so handy because you know, you might see something one way and only see it that way, as opposed if you start working with all others and you have coaches who are just trying to tell you that, you know, what you’re, what you’re doing, um, can happen. You just, you know, need to do it, you know, let go of the perfectionism, let go of why it has to look like this. Um, you know, and just do it. So there’s, there’s a lot of opportunity there.


Leah Gervais: Yeah. So part of the takeaway from these cohorts is of course, that you will either achieve your goal or you’ll know how to achieve your goal. You’ll have that goal and we’ll work on that with you, but even potentially just as valuable, if not more valuable is you’ll see what has stopped you from reaching that goal in the past, because you’ll start to see your own behaviors in a way that you can’t, when you’re in it on your own. And that’s what Abby and I are here for. That’s what other, your colleagues will be there for. And if you can understand what stops you from moving forward, then you’ve unlocked so much momentum because where you’re stopping in one place, you’re probably stopping in another. And if we can help you see that you then become so self-aware, then nothing can really stand in your way.


Abby Gervais: Yeah, it’s super cool. Yeah. I totally agree.


Leah Gervais: It’s exciting. So anyway, um, I can talk about the past coaching for the rest of my life, but in case this is a total yes. For you. You can go to our website and there is the button, right on the top with the timer of how long this opportunity lasts and you can apply right there. It it’s free to apply. It’s free to join. It is so free. I can’t even believe it and just know that these spots are limited, so they will fill up. And so if this is of interest to you, then don’t delay on your spot here. Really try to get in there. And, um, this is not for you. If, as Abby said, you’re in a product based business. If you’re in an MLM and you only wanna sell the product, this is, is probably not for you. If you’re in an MLM and you wanna sell a service with it, maybe we could talk.


But really this is for people that sell a service that even if they only sell one service now, and maybe they wanna scale it to you wanna write a book later, you wanna have an Instagram following later, you wanna be a thought leader later. We can totally help you do that, but you just need to sell something first. And this is not for you. It, if you are not really thinking of this as a business opportunity, this is not strategy on a hobby. This is not sort of for fun. Um, this is something we really are putting as much time and energy into as our paid programs while we’re doing it. And we expect those who are accepted to give that respect and that level of effort right back, uh, we are business coaches. So this is for you. If you have a business, not a hobby, not a passion, not just something that might one day work.


Leah Gervais: So please do come into it with that level of, of just sureness, you know, and that doesn’t need to mean that you’ve sold anything yet. You might still be in your, the beginning of your journey. That’s fine. It’s not gonna make us take you any less seriously. I was a beginner at one point, we all are. It’s really just about how sure you are and confident you are that this is, this is the next move for you. Um, or that this is your future. And if you have any questions about that, you can always reach out to us. So I think we covered all of it. Abby, am I missing anything?


Abby Gervais: No, I think we have it all. And I did just wanna touch again on like the goal that you might have coming into it don’t, you know, think that your goal might not be big enough or it might be, um, you know, something that you won’t be able to do in two weeks, like reach out to us before you, you know, have those thoughts and think that this isn’t for you because very well might be. So, um, yeah,


Leah Gervais: I love that. Don’t discount yourself. Don’t take yourself out of the game before the game has started, reach out, we’re here.


Abby Gervais: Exactly. And that’s why we’re doing two different cohorts for those who you, you know, want something more simple for the more, you know, entry level. Um, so just, yeah, don’t hesitate.


Leah Gervais: Yeah. There’s a spot for you. Cool. Well, thanks so much for coming on with, with me as always, Ab.


Abby Gervaos: Of course, I’m sure I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Thanks for having me.


Leah Gervais:You will. And thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope that we see your application come in, or if you have any questions, email us at Leah, sorry, at We are always here to support you and here is to your biggest vision. Bye everyone. Bye.

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