When I started my business, five-figure months seemed like they were too good to be true and something I thought would take years to achieve. Little did I know, just over three years into business I would be celebrating five-figure DAYS, not just months!


Understanding what goes behind a five-figure day gives us the power to replicate it again and again, which is obviously helpful in your business. This episode pulls back the curtain on how I made five-figure DAYS possible, and how you can too.


Tune into this episode to hear:


  • My two biggest marketing takeaways from producing this type of cash injection into my business.
  • Why you have the potential to bring this to life for yourself ASAP.
  • The single most important choice you must make to see five-figure days.
Tune in to episode 62 to hear Leah talk about the most important steps you must take to see five figure days in your business.
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Leah Gervais: Welcome back visionaries. I am your host Leah, and this is your weekly live recording of my podcast, the Your Biggest Vision show. We do these every Monday at 10:00 AM eastern standard time on Facebook live as well as on Instagram live. I love doing these live with you guys. I love when you ask questions. I love when you tell me about how this is in fact impacting your own life in business. So please do join us live. And if you can’t, then don’t worry because we put them on the podcast every Tuesday morning. So here we are Monday with a new episode and this is a really exciting one. I’m very excited to talk to you about it because I’ve learned so much from this experience and it’s so much of it is what I wish I would’ve known. 


And so today’s topic, our thoughts on five figure days. I think a lot of people talk about five figure months and I want to talk today about a five figure day. Now I will start by saying that obviously you can’t replicate this every single day and make every day a five figure day or I shouldn’t say you can’t, you can do anything. But that’s not really what I’m here to talk to you about is like a clear, um, this is what I can now do every single day. But I want to really candidly share how these days have happened for me. What I wish I would have known a year ago when if someone would’ve told me this, it would’ve seemed like it was completely impossible and how you can use the takeaways I’ve had from it in your own business. So I want to just back up by saying that I was reflecting a lot about this time last year. 


Those of you that don’t know, or maybe you do know that I’m getting married in about five weeks, less than five weeks actually. And over Labor Day last year, my fiance and I have a, an engagement dinner with our immediate families. It was just kind of a small party and both of our parents and our siblings were there. And I remember being at that dinner so clearly and I was so giddy about planning our wedding. And so giddy about, uh, everything that was about to happen. I knew we were gonna get married in a little over a year and it was just a dream come true. And as we were talking there with our families about wanting a New York City wedding and wanting to have all these really incredible things for our guests, I felt a little bit of a pit in my stomach. That’s the truth. And the person I was like, maybe I’m just jittery because I’m getting married and it’s kind of nerve wracking. 


But what really was going on is that I was nervous about how the heck we were going to pay for it. We were very lucky to have help from our parents. So we’re not doing our entire wedding on our own. But I still knew in that moment that if we wanted these things to come true and our vision to come to life, then it was not, it was something we were going to absolutely have to make happen ourselves and my business had started picking up a bit at that time. I was, I was making more from it than I was from my day job, but I was still at my nine to five job. I was really in a, you know, kind of new phase things were picking up, but almost everything that I was doing every single month was the first time I had been doing it. 


I was launching a bunch of things all the time. I was working with new clients all the time. I was raising my prices all the time. So it was just kind of a, an intense time and there were so many mistakes I was making because it was the first time doing so many things, which is good, right? It’s good to learn and make mistakes. But the point is I did not have a clear roadmap for how I was going to get my business to the financial place that I needed to in order to make this wedding happen the way that I wanted. And that made me a bit nervous. And I remember after Labor Day weekend, kind of like looking at the reality of what we were doing and our goals and everything and realizing that I was going to need to be making at least five figures a month for most of that next year as we were planning it. 


And you know, this boiler is that sure enough by, I think it was, it was either October or November was my first five figure month and they haven’t really stopped. And now I’m able to come on here and talk to you about a five figure day as well, not just a month. So I’m very humbled and grateful that we were able to make these things happen and that we were able to make our wedding happen. Which you guys will see in a month, I’ll share lots of pictures. It’s crazy and it’s just crazy that it so soon. So we’re really grateful that this was able to happen, of course. And I’m really proud that I was able to get my income up to that and contribute to my wedding, which I guess isn’t like something we should all be that proud of. I feel like we live in the modern day and age where people should pay for some of their wedding, if not all of it. 


But nonetheless, the point I’m trying to make is that a year ago I did not know how to do this. A year ago, I did not know that this was going to work out for me in a year ago. I’d never would’ve been able to be on here talking to you about this topic. So if you are listening to this and a five figure days sounds like it’s light years away, it might only be a year away. It might be under a year away. You probably are closer than you think. And I really want you to know that this is within your reach and this is within your grasp. If this is something that is exciting you hearing about it. So with that, let’s talk a little bit more about how I did this. Just one second. I’m going to take a sip of water and make sure that my sound is working. So here we go. I four big takeaways for you guys and I’d love to know which ones resonate with you the most. 


The first takeaway is about marketing and the takeaway is simply put that no marketing is wasted marketing. I talked about this a little bit on a live on Saturday. I don’t know if any of you caught it, but one of the things I learned from my income raising so much and being able to make higher ticket sales and everything was how many people have been following me for a time before they actually decided to invest in. And as you are growing and as your momentum is going up in your business and entrepreneurship, whatever it is that you’re doing, you are going to be raising your prices. Things are going to become more intense. In other words, you are going to become less accessible to the masses and you should, you should be raising your prices as you get better obviously. 


So it’s going to take longer for people to pull the trigger. Some of the time, you know, it’s going to take longer for them to really get to know you and make sure that they trust you and make sure that they resonate with the way you teach or the way you do whatever it is that you do in your business. And you can’t, um, expect that to happen overnight. So if you’re doing some sort of launch or if you’re selling something or if you have a program that you want to sell and you send out a few emails and you don’t get as many signups as your goal was, in no way is that wasted marketing ever. In fact, a lot of times that marketing is going to set you up for an even bigger success down the road because that is when people on your email list start reading about what it is you do. 


That’s when they start getting curious. Maybe that’s when they start asking former clients for references. Just because they don’t convert right then. It doesn’t mean they’re not still learning more about what you do and considering becoming your client later down the road, and it is in your interest for your clients and the people that buy from you to trust you very much. It might sound frustrating that you have to wait months or maybe even years sometimes for someone to trust you enough, but it’s not because what you don’t want as someone to start working with you and then feeling like it’s not a good fit because they rushed into it and or you rushed them into it and so have the patience and trust that if you put something out there, even if the particular conversion isn’t what your goal was, that doesn’t mean that it’s wasted marketing. 


In fact, quite the opposite. It usually means that it’s helping the people who aren’t quite ready to make a decision and buy from you yet learn more about you and perhaps buy from you down the road. I’ve seen this time and time again. And I think it’s really important for us all to remember that even if you feel like you’re on a Facebook live and no one’s there listening or you’re sending emails and no one’s buying or you’re posting on Instagram and no one’s following or whatever conversion you’re looking for, um, it is, none of it’s wasted. It’s just not wasted marketing ever. It is still helping your bottom line. So come up with a marketing plan and stick to it. Um, you know, I can be candid with mine and marketing is like kind of a weird word to put it. 


For me and I know for so many of my clients, if you have a platform, if you are a solo entrepreneur, if you’re a coach, a consultant, a blogger, a small business owner, graphic designer, anything in that niche where you are running your business, online marketing is, you know, broadly speaking, it’s really just anytime you give value for free, I’m not just talking about like paid ads here or anything like that. So one of the things I do is I do this live stream every Monday. It’s not really when I sell things, you know, it’s not necessarily something I’m looking for a conversion from every single time, but it’s a time that I give value. I either teach or I share something or I um, you know, reflect on something that I wish I would’ve known or that I’ve really helped my clients with or something like that every Monday and I’m consistent about it. 


And people know that they can show up in that I’ll be here live. They also know that if they don’t, they want to be here live. They can watch or listen to the replay on Tuesdays because I put it out every Tuesday. I also send a newsletter out every Tuesday. I also put out an interview every Thursday and I’m not saying you have to do all of these things, but don’t get so muddled down in what specific marketing might or might not be working. Come up with a plan that represents your business. How are you getting a clear and concise message across on whatever platforms work for you? And your audience and drop the drama around it. That’s it. We don’t need to obsess over how many sales you’re making each time. Now I’m not saying, you know, don’t pay attention to your conversions if things aren’t working. 


Yes we should go back to the drawing board, but don’t ever beat yourself up about a conversion. Not directly happening because a lot of the times that marketing is just long term marketing and maybe not as immediate or direct as the timeline you have fabricated in your mind. 


The second take away from a five figure day is that you never know who’s watching and this kind of goes with the first point about no marquee marketing being wasted. Marketing A, a lot of my higher ticket sales and specifically my most recent five figure day were from people that have just been watching me for a long time and also from people who maybe knew someone who knew me and they were and recommended to me. I have found clients, yes, a lot for my email list. And I think my email is what ends up converting people a lot of the time. 


But still people, clients have come to me that have been, people I went to highschool with or my personal trainer from the gym is one of my amazing clients. She’s like such a rock star. Um, you know, sometimes it’s just word of mouth. I have a former client advocating on my behalf when they hear someone that they think would be a good fit. So you never know who might hear what you have to say at the right time, which is again, why it’s really important to be consistent and also why it’s important to not obsess over who is or isn’t watching a Facebook live who is or isn’t opening emails, who is or isn’t buying. You never know who you are reaching and who is watching and clinging onto what you’re doing and who is going to then tell people about you. And so some ways to be really strategic about this theory. 


You know, maybe you logically know, okay, well there’s probably people watching that I don’t even know and maybe they could become clients and I’m excited about that, but how can I actually make the most of that concept? I have two tips for that. Number one is just simple consistency. Just make sure, like I mentioned, that you are sticking to a marketing plan and going with it and, and doing it in a really consistent way so that in by consistent, I don’t only mean like I come up and do this every Monday attending yet I also mean consistency in your messaging. Is it clear what you do? Is it clear who you help? Is your ideal client feeling spoken to? How can you be very consistent amongst the type of message that you’re sending? And then the second thing is just I want to make sure that I phrase this correctly and we’ll have to come back to that. But the takeaway is that you never, never know who’s watching. It’s really going gonna bother me now. Just a second. Let me take a sip of water. 


I don’t know. We’ll have to come back to it. Sorry you guys. Okay, so take away number two. You never know who’s watching you. Takeaway number three is what I actually think is the most important out of all of these, and this is that it is up to you to put yourself in this game. It is up to you to decide that you’re ready to have a five figure day. No one is going to come along and knock on your door and give you permission to do this. No client is going to come along and offer to pay you five figures in one day unless you ask them a no. Uh, you know, famous person is going to write you an email saying you’re now ready to start charging five figures in one day. You have to put yourself in the game. And I think that that is what was the most intimidating part to me this time last year was wondering how I was going to do that and feeling like I didn’t know if I was cut out for the type of money I wanted to make and if I was how I was going to actually make it happen. And that really freaked me out. 


Now at the time, what I did to alleviate this and what I also recommend you do if you’re feeling like you’re not ready but you want this goal to happen, is to find a mentor or a coach or someone that can kind of teach you the ropes. That person will sort of serve as that quote permission slip because they will push you to do what it takes to reach your goal and you will do it because you invested your money in them. So you want to make it worth your while. You will probably not do what people tell you to do if you have no skin in the game. So that’s what I did at the time. I started investing in masterminds and a coach and was really transparent with Nichols. And even when they told me to do really scary things like raise my prices or get on a live stream or invest in advertising or invest more in my branding, I did it because I thought, you know what, I’m paying them to learn from them. 


I’m not going to pay them and then not do what they say I’m going to do it. So if you are feeling like your struggling with not knowing how to get in the game, then I would find someone who has done what you want to do and learn from them. Nonetheless, no one person can take away that concept of you deciding that you are going to make this happen for yourself and you’re going to put your own skin in this game. And I think that that just comes from the decision that you are no longer going to be at the lower income level you want to be away from or something like that. Um, and you will, I mean, I don’t want to say you will cause maybe you’d be different than me, but for me, I suffered with a lot of imposter syndrome during this time. 


I was freaked out a lot. I was nervous about what could I raise my prices? Did my clients really like me? Um, was I ready to do this? Could I really make this amount of money? And no one else will give you the permissions to those questions or the answers to those questions except yourself. So you need to decide that yes, you’re worthy of charging more. Yes, you will learn as much as you need so you can be the best in your field so that you can charge elite pricing. Yes, you are going to invest in your business enough so that it is professional so that you can, you know, put yourself in a different realm. But it all comes from you deciding that you are going to do this. And if you’re listening to this and you’re thinking that this is motivating and this sounds great, but you’re just not really even sure how to begin going about making five figures a month, maybe you haven’t even started your side hustle. 


Maybe you haven’t even gotten clarity around what it is that you want to sell. Maybe you don’t even have your first client and so you’re listening to this and you’re thinking, that all sounds great. Someday not today, or sounds great for her. Maybe not me, you right now, no matter where you’re at, I don’t care if you’ve never even heard of entrepreneurship before, which obviously you have. I don’t care if you don’t have a first client. I don’t care if you’ve made zero money in your business. I don’t care if you’ve made $100 a month and you’re just trying to get to a thousand I don’t care if you’re a stay at home mom. I don’t care if any of those circumstances apply to you that are whispering to you why this isn’t applicable to you. At this very moment, you can decide that you are going to have those characteristics be true and simultaneously you are about to set yourself up to bring in five figures in a day or $10,000 in a month. If you want to do the month or the day, that’s up to you.


But that’s where this starts from. It starts from you deciding that you are not going to discount this as a possibility for yourself and you’re not going to let these circumstances that you might currently be in dictate your future reality. You can start charting out a different future today. Right now, regardless of the things you think you need differently about your life in order to even begin, you don’t. You just need to decide that you are going to do something different and this is the single biggest thing that holds people back is they can you know, assume that it’s just maybe they’re just not quite ready or maybe one day they’ll be ready or maybe in the future this will work for them and they’re still allowing the other parts of their reality blind, the different reality that they want and it logically makes sense because our brains are going to react in a circumstance where and in the circumstances that we know because that’s all we know, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


You can decide that those circumstances aren’t going to limit you because in the different reality that you’d want, you’d have different circumstances so you know, right then you’re telling yourself that these circumstances can and will change. I know that that’s a little bit woo woo and meta, but my, I hope that my point comes across which is that at any moment you can decide that this is going to be a reality and then go from there. 


The last takeaway I have about five figure days is also I, as I go through everyone, I’m like, this is the best one. And then I go to the next one and I’m like, oh, this is really the best one. But I really do think they’re all also important. Okay. And then the final one here is that the power of focus is the most important thing that you have. And I can’t state this enough. This was something that really, really changed things for me earlier on. But I feel like I don’t talk about it enough anymore. And I’ve maybe even gotten a little bit used to used to it in my own life to realize that it still matters so much and it is just simply choosing what you focus on. So when I was at that dinner table a year ago when I was wondering how I’d ever be able to pay for my wedding or bring in six figures or bring in five figures a month and you know, never even dreaming of having the opportunity to teach about a five figure day in under a year. I remember very vividly in those following months deciding that I would just basically ignore the circumstances in my life that weren’t going well. And it might sound a little bit like denial and maybe it is, but I don’t care. 


It works, you know, we always, always would be able to find something that we were unhappy with in our life. There’s always going to be a circumstance that is less than ideal always. I mean, you can just literally spend your time on the news reading about like the Amazon burning down or terrorism in a different country. And I’m not saying we should be ignorant, but the point is, if you are not being fierce with your focus, you will always be able to find a reason to focus on something that is standing in your way or that isn’t working. And so in those earlier days, I got very intense with only re just refusing to focus on anything negative and only focusing on the things that were working. So to paint a picture, let’s say that I had, this is a, an example of this. I don’t remember what this actually happened, but let’s say I had a week where I sent out a bunch of sales emails and no one bought anything. 


Um, I spent more than I had to pay off and I wasn’t able to pay off my credit card in full that month. Um, I proposed three ideas to a client and they all said no. Um, I didn’t feel well. Maybe I wasn’t doing well personally in my own life. Maybe I was fighting with a family member or something and still my Facebook page hit 1000 followers. This is a real win that I had. The obstacles are kind of made up, but this was a real Lynne and my Facebook page had 1000 followers. All I would focus on that week and all my energy would go to that one win. I would buy champagne for that winI would take a picture for that win. I tell my audience about that win. I would pray, and thank God for that win. I would meditate about that win. I would so intensely focus on whatever win was happening, no matter how small. 


And the reason that this matters is because, well, I just want to make clear that I wasn’t just thinking, now I have a thousand people following me on Facebook. When you do focus on a winning your business, it’s never just about the one win. It is about that representation of everything else you’ve done to get to that win. So for me, it wasn’t just about a thousand people following me on Facebook. It was about the fact that I had an idea, you know, a year or two years ago to blog about my life as a 20 something in New York that led me to travel. That led me to learn how to freelance salary, led me to learn how to make money online. That led me to be one of the best business coaches out there. I want to humbly say at this point and um, you know, last year maybe that I wasn’t as good as I am now, but all this is to say that win was a representation of all of that. 


It was a representation of building something out of nothing. It was representation of believing in myself, creating a Facebook page in the beginning. Um, you know, putting myself out there, having people take pictures of me even though I don’t think I’m photogenic and putting them out there for people to see and judge trying to come up with a brand. Like those are the wins. That is what is behind every single little win. And so when I, you know, bring up that you need to focus on what’s working. I’m not just saying that you should ignore the obstacles in your business and not try to learn from them and saying you need to do whatever it takes to keep in the forefront of your mind, how powerful you are, how far you’ve come, how capable you are, how much you obviously know you can do this or you wouldn’t have even bet on yourself in the damn first place. 


And that is what those little wins represent. And still to this day, I mean that concept is what ha is the only reason that I am where I am. The only reason I’m, I once had a mentor tell me after she had mentored, you know, probably hundreds of entrepreneurs at that point, that the only thing that sorts out those who have her clients that become really successful and those that throw in the towel is this is this choice of focus. Is this decision to see obstacles as opportunities? Is this decision to focus on what’s working, not what’s not working? Is this decision to be grateful instead of complaint to see the positive instead of the negative? And that really stuck with me. I remember thinking if that’s it, if that’s the only thing I really have to crack in order to be one of the successful ones, you know, not a fancy marketing funnel, not inheriting $1 million to invest in my business or spend on Facebook ads or whatever. Not having the most original idea in the whole world, just focusing on what’s working. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. 


And I think that that is the biggest takeaway still to this day from every single one I have. I only got there from building off of other wins, you know, the only way we’re going to climb up this ladder is if we have the foundations beneath it to walk up and you can build those foundations by paying attention to what those wins are and learning from them and standing strong and high on them. Okay. I think I got my point across. I hope that you guys found this episode helpful. Let me know what you think about these takeaways and how you can apply them to your next big income goal. Let me know if a five figure day or month is on your heart and what is standing in the way of it, if it hasn’t happened yet, because I’d love to help you make it happen. 


You can always email us at help@urban20something.com and just to briefly summarize the four takeaways I want you to have from these five figure days I’ve had are: number one, no marketing is wasted marketing. Number two, you never know who’s watching. And so you really want to be consistent and you really want to, I remember, I don’t know if you guys remember how I couldn’t think of the other ways that you can leverage this, but I thought of how I want to phrase it, which is that you really need to over deliver with your clients because they’ll also refer people to you and they’ll share how great you are. If you are great. Uh, the third takeaway from this all was that you and only you can and will put yourself in the game. And the fourth takeaway is that your power of focus is the most powerful tool that you have. So here’s to having a win today, this week, every day here is to your next big income goal and here is to your biggest vision. And before we go, I just want to remind you guys one more time that my Labor Day sale ends in just a few hours. And so if you do want to learn list building, if you do want to learn email marketing, if you want to have a great audience that allows you to have these income realities, go check that out. It is for you. Let me know if you have questions and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Have a great, great Labor Day.

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