Do you use a vision board in your daily life? Ever since a young age, I understood the importance of visualizing your goals. Find out how to do the same!


Do you use vision boards? I admit that I haven’t always used them, but from a young age, my father taught me the importance of visualizing your goals coming true.

I recently made myself a digital vision board.

I keep it open on a tab on my computer at all times. I’m trying to get back into daily visualization because I believe it was visualization that led me to NYC after all!

When I was 13, I asked, for my birthday, for my dad to install a mural of the New York City skyline to cover a wall in my bedroom. At that point, I had known without certainty that I was going to end up in New York City.

And I was SO excited to do so.

That mural was close to having a “view” of the city as I was going to get at the age of 13!

The amazing thing is that now, the view from my terrace isn’t all that different from that skyline mural!

Here’s why I think that mural worked (and why you may want to consider active visualization):


Why You Might Want to Consider Active Visualization


1. It Gave Me Perspective

Whenever I was bogged down typical high school troubles (boys, algebra, the dance team, acne… you get it), I was able to look up at that skyline and remember that the bigger picture.

None of the day-to-day stress was worth it. None of it would matter in my bigger vision.


3. It Motivated Me

Waking up to that view sure lit a flame in me to keep trying and keep going.

I had dreams to achieve, after all!


4. It Brought My Dream to Life

Seeing the skyline like that every day, and imagining it to be my view from my apartment, made the dream more real to me.

It didn’t make it feel so far fetched.

This meant that when taking action and making decisions at a young age, I always took into consideration my goal of moving to New York. If I didn’t think it was actually possible, it wouldn’t have been a factor in my decisions, and I wouldn’t have made it!



Do you use visualization? Do you have a vision board? 

I’d love a picture if you’re willing to share!


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