I recently traveled to Los Angeles to visit a dear entrepreneur friend of mine, Anna McNaught. Read this post to see my 5 takeaways from the trip!


Last week, I spent a week on the west coast of the United States between some time in Los Angeles, California (for business and fun) and time in Colorado (with my family). This trip was extra special to me because, during it, I was able to see one of my long-time entrepreneur friends and clients, Anna McNaught.

Anna and I met nearly three years ago when we were both just starting our businesses. We have both watched and supported each other as we’ve achieved the level of success we now are so proud to call ours. So often throughout our time together, we reveled in our transformations.

Here were five takeaways from our reflections on our entrepreneurship journeys:


1. Things can happen faster than you’d ever dream, but only if you start.

We never could’ve imagined that in under three years, we’d go from starting blogs with little to no tech background to leaving our 9-5 jobs, running our five-figure per month businesses, and being able to spend a Wednesday together drinking champagne in a luxury Los Angeles hotel at 4 PM (and hanging out on Facebook Live!).

None of this would have happened if we hadn’t just started, even with all the fear, uncertainty, lack of clarity, etc.

Action step: Realize how much bigger your potential is than your fear, and that you only live once, and make a move your future self will thank you for today!


2. Community is key.

We realized how much of this journey we couldn’t have done without each other! In the beginning, I didn’t realize how crucial it was to have community and like-minded side hustlers and entrepreneurs to learn from. It wasn’t until I joined my first mastermind community that I saw its true power, and from there, I shifted nearly all of my offerings to be in groups! I also talked about this more on my podcast yesterday. You can see the replay here.)

Action step: How can you find a community of like-minded goal setters today?


3. Exercising is a gift that gives forever.

More than ever, I’ve realized how essential daily exercise is for my mental, just as much as physical, health. I am a huge fan of taking classes and I recently upgraded my membership at my gym here in NYC to be nationwide, and I was so grateful to be able to go there once I landed in Los Angeles.

Action step: How can you set yourself up for optimal health and wellness? What do you need to feel and work your best every day?


4. We all deserve to explore how much fun our life can get.

Anna and I continually felt so grateful for the financial situations we have created ourselves, but we agreed that more so, the best part of our businesses is getting to see how much fun life can be!

Running your own business allows you to design your own days, design your work, and most importantly, gives you the freedom to share who you are and who you want to be with the world. What’s more fun than that?!

Action step: How can you explore the limitations you may be giving yourself about how your life can and should look? What’s one change you can make to get more toward your ideal lifestyle today?


5. Freedom is worth fighting for – no matter what it takes.

As challenging and sometimes scary as our paths have been (and often we still are scared and challenged!), absolutely every single part of it was worth it. There’s not one thing we would take back to end up where we are now. I fight for freedom in my life like my life depends on it, because in my eyes, it does!

Action step: Identify what freedom means to you and what it’s worth to you… this should give you some big “whys” to take action!

We’re so grateful for this path and so grateful to share our journey with you, in hopes that it supports you in fighting for your life on your terms. I am proof that it’s possible… now, go out there and get it!

It’s yours for the taking!

Here’s to your biggest vision.