Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' flashback to this time last year!

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This weekend last year was our mastermind retreat. To date, it was one of my favorite things I’ve done since I started my business.


In just two weeks, we were scheduled to have this year’s mastermind retreat in the Hamptons. As you can guess, we decided to reschedule it given the state of the world.


These retreats are one of the things that sets our mastermind apart from many other virtual programs out there. It brings together like-minded entrepreneurs and bonds them for life as they go through huge shifts in their businesses and personal lives together.


Shifts like…


  • Departing for corporate America for good, feeling the fear in doing so, just to see their income exceed their cushy six-figure corporate job.
  • Traveling through South America for months at a time- making all new friends in a different country, and still growing a business while doing so.
  • Shifting their business from just a social media platform to a fully dynamic business with multiple income streams, and all the changes that come with it.
  • Leaving your day-to-day life to live in India for a month practicing yoga WHILE your business is still running and growing.
  • Experiencing their first several thousand, ten thousand, multiple five-figure months together.
  • Changes in friends, family, surroundings, and other necessary, though sometimes painful, decisions that have to be made on behalf of your vision.


(These are all true examples, btw!)


This bond is completely sealed at our in-person events. That’s why this weekend last year was one of my favorite weekends of the year. And that’s why our next round of our mastermind is in for such a treat!


Wondering what our retreat will look like? I shared some photos on the mastermind page below!


Learn more about the mastermind here >>>


Our mastermind only has two Early Bird spots left and it expires at the end of May. If you want to…


  • End 2020 with $20k consistent months…
  • Meet and travel with your new power squad (and me!)…
  • Transform your mindset and business…
  • Build a highly successful business entirely from a place of service…


… this is your chance. Is one of those two spots yours?!


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New Podcast Episode

Ep. 2, Ep. 25- Kimberly Pendleton, Six-Figure, Love and Empowerment Coach

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Do you ever wonder how some people are able to take the adversity in their life and turn it into something incredible? Today’s guest, Kimberly Pendleton, is a women’s empowerment coach and focuses specifically on working with people who know that self-love and healing from trauma is what will help take them to the next level. Kimberly helps women utilize the power of confidence in order to make their lives and businesses better. 


Tune in to hear: 


  • Critical tips on how to build your confidence from an empowerment coach!


  • How Kimberly was able to turn her adversity into something incredible and how you can too.


  • Why finding your inner structure can help you build your outer vision.

Business Resource

By popular demand, we’re hosting our first virtual workshop this week! A workshop is elevated from a webinar or training because we’ll be working with you closely during it the entire time.


We asked you guys on Instagram what you would most like to work on, and the answer was clear: a sales success workshop.


You’ll leave this workshop with:


  • Your personalized sales call script
  • A checklist to know when your product/service is ready to be sold
  • Your 5 most common objections, debunked
  • A system to track (and never lose) leads
  • Sales training from me personally, to you!


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