Update from Leah

For the past four years, I have sent out a newsletter every week on Tuesdays at 10 a.m., without fail. I have loved doing this, and honestly the consistency is one of the most important parts of my business, and has been a great contributor to its growth. And I also know the importance of being able to look at where you are and pivot toward what is most going to serve you and your audience.

With that, I am excited to share that we will start shaping our newsletter differently. And I am excited to share how that will look for you and what that will mean for you.

So, we will no longer be sending our newsletters out every week on Tuesdays at 10 a.m., and here is why:

The main reasons that we have sent newsletters out, up to this point, is that they have allowed us to connect with our audience and to be more transparent with you here, than we are able to be over an Instagram post or a lot of other social media platforms. But there are things we want to connect with you on even deeper, and we feel that there are better ways to do that.

So, here is what that’s going to look like:

We are going to shift to a monthly newsletter.

We feel that some of the topics we want to go deeper on are better fit to be expanded upon monthly. For example, we are making a lot of effort this year to expand our social impact as a small business, with causes we care about. We want to keep you updated on that, both on what we are doing and on how we are doing it, so you can apply social impact strategies to your business as well. Because of the delicacy of these topics and the attention we want to give them, we feel they will be better served in a monthly newsletter. We are excited to share about that more transparently with you here.

We’ll also be able to share more about our clients’ success stories in our monthly newsletter. Our clients are truly the heart and soul of our business, and we really want to give them and their success and their amazingness the attention they deserve.

Want to stay in touch weekly? Or more? Here’s how:

Now, the communication and connection we have been able to have with you through our newsletters is something we still cherish and actually want to go deeper into, and be more frequent with how we get to communicate with you. Here’s what that will look like:

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast, the Your Biggest Vision Show.

We will still come out with a new episode each week, and I’m even more transparent there than I am here in the newsletters. That’s where you’ll hear updates from me, reflections, behind-the-scenes of our business, and you can hear it actually from me, and not just text in an email that you’re reading. That will be the main form of weekly communication moving forward.

Join our new membership, Virtual Visionaries!

Virtual Visionaries is a place where I am able to really support people who desire that community aspect, and in are looking for support in a deeper way, at such a low price point. This is the first time we are offering some of the paid content we have reserved for our coaching programs, which start at $3000 per group coaching, at the price of just $74 per month. If you’re looking for more of that deeper connection with us, the membership is the most affordable and the best place to find that.

Follow me on Instagram

I’m not going anywhere on Instagram! I love connecting with you guys there, so feel free to DM me and let me know what other kinds of content you’d like me to share and educate you on.

We just wanted to give you that heads up and let you know that, of course, you will still be seeing emails from us throughout the month, when it comes to exciting things we have to share, webinars we have to offer, free content, and our programs.

And whenever we feel like connecting and sharing things with you all!

(Plus, our podcasts!)

The newsletter will now be monthly, and we hope to see you on our podcast, as well as on Instagram, and in our membership.

New Podcast Episode

S. 3, Ep. 6- From Fired to Five-Figure Months with Emma Henderson
(Click here to tune in)

Are you in a 9-5 job while trying to monetize and scale your own side business but stuck trying to figure out the world of marketing analytics? Today’s guest, Emma Henderson, knows the feeling and is here to offer help. After getting fired from her 9-5 job, Emma Henderson took the opportunity to start her own online business where she now helps aspiring entrepreneurs get out of their 9-5 jobs and has consistent five figure months while doing so!

Tune in to hear:

  • Emma Henderson’s entrepreneurship journey and how she landed where she is now making five figures + a month
  • Emma’s experience with monetizing and scaling her business
  • What Emma teaches the students in her program in order to make the leap to online business

Business Resource of the Week

We’ve officially opened a brand new online community called the Virtual Visionaries! This is an online, monthly membership and community for creatives, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers around the world to come together, clarify their goals, hold each other accountable, and learn to bring their greatest vision to life.

Here’s what’s included:

1- Two calls per months

  1. Q&A Call with me. Ask me anything about business strategy, money, sales, your goals, and your mindset.
  2. Teaching call. A monthly teaching from my Leah Gervais Methodology, the method that I use to go from milestone to milestone.
2- Monthly workbook
Based on that month’s Teaching call, each month we’ll send you a new workbook to support you through learning our philosophy on entrepreneurship. These include exercises, journal prompts, key points, etc.

3- Community of Entrepreneurs
We’re not meant to do this alone! Meet your new circle of fellow inspirers, supporters, believers, and creatives. We share your businesses, IG handles, and info on our membership page so you literally have a power community at your fingertips.

4- Discounts on our coaching programs
While an Active Member of the Virtual Visionaries, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts on other coaching programs and products. This alone makes the membership worth the money, as our coaching programs start at $3,000.

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