Some people just know, from a young age, that they’re meant to travel. And not just travel as a hobby, but to actually travel for their life!

Today’s guest is one of those people.

Tune in to hear how Ines Schubi, founder of Fit on Veggies and at @ines_schubi, followed her travel bug to shape the location independent, digital nomad business and the life she now enjoys.

You’ll hear:

  • How to get creative about your career when travel is your passion
  • When to learn from others to expedite your path
  • How to transform your own life experience in a way that can teach and help others

Get her delicious and simple vegan energy ball recipe here.

Tune in to this episode to hear how Ines Schubi, founder of Fit on Veggies, followed her travel bug and created her digital nomad business.
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Leah Gervais: Hey visionaries, welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. I am your host, Leah, and we’re very lucky to have Ines Schuber with us here today. Hi Ines. 


Ines Schuber: Hi!


Leah Gervais: How are you? 


Ines Schuber: Good, I’m really excited to be here today. 


Leah Gervais: Oh Good. Well I’m very excited to chat with you. Ines is a very, very special to me. She is a really wonderful person and entrepreneur and she is a very successful alum of my scale, your side hustle program. So I have been truly honored to see her build what she’s done and she is so passionate about what she does. And so I guess I should share that. A, uh, she’s so many things. She is a fitness expert. She’s a Vegan, she loves helping women become more healthy, but doing so in a practical way. And she’s a digital nomad herself and so she particularly loves helping women that are digital nomads or big travelers stay healthy while they’re still traveling the world. But, you know, it’s very easy to become unhealthy when we travel, as we all know. So she’s really incorporated everything she loves personally into her business, which I think is the best thing ever. Obviously you guys know how I feel about that kind of thing. So we’re really lucky to have her. Yeah, I’m excited. Thanks for being here Ines. 


Ines Schuber: Thank you so much for having me on the podcast. I’ve been listening to it since the beginning and I was super happy when I received the invitation and I’m glad to be here to share my knowledge today with the listeners and yeah. 


Leah Gervais: Amazing. So, um, you have an accent. Why don’t you share where you’re from and a little bit about how, where you’ve lived everywhere. 


Ines Schuber: I’m not American, I’m actually French and I lived like pretty much my first 20 years in France and then I started traveling and living abroad, uh, several times. So I lived in New York for a summer. And then I lived also in Edinburgh, in Scotland, in Hong Kong for some studies. And then I decided to move after my studies to Buenos Aires in Argentina to practice my Spanish because I also had some Spanish blood, uh, and my buddy, from my mom’s side, and then I moved to Montreal in Canada, uh, because I wanted to be in a more, a safer environment and more stable, uh, country than Argentina. And so that’s where I went. And Yeah. So I’m a bit of a citizen of the world. Like I’m French, but I love being abroad. And this is also why I created this business. 


Leah Gervais: So when you left France, when you were like 20, and I, it sounds like you started by studying abroad, but then you eventually actually moved abroad, not just studying. Was that a big deal for you? Was it a big decision or did you just sort of always know in your gut that you were going to travel? 

Ines Schuber: Yeah, no, I always knew in my gut that I wanted to travel. I always loved it and did many vacation and always put all my savings for traveling. Always. That was the number one priority was not for clothes and our food. Maybe food a little bit, but my beginnings were always traveling and so I always knew I wanted to live abroad eventually. So whatever. I had the opportunity when I finished my studies I was like, okay, I’m going bye. 


Leah Gervais:  So what did you think you were going to be when you grow up? It sounds like you knew you were gonna travel, but what job lies? What did you want to do? 


Ines Schuber: When I was like really little, I really wanted to be a stewardess.


Leah Gervais: Aw because you wanted to travel?


Ines Schuber: Yeah.


Leah Gervais: That is so cute. 


Ines Schuber: My mom was like, yeah know you should definitely do a stewardess, you love traveling so much. Like just go for this. And actually, well I didn’t end up doing that. I don’t know. Because maybe during, when I finished high school, it was not like a specific, um, degree to get for being a stewardess. So I didn’t go towards that thing, but I went to marketing and international business and that was international in it. So I was like, okay, I’m good that I’m going to be able to go abroad. So, yeah, that has always been in my journey, the plan to do that. 


Leah Gervais: And so you started your business when you were in Montreal? 


Ines Schuber: Yes.


Leah Gervais: Okay. What was that like?


Ines Schuber: Yeah. So actually whenever I started actually working full time after my studies in Argentina, I worked in marketing, uh, after a couple of months already knew it in my guts that I didn’t want to do marketing for my entire life for another company. I didn’t feel completely fulfilled and I was not putting my one hundred percent best in my work. Like I was doing it, I was doing it well, everybody was happy. But deep down I knew I was not giving it my all and I already started at brainstorming by myself was like my little notes here and there, like, what do I really like doing? What do I want to do with my life? Like if that’s not it, what is it? And so I started like researching, oh, that’s already started in Argentina during a whole year. It was not intense, but here and there I was like picking up story ideas. And yeah, I remember having some light bulb moments where in the Metro I was like, okay, I need to do this kind of business. And so before going to Montreal, I was thinking, okay, I had this amazing idea, I want to do like snacks, vegan snacks that are going to be different every week and that I can deliver it to people’s houses. 


And so that was the initial idea. And I went to *unable to transcribe* with that idea in mind and then I started asking around how it was feasible in terms of like sanitary things because I didn’t have an official like kitchen. And so I was wondering if I could do it in my home. But you know, with food is complicated. So I finally, I realized that it was not actually possible to do that in a short amount of time. And I was not sure I wanted to stay in Montreal. I knew I had like one year or two years in Montreal and people told me I could get as going as like one year to get the proper papers and everything in order to create my business. Like one year. I was like, okay, no, this is too long, I cannot do that. And so that’s when I started thinking, okay, I need to do something I can do right now and online could be the solution. And then a friend told me like, okay, so you actually want to become like a digital nomad. I was like, oh, there is a word for that. 


Leah Gervais: I’ve always known there was a word for that, but I just didn’t know what to call it. That’s so funny. 


Ines Schuber: I was like, what is this? And we all basically it’s just people who work online so they can travel like, like move around and keep, keep working wherever they are. And I was like, yes, this is what I want. This is what I want. Okay, now I’m going to build a business around the idea of digital nomad, around the thing I love. And, and actually, so the first months *unable to transcribe*, I tried to find a job to get money. So that was the first priority and once that was done I was starting to really brainstorming hard and then I got, um, like, you know, there was always negative things coming up in life and I always tried to get the positive out of it and so I got appendicitis on the 31st of December I was supposed to start my new job in marketing like the 3rd of January and I couldn’t because I was in bed for a whole week and instead of going just like completely rest mode and just watch Netflix for a whole week, I started really thinking about my business. 


I was like, okay, what do I want to do? And then I, I started like writing down my values, what I like, my past experiences linking my experiences with what I learned and grouping all of that together, asking all my friends what do you think I’m best at and what do you like admire about me? And stuff like that. Then so I could pull out my strengths and my values and what I love. And with all this information, I came to the conclusion that I should start something such as a blog or an Instagram. And I was like, okay, Instagram is just so easy, I’m going to start with that. And so during that whole week, this week of not vacation, but I wasn’t working, so I had time for thinking. And so I would recommend to anybody who’s like on vacation right now or anything is the right time. You don’t have to get appendicitis.


But take advantage of like this free time to explore yourself a bit more. And so that’s what I did and I just started an Instagram, just as simple as that. I was like, okay, I’m going to share about my passion for food, Vegan food and for fitness on Instagram and we’ll see where that goes. And that was the beginning. 


Leah Gervais: Okay. So before we go on with your business mark, cause I do want you to share more about how you, how you, everything you’ve done with it, but how did you get into veganism and fitness? Like what was your path kind of with that that made you even know enough about it to start a business about it? 


Ines Schuber: Okay, so fitness, it has always been part of my life. I’ve always loved sports. I was always like the most party girl at school. I was beating the guys at the races and arriving on the podium at races because I freaking love running and I think I have good genetics for it I guess. And so I’ve tried all of the sports, like name it, I’ve done it. And every year I’d change and I would love, I was, and I still love trying out new sports. So that has been ingrained. It’s in my DNA. I freaking love it. And food. Uh, actually, well I’m French so it is very important for French people, but not everybody is like, uh, as *unable to transcribe*. People are like, wow, you’re obsessed with food Ines, just stop it. 


So I’ve always been like that, but I was not always vegan. And so I actually, when I was in Argentina, again, something kind of negative is that I could not have access to a doctor because it was not covered by my insurance. Uh, just to go like to, a skin doctor, dermatologist, because I had eczema and my Exuma flared up really, really bad in, um, in Argentina. And before that it was just okay. Like I just had a little bit. It was not bothering me. It was not hurting me. But in Argentina it was really bad and I started digging into the Internet and I was like, okay, I’m going to find it for myself. I know that’s putting a corticoid on my skin is not going to cure the problem is just to cure, uh, the, the external factors like, okay, I’m having a rash and it’s, but it’s coming back all the time. 


So this is not the solution. I really wanted to see the solution. And I started looking up on youtube and I was like, okay, cure eczema. And a lot of people, uh, shared their journey about veganism and how it helped them cure the eczema. And I saw some people that were, had like such worse eczema than me going completely without eczema anymore. And I was like, okay, that’s interesting. And then I decided to dig in the veganism and the plant based Diet and doing a lots of research, lots of reading, academic papers and also lots of movies. You know, now there are so many movies on Netflix, um, that tells you about the health aspect of a plant based diet. And I was convinced, but I was like deep down myself. I was like, I’m never going to be able to do that. I love food so much. 


Leah Gervais: And cheese, you’re French. 


Ines Schuber: I love cheese but it’s not like my biggest love. I know for French I’m a Weirdo but I can live without cheese, I’m fine. But 99% of the French people can’t. Yeah. But more from me it’s like more pastries. And like everything at the bakery, which eggs is dairy milk with butter, all of that I freaking love and I want to have from time to time. And I was like, I cannot go out of it without this. So I was like really in a battle in my mind I was like, I really want to get better but I can’t go [inaudible] not me. Like I love food too much. So it took me some time to process this information. I was already eating mainly vegetarian in Argentina because meat and fish, I’m like, I don’t really need it. And I’d never like loved it, so I was fine without it. 


And then when I moved to Montreal, I decided to go fully Vegan for a month. Uh, because I knew that in patrol would be way easier for me to go vegan because in Argentina you can’t find like all the healthy products we have in North America and all that. It’s super expensive also when you find it. So I was like, okay, Montreal is going to be the beginning. And actually Montreal is like one of the best Vegan cities in the world. Like there are so many restaurants, so many stores in any like little supermarket you can find lots of like Vegan options with Tofu, tempe and kombucha, stuff like that. Like it’s just paradise. And so I did it, it was super easy to make the transition and actually I was like not craving any of the non vegan stuff and I was like really happy and it had like a good impact on my skin actually. 


It didn’t cure it completely, but it, it really helped. And so that’s how I got into veganism. 


Leah Gervais: But it did help your Eczema?


Ines Schuber: It did help my Eczema, but this can be like a whole other topic, uh, for how like I’m curing my eczema yeah. 


Leah Gervais: And did you see any other health benefits from it? Like did you feel more energetic or anything? 


Ines Schuber: Yeah, it was like feeling like I was just feeling more energy and just feeling more vibrant and, and not sluggish after my meals and stuff like that. Especially for the dairy because the dairy, I was not actually digesting well and I kind of knew for years, but I was like, fuck it. Um, so yeah, so no, no, it was really, really good. And once you know how to eat, which is a bit complicated at first, it’s actually pretty easy. And it enabled me to find more about food and learn about, about like ingredients and stuff and veggies that I didn’t know before. And so it opened up like a whole new world that I didn’t know of. And so usually people see veganism as a restriction and now I see as something as the opposite of restriction. It’s like it has broadened my horizon and my spectrum of like food. 


Leah Gervais: Right, right. And Yeah, you just like learned a whole new world of cooking and recipes in health that you never even knew before. If anyone listening is interested in veganism at all in mass. I am not a Vegan, but I have her vegan cookbook. It’s amazing. And it’s just exactly to what you’re saying Ines. Before I read that, I would have been like, oh, Vegan snacks. Like carrots really has these amazing, simple, you know, like just a few ingredients that you’d probably already have in your home. Um, really healthy recipes so you guys should totally go download that. Um, it’s on her website if you want because that like really opened my eyes to it. And it just, it did make it more fun. It’s kind of kind of a game at that point. If you decide that you want to eat healthy, it’s just about getting creative about how you can make it as fun as possible for yourself. So you probably do in a way eat more quote fun than people that aren’t Vegan or anything because they’re just not even thinking about it, you know? 


Ines Schuber: Yeah. And because people who are in the same nutrition routine, they don’t try to explore new things like, because they are not forced to. But when you are changing your diet like that, you are forced to, uh, to go and dig like recipe from here and there and find out about new ingredients. And that’s what’s fun about it. And for me, nutrition should be first pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Like it should be delicious. If it’s not delicious, what’s the point of eating?  So I make sure everything I share is like freaking delicious and has the approval from me is like the best approval because all of my friends will tell me I love that this is delicious. I’d be like, that’s not.


Leah Gervais: If it’s approved by a French person then it’s going to be good. You start your website Fit on Veggies. So how did you start turning kind of what happened to you and your story and becoming Vegan and your love for food into a business? 


Ines Schuber: So yeah, like I said, I started just with that Instagram and starting from that eyes, I read some books, uh, on, I don’t even know, it was not just like business, but just like inspiration. Like where do you want to go in like, like self introspection and in one book, um, You’re a Badass. This is the, the book that I freaking love and I recommend to everybody listening right now. This was like the best self help book I’ve ever read and I recommend it to everyone. So it is like $60 but it’s going to change your life. It changed mine. And so I read that and she was in it that actually you need… if you want to go, um, and become like an expert in something in your life, like might as well take a shortcut and have somebody who is already an expert teaching you those things. And so, um, basically she was saying, have a coach, I get a coach and whatever you want to do in your life, get a coach. And I was like, okay. So that’s the next step I need to find a coach. 


Ines Schuber: Um, and I started typing like business, digital nomads and I was like finding weird things and nothing was coming up like I wanted. Um, and then I guess because I did that research and clicked on things and then like  Facebook groups and stuff like that I got targeted by your ad and I was so glad the facebook ads God got to me. I was like finally, a Facebook ad that I want. 


Leah Gervais: The Facebook God’s came through.  


Ines Schuber: And I saw it and I was like, okay, this is exactly what I need. You were offering a way to build a business alongside your nine to five and this was exactly my situation. I was in a nine to five. I was not planning on quitting my nine to five or anything. I dream wanted to build that on the side first. And so I was like, okay, I’m going to do it. And then I got to know you and then I got into your program and your program enabled me to create my website and everything and the foundation for all my business. Because I, before that I had no idea. I was completely lost. I was like, I know marketing cause that’s what I learned at school. But school didn’t teach me how to grow a personal brand and didn’t teach me online marketing and stuff like that because it’s always changing on top of that. So I really didn’t know where to start. So I knew I had to be coached. So that’s why I bought the program and I was the best decision ever. And that was like just over a year ago. 


Leah Gervais: I know. It’s been amazing to see everything you’ve done since then. It like, I still remember talking to you on the phone and you’re just being like, I want, want to build this business that I don’t know, will it work? And like now look at you. You just got back from six months in South America, which we’ll get to, but I one to first ask, you know, and kind of like take me out of the equation. But the moment when you joined Scale Your Side Hustle, that was probably more than you had ever invested in your business at like at all. Um, were you scared? What made you like believe in yourself enough to say yes to that? And what advice would you give yourself again, or other people that are kind of in that like not sure what to do phase? 


Ines Schuber: I also read about that, that if you don’t invest in yourself, then you’re not going to go as far as you want and as fast as you want. Because entrepreneurship is a long journey and I’m still on this journey and will be for many years and hopefully all my life, uh, because it is something complicated and there is no one solution fits all. It will never, you can receive like many advice and take all the freebies, but if it doesn’t match, oh, I like, I already tried before, like going on the program, I tried different little things, but I still completely felt lost because nothing was connected and nothing makes completely sense altogether. I knew that following a program step by step, um, would enable me to go from this point of confusion to, OK, I have a plan now I know, I just need to execute it. I just need somebody to tell me what to do. 


Leah Gervais: Yeah. And how to do it. So for you, the decision came from a place of deciding that you wanted to have a business period, like that was not a negotiation or a maybe or anything. You knew you wanted to have it, you had tried other things and they didn’t work and so you just knew in your heart that even though it might be scary to spend money or you might not know if it’s going to work, you just, this was the only option that you can take to actually get to where you want to be. Is that right?


Ines Schuber: Yeah, exactly. And also the fact that uh, you went through the journey, right, that same journey as me and you were successful and I was like, if she made it, she goes out to do it. So I need your knowledge *unable to transcribe*

Leah Gervais: Okay, so you start, let’s see, you did together side hustle, laughs burning. I can’t believe like everything you’ve done any or just saying that out loud. So then walk us through kind of the beginning of your, what was your first sale like and then when did you quit your job? 


Ines Schuber: Okay. So, I was doing all the program during the spring, summer, and then at the end of the summer I started thinking about, uh, I was running actually like a challenge online, in a Facebook group. And after running that challenge, like a couple of times, I had some people who were really interested in a program I saw, like I, I told them about a program that I didn’t prepare. Like I was like, I’m just gonna throw it out there. We will see if somebody catches it. Like, um, and that’s it. And so, yes, I got some people like coming back at me and like, Ines, is the program ready. I was like, what the fuck? I cannot believe this.


People bought something from me. I was really excited about it. So I put a lot of work into it. But I still have, like, I had another like negative moment in my life because I lost my job during that summer. And so it was really stressful. Uh, the, the company shut down all of a sudden, and I had many trips planned and Oliver. And so I decided, okay, I’m just going to enjoy my summer, rest my mind and just go off the business mode and then come back strong. And so I came back in September, found a job and then I was like, okay, I’m ready to do to make this program happen. And I was out of the Scale Your Side program, but I needed some guidance. So I called you again and out of that one hour call that we had together, um, we decided I would launch my program, like basically the week after and I would just like sell it  like crazy for a week and see what happens. 


And so that’s what I did. I did everything in one week. I sold as much as I could. I went on all platforms and then I got four people onto my program in the beginning of October. And so that’s when I made my, my first sales and I was like, I remember getting the first like email from paypal and I was like screaming. As we were. And I had friends in town and we went to celebrate in the restaurants and was like the best thing ever. Uh, I was, I put so much effort into everything. Like I did that since January, that year. That was last year. And so finally seeing the results and then running the program. And so how did I run a program that I didn’t even prepare? I prepared that I already had like the layout, but I didn’t prepare the videos and all that. And so basically what I did was I just went live every day on the Facebook group and I taught about fitness, about nutrition and mindsets, uh, like in tiny videos of five to 10 minutes and I was doing it live and then I recorded all of them. So like I could reuse them for the second round of the program. So that’s how I did it. And no need to plan so much. Like, if you are in a rush, you can always make it happen. So that’s what I did. 


Leah Gervais: Yeah, I think you learned a lot about yourself from that experience. I think you learned a lot about your potential as an entrepreneur. 


Ines Schuber: Yeah. And all doing that all around my nine to five. Yeah. So waking up super early every morning and I was doing the live from my bedroom, it was dark outside in Montreal, like winter was coming in and I was like in my tiny bedroom, like not speaking too loud cause of my roommates. I was like, hey girls.


Leah Gervais: It happened though. I mean I, I just have so much respect for you and you have always shown, you know, I think, oh, I know that that’s the reason you become so successful is because you’ve always, um, not taking your own excuses and done what it takes. And a lot of people don’t do that. And I think that that’s a really good explanation of the kind of, you know, entrepreneur you are and showing that you, well make it work. Whatever it needs to be in you make it happen. And that’s essential for entrepreneurship. If you are not willing to like do the things that you need to do when they’re uncomfortable or it’s dark out or you’re exhausted or you have a job around it, then it’s going to be really hard to plow through. And so since then you did leave your nine to five job. You just spent six months in South America. Tell us a bit more about where you’re at now. 


Ines Schuber: So I quit my job in December that year. And then in January I joined my brother who was already doing a world tour for over a year and I joined him in Peru and we started Peru. And then Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama and did all that over six months. And the last bits I was alone and I was traveling and working at the same time and it was freaking amazing. Like this is exactly what I wanted to live and I could not believe I made it happen. Um, my dream, it came true if I had only, and I was like, okay, I can not believe this and I still can’t believe it right now I’m at home and I was like my other brother is living also at home with my parents. I just came back to two friends for the summer, uh, because I have some events and some other mini trips planned, uh, over here. And my brother is like working a traditional nine to five job is like yesterday just came back from the, you’ve got it. I was like, I don’t want to go to work, you know, and my mind, I was like, I’m like going to work every day. I’m still going to work. Like yesterday it was 8:00 PM and I was like, I’m going to work until 10:00 PM tonight, but I don’t care. Like I’m doing something.. I’m happy to be working and using the situation where he’s like not really happy to go to work. So I remember being in that position and I was a good reminder just yesterday night. 


Leah Gervais: Right, right. And aren’t you going to travel again soon? 


Ines Schuber: Yeah, so my plan is to stay around here. I’m around until October because my travels *unable to transcribe* are until October. And then I wanted to be spending like end of October, November, December in another place. I don’t know yet where, um, probably in, in Europe, um, like a low cost country. So I was like looking at Portugal or Greece or  like eastern Europe and then I want to move to Australia. 


Leah Gervais: So awesome. 


Ines Schuber: Yeah, from there I want to travel again to Asia because I freaking loved Asia when I was living in Hong Kong. So yeah, I’ve always wanting to move to Australia and because I’ve moved so many times, uh, like when you have a regular nine to five job, you always have to quit it and then find it. And like it takes three months to find a marketing job, like a good one. And actually, even the ones I found were not perfect. And so I could have still looked for longer time, but at some point you need to take one. So I was like, okay, when I go I want to go to Australia, which I know I want to move to. I don’t want to be again in that same routine of like having to find a job and the stress, I hate like applying for jobs, I think I’m good at this. Like I’d rather send a video, which I’m doing sometimes, but um, yeah. So I was like, okay, if I have my online business I can just like run around anywhere. I can go to Australia and bring my business, my laptop with me and that’s it. That’s all I need. My laptop and Wifi. 


Leah Gervais: Do you think you will ever have another nine to five? 


Ines Schuber: Uh, well right now I’m like doing some side, uh, freelance gigs on the side as well as my business. So that’s what I’m having. Um, but a regular nine to five job? No. Like I really don’t want to, uh, this is not something that aligns with my values cause I know I’m not going to enjoy it and I’m not gonna give it my best. So I’d rather focus on my business, make it work and grow it and just live from this. 


Leah Gervais: Amazing, well it’s been incredible to see you go from pretty much zero. I feel like last year when you and I met you had like an Instagram and a dream and now you have your full business online. I know you’ve run your programs several times and your clients love it. I know that you’re also helping to digital nomads specifically now, which is super exciting. Um, and you’re traveling the world. So it’s been incredible this year journey and it’s still just the beginning for you. So thanks for sharing it with us today. 


Ines Schuber: Thank you so much. I hope my journey can inspire anybody listening and know that you’ve got what it takes. Like you just need motivation and somebody to guide you and whatever thing you want to achieve. Like if you need a business coach, you’re here Leah. If you need a fitness coach cause you want to get leaner  there or like just feel better in your own skin, reach out to me. I’ll be very, very happy. Or just check out my Instagram @InesSchubi and you’ll get plenty tips for free there. 


Leah Gervais: Amazing. So where can people find you before we leave? 


Ines Schuber: Yeah, so basically my main platform is Instagram and so it’s @InesSchubi. So I post stories everyday, show you what I eat, how I train, and I inspire you and I spread my love and energy through my stories everyday. So if you need that to big in your life and if you’re a digital nomad especially and want to create healthy routines on the road, this is what I specialize in right now, especially for women. So reach out to me, send me a DM, I’d be very happy to meet other entrepreneurs. I freaking love this community of online z 2000 nomads and yeah. So thank you so much for having me here. 


Leah Gervais: Fabulous, thanks for sharing. It was my pleasure and I know you’re going to inspire so many people. So thanks again and Ines and thank you visionaries for tuning in. I hope you check out, Ines’s Instagram and her amazing cookbook. Can’t recommend it enough. If you need anything, she’s there for you and so am I, and here is to your biggest vision. I’ll talk to you guys later, bye Ines.

Ines Schuber: Bye.

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