Being invited to Milwaukee for the WIsconsin Economic Development Corporation was such a huge honor. I learned so much about entrepreneurship there!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was in Milwaukee two weeks ago! (And then Italy, but more on that soon!)

We were in Milwaukee in partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. They hosted an intimate press trip of media figures and modern journalists to showcase the entrepreneurial community within the evolving city. It was an honor to be invited!

3 Takeaways from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

As you know, promoting entrepreneurship is what I live and breath.

I fundamentally believe that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest ways any of us can contribute to the betterment of society.

It’s the heart and soul of my business.

So, showcasing it elsewhere is exciting, especially where it might not be as apparent!

Here are some takeaways from my trip! 


1. {Milwaukee Takeaway} The Entrepreneurial Community is Thriving

I don’t know about you, but when I thought of Milwaukee, I thought of the Packers, cold winters, and really good cheese. Not much else. But, I’m not alone. We learned that people know less about Milwaukee than most other cities in the US.

While it’s still a class midwest city, it also has some incredible initiatives to engage the city’s many college students with the local entrepreneurial endeavors.

For me, the highlight was the Sherman Phoenix, an entrepreneurial hub in a segregated part of the city. Stay tuned for a podcast episode interviewing the founders.


2. {Trip Takeways} Press Matters

From the lenses of my own business, it was a “full circle” moment to be able to report on the entrepreneurialism of this city for my audience.

Like all businesses, I started Urban 20 Something with zero people on my email list, zero website traffic, and credit card debt in order to invest in it and grow it.

Seeing that grow into a platform that actually allows me to support the growth of something like this, the entrepreneurial community in an evolving city, is amazing!

I also hope that it’s a reminder to any new entrepreneurs that you CAN create a movement, but you have to keep going!


3. {Entrepreneurial Takeaway} Support Matters

Throughout our trip, we toured an entrepreneurial hub (the Sherman Phoenix), an entrepreneurial co-working and training space, and the Fiserv Forum, a product of a billionaire entrepreneur.

All of these had a common thread: entrepreneurialism is not meant to be done alone!

Find your community, ask for help, and seek out mentors. None of us are born knowing how to do this, but all of us have the power to make our visions happen. Use the power at your fingertips and go for it!


Hear more about this trip on my latest podcast episode >>>


What takeaway most resonated with you today?