This week, I want to especially note how thankful I am for my entrepreneur mentors and the people I’ve learned from over this past year.

Entrepreneur mentors have been a huge influence in the success of my business. Click through to learn how to get started with finding mentors of your own and collapsing your own timeline.

In fact, it was last Black Friday that I sign up for my very first high-level mentorship program. It was $5,000 and it was by far the most money I had ever spent on my business before.


To say it was terrifying is an understatement, but it was the single best decision I ever made for my business and honestly, one of the best I’ve ever made in my life!


You see, up until then, I definitely enjoyed learning from other entrepreneurs and coaches. In fact, I had tried every free trial, webinar and download. But, these still weren’t giving me the results I desired.

Looking back, it’s no wonder this was the case! Signing up for chunks of scattered, free information was a dabbling, inconsistent, searching for the “free” option, and noncommittal way of showing up for my work. No wonder my results and my income reflected exactly that.


The moment I decided to go all in with Urban 20 Something was the moment I charged $5,000 on a credit card for a mentorship program, even though I had no idea how or if I’d be able to pay it back on time. That then meant I showed up all in and totally committed, and that’s when everything changed.


I quickly realized that the value of learning from and staying motivated by those who have accomplished what I was working toward was invaluable. I then also became part of a marketing and advertising mastermind. In the past year, have continued to sign up for two smaller masterminds and a group program all about mindset. I also purchased high-level online business course. Within this year alone, I will have attended three in-person seminars. Now, I’m part of a six-figure program.


Learning from these entrepreneur mentors and within these supportive, like-minded communities changed everything for me.


My side hustle income, which for the previous year had been inconsistent and basically just a guessing game, began matching and then exceeding my day job income. Within just months, I was able to resign from my 9-5 job completely.


So this week, I am feeling especially grateful for my entrepreneur mentors.


Their bravery, patience, and expertise have paved the path for me and so many of us that are daring to create lives that exceed our wildest dreams.


And if you’re also wanting to move your timeline along faster, here are some tips:


1- Find clarity on your goals.

The first step to finding those who can make your dreams come true is by getting clear on what your dreams actually are. From there, pay attention to who has achieved those goals or who is living the way you desire. For me, I wanted to have a successful business of my own that allowed me to work from anywhere. I also really wanted to empower my clients to do more than just earn them extra income. I also wanted to empower them to tell their story and carry out a passion of theirs. This clarity helped me find entrepreneur mentors, seminars, courses, and trainings that would support my goals.


2- Prioritize your fear.

Whenever you take a new “risk” (like any change in life…), it’s natural for fear of the new to arise. I definitely felt fear when I was about to spend $5,000. I was afraid of not making it back. Not to mention, I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to give it my all. I was afraid it wouldn’t be worth it. I was afraid of how my life could change even if it was… you get it.


But in the end, I was far more afraid of staying stuck, my dreams not coming true, being at a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, and not living out my full potential. To me, that was the scariest thing of all. So I had no choice to but to move forward. Those other fears didn’t go away; instead, I just accepted they were going to come along this ride with me.


3- Take action.

You have your goals, you understand that fear will always be there and that you can move forward even with them, and now, it’s time to move forward! Take action by learning from those that can support your goals, understanding that learning from others is the only way to collapse your timeline. Free downloads and guessing are the slow, indirect, and certainly not guaranteed, route to success.


You are meant for big things in this life, and you have everything it takes to make them happen. But only you have the power to take the steps to get there!


Thank you for being part of this community and part of the Urban 20 Something movement. Thank you for following my journey. I hope that you continue believing in your own side hustle, your own goals, and your own dreams.


I am so, so thankful for you, and I believe in you!

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