There comes a time in your 20s when you get dressed for day one of your “real” job. You realize all that’s staring back at you are $40 crop tops from your musical festival days. (#worthit.) What can you possibly wear to an office?

How to Completely Transform your Existing Wardrobe Into a Professional Wardrobe- Complete with Free Printable Guide

Well, you can use much of what you currently own own for your office wardrobe! If you bought something for a special occasion, that piece can be reworked for the office. Same with casual clothes. Let’s take a look.

Holiday Party Idea

I bought this skirt specifically for a holiday party:

How to transform any wardrobe into a professional one
Jessica Simpson Coat, black silk tank (old), Burberry Girls Skirt, Capezio Tights, Vince Camuto Black Elvin Booties that I review here

With basic pieces, the skirt can be used for work as well!

How to transform any wardrobe into a professional one
Navy Express Shirt (old but similar here), Burberry Girls Skirt, Black Capezio Tights, Tahari Flats.

For a skirt or dress bought for a formal occasion, simply tone it down. Complete the outfit with simple pieces like a solid blouse or cardigan. Pick flats over heels if the piece is short. Add pearl or stud earrings for a more conservative look. Just dress the flashy piece down.

Summer Casual Idea

You can also dress things up! Here is a simple summer blouse:

Transform whatever is in your wardrobe to work for your professional wardrobe
Loft Tank (similar here and here), Gap Kids Skirt, Rayban Sunglasses, Dankso Sandals

I love this pink tank because of its versatility. When shopping, I look for such polyester shirts that can be dressed up or down easily. Also helpful are pieces that can be layered easily to be worn year round.

Here is my shirt making me look like I mean all sorts of business:

Transform your summer fun clothing into a professional wardrobe
Loft Tank (old, similar here and here), Mango Essential Black Blazer (similar here and here), J. Crew wool skirt (tailored), Vince Camuto Sling Backs, Rayban Sunglasses

There are countless shirt can become work appropriate with a cardigan, blazer, solid pants, and/or a skirt. You don’t have to go buy button ups in every color. No dresses that could have come from your grandmother’s closet for you!

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