Leah Gervais Mastermind retreat takeaways 2021

Update from Leah

Last week, instead of having our first of three mastermind retreats in Miami—for obvious reasons we decided not to do it here—we knew we had to do it virtually. But, we didn’t want to just have another virtual event where everyone was on Zoom in their pajamas, at home on the couch, because that was the story of 2020.

Instead, we did something super fun, and we checked everyone in the mastermind into 5-star, gorgeous, luxury hotels within driving distance of their homes, so they still had the feeling of being on a retreat, the feeling of being able to give to themselves, and really step into the vision for their business, but to so safely, and of course socially distant.

That is what I spent the latter part of last week doing, and I shared a lot of the practical takeaways of what I taught on my new podcast episode, but here are four takeaways, as summarized by the women in the mastermind:

1 Mindset is both your biggest problem and your biggest solution-

I would say about 75 percent of the work we did was on mindset, and that is because that is the most important—strategies don’t really work if you don’t have the right mindset behind them. Even the masterminders who do a lot of mindset work and are already aware of this idea were excited to see how many more breakthroughs they still had to go through. And I feel this way too. I practice mindset all the time, and I still am in awe at how much stronger I can make my mindset.

Your own way you think about yourself and your business will always be the thing that holds you back the most, but will also be the thing that can get you ahead the furthest. Which is honestly a really exciting thing to work under, because it gives you so much more control.

2 A key to going faster is to realize how fast you’re already going-

A lot of what we did was supported our masterminders in reflecting on how far they’ve come. When they did some of these exercises, they really had a chance to look at all the progress they’ve made. Most of them starting businesses in the last year or so, many of them already being booked out with clients, selling coaching packages at the four-figure mark, already hitting five-figure months, and so on.

It always can feel like there’s more to do, there’s more they want to do, but when we really helped them see how far they’ve come, they saw that momentum and they were able to think of their marketing differently and their momentum differently.

If you’re not constantly taking stock of the momentum you already have, it’s really hard to put yourself in a place of thinking that you are able to go fast, when really, you’re  already going fast.

3 Success belongs to those who take action-

It is not about those who have the best idea, or those who do things perfectly, or those who make the fewest mistakes. All of these masterminders have gone all in. They have taken massive action. And I know that having done so many programs and coaching so many clients, it saddens me when people sign up for programs and they don’t always take action. Tony Robbins says that about 95% of the people who attend his events leave and don’t actually take action.

What’s so amazing about these masterminders is that they all are taking massive action, which is why they’re all seeing success only two weeks into it. I know from my own journey that I have often felt that there would be things other than the simple execution of something that would get me ahead, and it’s never true.

4 The greatest story in the world would never be as magical as the one you have the potential to create in your own life-

I love thinking of it this way and reminding myself of this, because so often, we look at other stories or comparisons, or read about what could be, or look at other leaders and think that they have something we don’t. And absolutely none of it is true. We are all here with the power to make whatever we want come into formation. We are all here with connection to God and as children of God, and as such, we have more power than we can literally wrap our minds around. Never waste time thinking that your life could be better if X, or someone else’s life is better because “blank”, because the only story in the world that could really be the ultimate fairy tale is the one you have the power to create.

New Podcast Episode


S. 3 Ep. 1 Experiencing Abundance in Business + Life (from mastermind retreat)
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Last week was our virtual mastermind retreat! I host a year long, women only, online business mastermind that is specifically for entrepreneurs scaling to or above the six figure mark. My mastermind retreat is one of my favorite parts of my business and this year was no exception! I learn and take away so much from every mastermind retreat. So, I wanted to share my five biggest takeaways and my favorite parts of this year’s mastermind retreat so you can get a glimpse into the retreat yourself!

Tune in to hear:

  • My five biggest takeaways and my favorite aspects of this year’s mastermind retreat.


  • A deeper look into what my mastermind and mastermind retreat looks like.


  • Mindset tips that I teach to my highest level clients!

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