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Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 41

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I know it’s only October, visionaries, but today we are foreshadowing 2022 with a deep dive into my 2022 Mastermind! This episode is not intended to make you feel behind in your new year planning, rather it is here to serve as an idea that can marinate in your mind as the 2022 approaches. With that, I will be sharing a behind the scenes look at what my Mastermind looks like now, what it will look like in 2022 and how this program is evolving!

Tune in to hear:

  • A behind the scenes look at what my 2022 Mastermind is going to look like
  • How to enroll on to the 2022 Mastermind waitlist (with no strings attached) before it fills up
  • Why my 2022 Mastermind will help you hit the ground running come January 2022!

Click here to join the waitlist and here is what to expect from my 2022 Mastermind:

  1. Coaching calls that focus on how you’re scaling your business
  2. Gets you out of cookie cutter models and coaching
  3. Community 
  4. Mindset exercises that shift a block or limit you have
  5. Strategies on income goals (this is big)
  6. Retreats that keep you centered, big-picture and inspired
I know it’s only October, visionaries, but today we are foreshadowing 2022 with a deep dive into my 2022 Mastermind!

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2022 mastermind -Leah Gervais
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Episode Transcription

Mastermind Waitlist:


Leah Gervais: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This is Leah. I hope that this finds you well and that you are enjoying October. I know that it is, I probably sound like a broken record, but it is just the best time of the year here in New York. 


So we are super enjoying it and I hope that you are as well. Now, in today’s episode, we are going to shift gears a little bit and think about next year already. I know I have such mixed emotions about this because I remember when I was kind of starting my own business or, or when things were starting to pick up for me, I guess I should say it wasn’t totally new, but I would start getting ads and emails and notifications about things for the following year in like September or October. And some of them would explicitly say like, if you haven’t planned for the following year, then you’re already behind.


And I hated that, you know, I understand the proactiveness I really do. And I’m like that. Um, we’ve already allocated time to planning next year and, and thinking about what our goals are, but it isn’t from this place of like, we have to do this now or else we’re behind. It’s it. That’s first of all, what I love to do, I think that’s what I’m best at is, is strategy, big picture strategy. And, um, it’s also just from a place of wanting to be intentional and make sure that we have time over the holiday season to reflect on our plans rather than feel like we’re creating them in the midst of it. Um, so all this is to say that if it feels stressful to think about 20, 22 already, because you already have like three months of this year left, that is not the approach we are trying to take here, rather. 


I think it’s just helpful to think about options that you might have in the new year, so that they can kind of marinate in the back of your mind as you go through the end of this year. And as you see what you really enjoy as you finish this year out strong and where you might need support and what is exciting you about next year. And from that, I do think it’s really exciting and inspiring and helpful to talk about these things at this time, um, because they really allow you to dream bigger as you get to the end of the year. And as you get to the new year and it’s not coming from a place of like, oh my God, it’s a new year. You know, what do I do next? So all that is to say, what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is my mastermind.


And I wanted to talk to you about what that’s gonna look like in 2022, what it looks like now, I’m going to give you a little bit of a, uh, behind the scenes of, you know, what it, what we’re doing with it and how it started, just so that you can have in mind what the program is and, and what type of results it produces. Should it be the right fit for you now with that said, there is a little bit of a ticking clock on this. It’s not something that you can wait and join until until January, um, because it fills up because it fills up. And because we also like to get people in, uh, with the nut. So they know that they’re in before the holidays so that they can, you know, just enjoy the holidays and like, know that come January 3rd, that Monday, they’re going to be able to hit the ground running.


They have a game plan, they have a container, they have a, and they’re not kind of starting the new year feeling like frazzled. Um, and we also gave our enrollees resources between now and then. So we want you to have ample time to take advantage of that. We want you to feel like you can go through that in all the time that you need and all the time that you want. And that doesn’t happen if we are enrolling people, you know, on December 30th or whatever. So there is a little bit of urgency around it. Um, but there is flexibility as well. And so here I am to just share with you what the program is. And I invite you to just listen to this from a receptive point of view and trust that should you feel called to be part of this, then that’s something to listen to, and that you’ll hear that.


And that you’ll feel that, and that that’s maybe something you’ll then decide to take action on, because I can’t like read your mind through this podcast. However, if it doesn’t feel like it’s lighting you up, if it doesn’t feel like it’s something that feels really illuminating. That’s totally cool too. I still trust that you’ll get something out of this episode, some sort of inspiration, some sort of motivation, some sort of clarity about what you want to do, and that is why we’re here as well. So without further ado, let’s get into the, the, the skinny, I guess, um, of my mastermind, what it is, why it works, why I created it, who it’s for who we look for when we’re, um, enrolling it. So my mastermind is going to be four years old, which is crazy because I’ve really only been, I’m going into my sixth year of business.


So it really has been something I’ve done for quite a while in comparison to how long I’ve had my business at this point. Is that right? Let’s see, I did my first mastermind. Okay. My mastermind is three going to be three years old, so nevermind. Um, I think that that’s right. So the point is I’ve started, I’ve had it for a few years now, tried and true and very much proven to be successful. It feels like the alum just keep getting more successful, which is really cool to see. Um, and it’s something we’ve continued to perfect over the years as well. So if you’re joining, you’re not, you know, in a beta test of it, it is not something that is like, you’re the Guinea pig. It’s something we’ve put a lot of time and money and resources and energy into perfecting over the years.


And I have to say, I really think it’s in the best place it’s ever been. It is an extraordinary program and it’s something I’m really proud of. So I started this program, um, at the time in my own business when I really had what I consider my breakthrough year. So I had kind of two really profound years that changed my life in, in basically the course of two years. The first was for me in 2018. And I actually, I guess I would maybe call that more of my breakthrough year. It was the year that things started to happen. It was the year that I went from having a blog to actually having clients the year that I went from making hundreds of dollars, sometimes freelancing or with affiliate marketing to actually making thousands of dollars. It was the year that I quit my nine to five job. 


It was the year that I had my first five figure month. It was the year that I got engaged. It was just a year that in business and in life, things started to change. Things started to shift, and it felt like after so many years of stagnation and so many years of waiting for things to happen and waiting for my life to get good and waiting for my business to bring some sort of clarity to me and waiting and waiting and waiting things actually like the puzzle started to come together. So I guess I would call that more of my breakthrough because I feel like I broke through the ceiling that I had, honestly, self-imposed four years prior to that.

However, I will say that the, that breakthrough was not enough to sort of sustain the life that I was really chasing it. Wasn’t it, wasn’t the kind of, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t, it wasn’t the full end of like what I needed to go through in order to get to a place where I felt like my business and my new life, where, you know, my day-to-day life, it was still something I was like, kind of the puzzle was coming together, but it was still like coming together. And during that time, I noticed that as fun as it was that my business was taking off, I also got pretty chaotic, uh, with the whole thing. I fell into a lot of comparisons, um, with other people, other business owners, other coaches, trying to figure out what I should be doing to get to that place where I was making six figures, five figure months where my norm, um, I was paying off my business investments.


I was able to level my life like that piece that kind of, after still felt mysterious to me. And as a result, I ended up listening and following and feeling almost a lack in my own business, um, of so many other people. So I started really comparing myself on social media. I started, you know, spending more money than I needed to on coaching on courses, on events. Like I just felt like I needed to be in every room. Um, I felt like I needed to listen to everyone else. I felt like other people knew a secret that I didn’t, and it wasn’t that I was unhappy, but it, it just started to feel like I was kind of in like this BIS of a, of a place metaphorically. I was out of my old life, but I wasn’t fully in the new, and I was just sort of floating without really any direction.


And mentally it ended up being kind of a tough time for me because it resulted in a lot of comparison. Um, it resulted in a lot of, I’m not good enough. It resulted in a lot of so-and-so’s already done that. So I can’t go in that direction. It resulted in a lot of shiny object syndrome. It resulted in a lot of money unnecessarily spent, um, which took to no one’s fault, but my own, because I was spending money out of fear. I was spending money and investing my business out of a sense of lack thinking, I need the secret. I need the next best thing I need. What they’re doing. I need, I need, I need, I need which therefore implicitly means I don’t already have, I am lacking in. I am missing. I don’t understand. I see what I mean. So when we’re in that place, it can feel innocent enough.


I can feel like you’re wanting to Uplevel or you’re wanting to grow, or you’re wanting to think bigger, but in practice, it ends up really making you feel like you are needing all these other things because you don’t already have them. So what shifted for me, I really had to start looking inward almost out of necessity and had to realize that I needed to stop comparing myself to others. And almost to an extent, stop listening to others. I never fully stopped coaching with other people. Um, but I did find like one or two people that I really resonated with things got quieter. I got more focused. And I think most importantly, I really started turning up the things in my life and business that were working so well. So the things that have made me money up to that point, the things that excited me and got me out of bed in the mornings, the things that made me feel like it was what I would want to be known for later in life, the things that people were giving me, good feedback on, and that my testimonials were good on and things like that.


And really just realigning with the why of why I started my business in the first place. And there’s a lot more to it than that. This is like an oversimplified version, but the point is I went from having extreme, shiny object syndrome, always feeling like I needed the next best thing, always feeling like other people had a secret that I was missing to shining my own light. So brightly that I had no choice, but to just focus on what I was doing. And that’s really when that’s, when I hit six figures, that’s when I got married. That’s when you know my business, I no longer had the debt that I was in from the time that I started my business. Um, that’s when just life started looking the way that I had originally intended for it to look, uh, from, from day one, you know, from the day that I bought that domain years ago.


And from the day that I had the nerve to say, I think I could, I I’m ready to ask for something more with my life. So that is the premise on which the mastermind is built. It helps you go from feeling like, okay, I have found some success and that looks different for everyone. I think that that’s hard about the mastermind is a lot of people want to know, well, how much money do I have to have made? Or how many clients do I have to have had, or how many years do I have to have been in business? And I’m not really looking for candidates from those just honestly, superficial metrics. I’m looking for people that feel like, okay, I’ve, I’ve taken the first step, right? I’ve done the first thing. I’ve proven that I have some faith. I’ve dared to ask that something else is there for me.


And I’ve raised my hand to the universe and said, please show me how, but I’m still not on the other side of it. I’m still not living that success. I’m still not living and breathing it. I’m still not feeling that abundance, you know? And, and look, I’m not trying to promise that the mastermind takes you from very normal growing pains of entrepreneurship to you’ll never have a problem. Again, that’s not what it’s about, but it is supposed to get you from feeling like you have shiny object syndrome and comparing yourself to others and wondering what others have that you don’t to shining so bright that you don’t even have time to worry about what other people are doing. And you’re excelling so much within your own formula strategy, magic energy. You know, there’s so many different ways to kind of look at it that so much of that fades away and by nature, that gives you the space to realign your business and your life with what you wanted it to be, to begin with and I show you how to make it work. 


So I really pride myself on that. None, no two of my masterminders businesses are the same. We don’t do cookie cutter. We don’t do blueprints. Uh, none of that. And, and, you know, sometimes I’ve been criticized for that. Not, not, not by my clients. I think they love that. Um, but by like other business coaches and even my own mentors who say like, shouldn’t you be, you know, qualified, quantifying things so much more specifically. And it’s like, well, no, because that’s not the point. I want everyone to feel like they have a business that feels good to them, and that is exciting to them. And that strategies that they use are, you know, sustainable to them and that’s going to look different for everyone. 


So that’s what the mastermind is. And I really do feel like that is the clearest result we offer and that you can expect from the program is to kind of come out of it, realizing that you had what you needed within you all along. And not only do you know that in like a pretty wizard of Oz type phrase way, but you have the tools to employ it so that as you go through and continue to grow your business and continue to scale and continue to rise, you already know how to find within yourself, the things that you need to move forward,


Not falling into comparison traps or, um, or just doubt. Um, you know, that that really does keep people stuck for, for quite a long time. So that’s kind of the history of the mastermind. And now I want to share a little bit about, uh, what the program is and what you could expect in it. And you know how to see if this is for you. So, um, as I mentioned, there’s no sort of metric around where you need to be in business to come into this program. We’re not looking for how many years you’ve been in business. We’ve had people that were in business for five years joined. We’ve had people that were in business for three months joined. Um, it’s just that element of readiness. And that element of I’ve already raised my hand and said, I’m going to do this now. I just need the tools to actually have this be my day to day, life have successful like my new norm and really live out what I started this to begin with. So that


Is, uh, the kind of, you know, prerequisite for it is that you feel like you identify with being at that place and you’re ready to go to the next level and you’re ready to be really fierce about it. So unlike my other programs on like scale, your side hustle and service-based sales specifically, the mastermind does not have a curriculum, which is very intentional. So I have found that at this place in business, a lot of times people end up coming to a place of overwhelm with a flood of content that they’ve been either given or that they’ve bought or that they’ve signed up for, or that they’ve been reading or that they’ve been listening to. Because again, like I said, they have that kind of shiny object syndrome, that comparison trap, um, and that kind of like need to see what other people are doing because they think that they’re missing something.


And so we find that you actually, you don’t need more content and you don’t need more of a curriculum. Now, there is content that you get with the mastermind. I shouldn’t say that you don’t get any of it at all. We, we do interviews with, um, million-dollar business owners. We have, you get access to all of my programs. I mean, there’s plenty of tools there if you need them, but what we’re not doing is going week by week saying, okay, this week we’re studying this thing and we’re doing this marketing strategy and you’re all going to do it because that contradicts my philosophy, that all of this is supposed to be different. Additionally, at this point in business, when you’re getting to six figures, which is what a lot of our masterminders do, you know, if not more, in fact, I’ll share this in an episode, um, before the end of the year, but we were looking at our clients from this year.


And I think that cumulatively our high-level clients, meaning like our masterminders and one-on-one, um, and both our masterminds, we have a six month and a 12 month. I think that they have almost jointly done like 4 million in sales this year, which is crazy. So the point is, um, when you are getting to that kind of like six figure and beyond place, you’re busy, you’re busy. You don’t have time to sit there all day and listen to an e-course and learn and go through workbooks. And like, like there’s just, no, I couldn’t even think about doing something like that at this point in my business. So that’s not the nature of this and the program is stronger because of it. Um, there’s no lack of, of information and content there, if that’s what you want, but it is not the way that we sent her this program. Instead, there’s really two main factors to this program that I believe foster the incredible transformation, our clients experience. And that is first of all, that they are coached by me. Um, this program is the number one way to be coached by me at this point in our business, actually, period, it is the number. It is really the only way to be truly coached by me in an intensive way, and in a


Way where, like my hands are deep into your business with you going through the day by day and going through the income and going through, you know, what your goals are and all of that. Um, that’s just not the nature of our other programs because they are curriculum based. So the masterminds are the only way to kind of have me like co-create with you in your business. So that is probably the biggest thing, honestly, um, is that your coach by me in an in depth way for a long time. So I really can get to know all of your ins and outs, all of your typical blind spots, um, all of your limiting beliefs about yourself, what your goals are, how to help you get there, et cetera. Um, this type of coaching also gets you out of the cookie cutter models that you may be have, uh, experienced up to this point.


Um, now there’s some in some situations, I mean, I guess I can’t really think of any situation where it cookie cutter models, something I would recommend, like even our scale, your side hustle program, which has a curriculum, has so much flexibility and mobility for you to utilize that curriculum in a way that makes sense for you and in a way that, um, chronologically makes sense for you. Um, and so, you know, that’s really important and, and we pride ourselves on that and scale your side hustle too. 


That’s why we have so many coaching calls. That’s why we keep it small, et cetera. So I don’t really think that there’s a great time and place for it. And if that is something you feel like you’ve been experiencing up at up to this point, then this mastermind could be for you because you would get out of that cookie cutter model and you would get into the very personalized individualized coaching that you get with me in the mastermind.


Um, and this coaching also helps you really stay clear on your goals and your mission. So we have two versions of the mastermind. One is six months and one is 12 months and you’re listening to this and you’re not currently in a mastermind. Then that may be the longest duration of any sort of business building container you’ve ever been a part of. And if you’re feeling ready for that, I want you to really sit with how exciting it is that you could have that level of support for that amount of time, because that’s when you really see these transformations, that’s when you really see things change. 


That’s when you really see things through, you know, our masterminders have such cool success stories. I mean, people go from having no clients to having like, to being booked out or to having multiple clients and working for themselves from people having made $5,000 in a month to making $30,000 in a month from making $60,000 in a year to making 60,000 in a month.


We have so many of these success stories and still, I can be very like confident in saying that not every day looks perfect for them. Not every month looks perfect for sometimes they have hard times. Sometimes they have challenges we all do. And so, because they’re in the mastermind for six to 12 months, six or 12 months, those downtimes don’t become a big deal. They’re not Indic indicative of their success. They are just sort of like little blips on the overall, you know, arc that they’re on. And that doesn’t happen when, when you’re in a program for three months, you know, if you have a rough month out of three months, that’s tough for you to get everything that you want out of that program. I think in the beginning, shorter programs make a bit more sense just because, you know, why things change so quickly in the beginning, and you’re always doing new things and things move so quickly, like from all different directions, that it can be hard to really even know where you want to be in, in, in 12 months, um, or even in six months.


But there is a point I think when you’re getting to look toward that more sustainable success, and you’re looking toward what you want your day-to-day life to look like, um, that, you know, you need the longer-term support. You need someone who can see it all the way through with you, and that’s what we’re here to do for you in the mastermind. 


So I can’t emphasize enough the value of the coaching, the value of working with me closely, and honestly, my whole team. I’m not the only coach in these I I’m the primary coach in our year long mastermind in the six month mastermind. You have three of us actually, which is really a great asset of the, of the three-month mastermind because we all three have different assets and strengths and the mastermind, you know, we keep it small. We, we, we don’t let more.


We don’t have, we have a cap on me. So you who are like incredibly supported, uh, with all these coaches. And we’re really in the trenches with you. You’re not just sort of asking us one off questions and hoping we have answers. Um, we’re always making you be able to bring back your questions to the goals we know that you have. Okay. The second piece that’s really important in our masterminds are the community. This is huge. And something that I think a lot of people don’t know they need until they have it. So a few years ago, I heard someone say, um, in entrepreneur speak, I guess you could say that you need to not be afraid to pay for your friends. And I thought this was so funny because it kind of reminded me of the like critique people use to give you sororities and fraternities and Greek life in college, which is like, are you paying for your friends?


But there’s, there’s a point in business where I think a lot of people end up feeling kind of lonely or even a little isolated from their friends because they realize that their friends and their day-to-day life are just not doing the same things as them. I don’t know. I don’t have the view that like, if your friends aren’t on your level, they’re holding you back. I don’t really think that I think that it’s up to you to empower yourself, not your friends and that, you know, everyone can bring different things into your life. 


But I do think that you can get lonely if your friends don’t know what you’re going through, if your friends aren’t owning their own business, if they aren’t, you know, hiring team members, if they’re not usually our clients end up making more than their partners. Um, so there’s like a whole level and dimension of, of pressure, but responsibility and excitement and wins and breakthroughs that you get when you’re making, you know, honestly in a month, what some people are making any year, um, when you have the joys and responsibilities of hiring people to be on your team and being responsible for their livelihood, but also watching your business grow because of that.


Um, when you end up, you know, usually making more money than your partner, these things are, are nothing to complain about. They’re, they’re beautiful things and they are, uh, they’re different. They’re just different than a lot of people’s, uh, you know, norms. And so having people that you can relate to that you can talk to, and that are in the same position as you ends up being totally critical and really so much of an asset in your journey. And if you do believe the quote that so many use that, you know, I forget what it exactly is, but it’s something like, show me your five friends and I’ll show you your fortune, or like the net worth of your five friends, or you are the product of the people you spend the most time with. We’ve all heard these kinds of personal development quotes about our community.


And if you subscribe to them, then you probably do, there is something to be said to the phrase, don’t be afraid to pay for your friends. I know that that really clicked with me. And I was like, oh my God, that’s so true. Like I have such big things I want to do in the world. I have such big goals. And I know that I can’t really do them if I don’t have anyone that can relate to them or, or, or envision them with me or sympathize, or, um, cheer me on like in there with me. Um, and so that was a huge, you know, wake up call for me. And I think that that is something that is a huge asset in our mastermind is just having people in a Voxer channel every day that you can reach out to. And not only that you need when things get rough, but that are also proving to you how things can get better and how much better life can get, because they’re all living examples of that.


I can’t reiterate the, the value of the community enough. And everyone in our masterminds gets really close because both the six month and the year long mastermind come with retreats. So you get to know each other really well there, those are treats are really special if you haven’t stopped some of them on my Instagram, I recommend doing so. Um, we do one virtual and then one in New York for both programs. And then the one in the 12 month version also is doing one in Europe next year. Um, so they’re really fabulous and a lot of fun, and that’s where people get even closer. Okay. So to sum up this episode, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into like what you could expect in a day-to-day life or week of being in the mastermind. And of course, let you know how to apply the simplest way to do


It is to just go to Leah And you’ll see that there is a wait list to get on for either program for the six month or 12 month. It’s the same wait list you’ll get on either. You’ll just get on the same wait list and you’ll be able to apply. And then from there, we can talk to you about which one is a better fit for you or which one you want to be part of and see if the mastermind is a good fit for you. At the time of this recording in October, we have five fast action spots available. So that, that means that you could save at least five, if not $10,000 on the mastermind enrollment, if you are in one of those five spots. So that is a huge savings and something we definitely encourage if you are at all interested in this.


So here are some things you can expect from being in the mastermind, uh, coaching calls that focus on how you scale your business. This is something we talk about a lot. We go through my three kind of front runners of scaling methods. Should you raise your prices and how do you do that? Should you hire a team member and how do you do that? Or should you change your model and how do we do that? So those are the types of things we’re always talking about. And again, making it specific to you, uh, you can expect mindset exercises that shift a block or limit that you have. We’ve had a lot of masterminders after a month, or even sometimes longer of using our exercises, completely change how they view something, which has honestly, usually, um, led them to an level to breaking an income ceiling, et cetera.


Uh, you can expect strategies on your income goals. This is big. We are very clearly focused on your income goals coming true. It is not about, you know, just focusing on the money, but it is about making sure that you’re getting what you want and that you are, um, and that you are achieving your goals and that we’re holding you accountable to that. And you’re not talking yourself out of it. And you also can expect these fabulous retreats. 


They keep you centered, big pictured and inspired. So if this at all sounds interesting to you, you can DM me, email me, apply, reach out. Don’t be a stranger. There’s no strings attached to applying. You don’t owe any money until you are accepted. So there’s not like a deposit. There’s not a down payment until you are accepted. It is completely a free process. And even if you’re just curious or want more info, we encourage you to apply. You literally have nothing to lose and tens of thousands of dollars if not more to gain. So I hope you guys enjoyed this episode, have a beautiful Halloween and October, and I will talk to you soon.

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