Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' biggest business win to date!

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Two years ago, I launched Scale Your Side Hustle for the very first time. I was so passionate about this program. It was a product of everything I had learned to get my side hustle to make thousands of dollars per month AROUND my 9-5 job.


The information in this program changed my life and I would’ve done anything to know this years beforehand. It would’ve saved me years of time and lots of wasted money on things that didn’t work!


Over these two years, I have…


  • Run the program five times
  • Enrolled numerous clients and helped them started and scaled their side hustle
  • Seen our clients go on to quit their 9-5 jobs
  • Become good friends with many of the alum who are now full-time entrepreneurs!


I’ve also talked to hundreds of people interested in this program, some ended up enrolling, some did not.


The lesson I’ve learned from all of those conversations:


There is no difference between those who move forward and those who decide not to.


Oftentimes, those that are excited about scaling their side hustle and joining the program, but don’t, believe that those that do are in a different situation than they are.


They believe those that are “ready”… 


  • Have more clarity around their business plan
  • Have more money to invest in the program
  • Aren’t as busy and have more time to work
  • Have a better business idea


But having run this program multiple times and seeing each success story up close and personal, I can confirm that the only difference between those who enroll and those who don’t…


Those that join SYSH are ready to do the work, help others, and change their lives.


That’s it! So if that’s you… you’re ready to do the work, impact others with your business, and change your life… you’re ready for Scale Your Side Hustle. Join before the doors close tomorrow!


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Podcast Update

S. 2, Ep. 22- The 5 Nearly-Fatal Mistakes I Made When I Started My Business

(Click here to tune in)


If I didn’t change course from these ways of working or thinking, there’s no way I’d be successful today. Sadly, I see many of the mistakes I made bring many entrepreneurs down. Don’t let you be one of them! Tune in to this episode to learn how society’s norms might be fooling you the same way that they nearly fooled me, and how you can shift into your own decisions.


Tune in to hear:


  • Why learning from lawyers nearly cost me my career and how to audit your own version of success too.


  • What years of listening to YouTube interviews with entrepreneurs taught me about entrepreneurship, but yet took me a while to figure out.


  • What stopped me from making money for the first YEAR of my blog and what finally shifted. Do this MUCH sooner than I did.

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