Find Funding in Your Business


When I started my business, five-figure months seemed like they were too good to be true and something I thought would take years to achieve. Little did I know, just over three years into business I would be celebrating five-figure DAYS, not just months!

I don’t share this income number to be boastful. I share it because it’s the type of results I want for you, too. I can’t help you reach it if I keep the behind-the-scenes to myself!


Takeaways From My Five-Figure Day

Here are a few takeaways and learnings from seeing these results:


1. There’s No Such Thing as Wasted Marketing

Ever had a launch that flopped? What about creating a sales page that no one visited? Didn’t fill that client goal even after sending multiple emails?

Me too.

We’ve all been there.

It’s frustrating when it feels like your efforts don’t pay off.

However, I’ve learned that no effort is wasted effort. It ALWAYS pays off. It just doesn’t always pay off in the timing you expected.

People aren’t always ready to buy or commit when you’re ready to offer. But if you’re demonstrating your value, people will likely come around eventually.

Be patient and keep giving your value.


2. You Never Know Who is Watching.

Clients can come from anywhere. It’s not all about your curated Instagram feed and followers or about your email funnel.

If you keep putting yourself out there, people can come from anywhere.


3. It’s Up to YOU to Put Yourself in the Game

A few years back, if I would’ve read an email like this, I honestly would’ve thought, “that’s exciting for them. That’ll never be me.”

Maybe something similar is running through your head, too?

What I wish I would’ve realized sooner is that no one was going to email me one day wanting to buy $10,000 worth of goods or services. I needed to DECIDE that I was capable of this type of success.

No one else but you can decide that you’re capable of a five-figure day. What’s stopping you?


4. Your Power of Focus is the Most Powerful Choice You Have

This is the most powerful takeaway of them all, and luckily, it’s the simplest!

You get to choose what you focus on. So often, I talk to entrepreneurs about what’s going “wrong” in their businesses. Whether they don’t have enough money to invest, they don’t have enough clients, they don’t know where money will come from next, etc., that’s often what’s on their mind.

However, we all can decide to focus on possibilities instead.

That’s the key. That’s where you’ll find the clients you hadn’t even expected. That’s where you’ll make sales you didn’t consider.

That’s where the magic happens.



If a five-figure day is on your heart, apply these simple tips. You’re closer than you think!

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