A VIP intensive is a great way to get clarity and solidify a vision for your side hustle. Read on to learn the 5 things I realized from this intensive!


Last week, I traveled to Philadelphia for a VIP intensive with one of my absolutely amazing clients.

VIP intensives are a special option for those wanting to ramp up their businesses in a VERY accelerated and aligned way. As the name suggests, it can be intense – 6 hours of straight work.

But, the outcomes and the shifts throughout the day are equal to about 3 MONTHS of once a week coaching.


Here were the five biggest shifts I saw last week:


1. You can always find a reason NOT to do things

One of the reasons my client invested in herself because she was ready to stop listening to herself say she would go for things, and then just NOT. She was sick of being the woman that didn’t put herself first. Maybe you can relate?

When she made this investment, she still had all the reasons we can think of not to. Investment of finances, will it work time-wise, is it going to be worth it, maybe I should wait…?

You get it.

But she realized that there will always be reasons NOT to go for it, and decided to accept that and move forward even with those challenges.

And you can, too.


2. Environment matters

We had this day in the suite of a luxury hotel (as all my VIP intensive days are) and it truly makes all the difference.

This allows us to be totally focused and actually ENJOY working.

Our lunch was delicious and her day was followed by a luxurious massage. Simply put, this environment was what she had dreamed of when she started her business, and now it’s her reality.


3. Personal connection will always matter

I can teach email marketing on a webinar all day, but there’s something uniquely powerful about in-person connection.

This is great news for us as service-based entrepreneurs in an ever-increasing digital and AI world.

We both LOVED connecting in person and the tailored support to her business was invaluable.


4. Alignment matters above all.

One of the major accomplishments of the day was mapping out ALL the content for my client’s business for the next 90 days.

That’s right…

3 months of sales emails, social media, personalized outreach, live streams, and marketing, all planned out and ready to go.

But we didn’t achieve this just by spitting it up. We put ourselves in the focused frame of mind throughout the day, we were distraction-free, we felt really aligned with her vision, and from THERE, we were able to effortlessly plan her content.


5. You can choose to be the person who goes for it.

At the end of the day, we all always have a million reasons not to go for something. But every day, with every action, you have a choice.

YOU get to decide if you’re going to let your excuses dictate your choices or your dreams dictate them.

And, as my client said, “the good news is, your life literally depends on it.”

What decision can you make today on behalf of your dreams, not your excuses?


I believe in you!