Decisions are such powerful things! When I invested in a $5,000 mastermind group, I knew I'd get results. I did. How are you committed to your success?


A few weeks ago, Adam and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of two of our dear friends. They had a beautiful, tropical ceremony (which was fitting during a heatwave!).

One of the things their officiant talked about, as they exchanged their rings, was how these rings were meant to be a reminder of the promises they made that single day.

The rings were meant to “bottle up” their feelings into physical form, including they love the shared with their guests and the commitments they made at that moment so that they could take their wedding day with them eternally.

Those rings would help them come back to the sureness and happiness they felt, even when life gets tough.

At first, I, of course, thought about my own upcoming wedding and how grateful I am to even have my engagement ring as a reminder of our engagement day.

(Time really does move too quickly!)

But then I thought more about the concept.

How amazing it is when you can have physical reminders of something hugely influential in your life to keep you motivated and on track through life’s inevitable challenges?

How can you remember your own “turning point” to keep you on the path you WANT to be on? Not old paths?


My Trip to Barcelona

The truth is that I have many “whys” within my business and my goals. But one of the biggest “turning points” for me was a trip to Barcelona a few years ago.

It was in that beautiful city that I first truly experienced passive income and the ability to run a business from my laptop.

I had started Urban 20 Something over a year before, but it wasn’t until this trip, drinking Rioja around Barcelona while getting sales emails on my phone, that I truly realized the power of what I was creating.

Something came over me on that trip.

I returned home knowing in my heart that entrepreneurship was what I wanted and DECIDING it would be my path. It happened to be Black Friday weekend when returned and I decided to prove my dedication by investing in my business like never before.

I spent $5,000 (WAY more than I ever had) on a 6-month long business program that weekend, and hoped that in a year I would be making more from my business than at my 9-5 job.

Little did I know…

That would become my reality less than six months later.

Obviously, a decision is a powerful thing!

For that trip, I had bought some new Chanel makeup. It was somewhat of a splurge considering where I was at at the time.

But, I wanted to reward myself for my recent side hustle momentum.

I used that makeup every day on our trip to Spain.

To this day, whenever I use that makeup and smell its delicious, fresh, distinct scent, I am zapped back to that feeling in Barcelona. I’m reminded of how invincible I felt.

I feel all the possibilities, the excitement, the inspiration… the WHY that motivates me.

To be clear, I’m not comparing wedding bands with makeup.

(Well not exactly…) 

Instead, I’m sharing this in case tangible motivators, reminders, and physical “whys” work for you too in your business.

It’s easy for any of us to say that we want to be successful. Often, we start working toward success because we have a glimpse into what it would be like for us. How can we channel that potential each and every day?

Wedding bands remind us of the commitment we have to our spouses.

What’s your reminder that you’re committed to your success? 


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