Have you ever thought of a VIP coaching day? My clients love them for obvious reasons. They get to achieve much more then they thought. Are you ready?


If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I’ve been doing some different VIP days with clients lately around the Northeast. They’ve been amazing!

So, I wanted to share a bit of behind-the-scenes about VIP days!

A VIP day is, simply put, a day of intensive coaching in a luxurious, high vibe environment.

It’s completely focused on you and your business. It’s typically an in-depth mix of business strategy and mindset.

These days allow you to dream big and have me to help you strategize doing so, which all allows me to help you see clearly where you may be holding yourself back.


The Benefits of a VIP Coaching Day

Here are four big gifts that my clients give themselves when they do VIP days…


1. The Gift of Speed

Imagine getting about two months of mentorship, strategy, and coaching done in one day. It simply can’t be matched.

If you want to expedite your timeline, put your head down and get things done, this is the best way to do it.


2. The Gift of Focus

Think about it: when is the last time you had an entire day without your phone, email, family members, children, boss, etc. interrupting you? For most of us, it’s a true and rare luxury!

That’s why VIP days are so powerful.


3. The Gift of Co-Creation

Because I have the opportunity to think through so much with my clients on these days, the relationship becomes more of a co-creation than me teaching.

I’m able to think through many different factors of their businesses and how they intertwine, rather than one-off topics.


4. The Gift of Depth

Since the day is all based on my client’s vision for their businesses, I have the unique opportunity to help them see where they might be playing small, and why.

These types of self-imposed barriers aren’t often noticeable on the surface because they’re disguised as “practicality” or “being responsible.” But they can be hugely damaging.

So, seeing these and working through them is alone worth a VIP day! 



For more information on what my VIP days are, why they’re helpful, and what might be right for you, check out my latest podcast episode where I covered this topic in much more depth!

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