Hard work is ALWAYS worth it when it’s toward your goals. I've seen my successful clients get to where they are with a few patterns. Check them out inside!

Last week was a huge week of celebration within the Urban 20 Something community. Despite it being a somewhat weird week thanks to the full moon (was anyone else strangely tired?), we had so many wins!

For instance, one of my recent SYSH alumni booked her first clients into a new group program. Another one got her first paid-in-full client. Another client started to successfully grow her email list, and another launched her own group program as well… just to name a few!

Seeing these wins makes my heart full, to say the least! It’s amazing to see their hard work pay off.

And, it’s a reminder for us all, that hard work is ALWAYS worth it when it’s toward your goals.


Patterns of Successful Clients

So, if you’re itching for your own breakthrough or win, let me share some of the patterns amongst all of theirs!


1. Lead With Service

All of these sales came from a place of service, primarily. They all focused on the clear results they could their clients, and continued to finesse why these results would impact their lives.

Takeaway: Are you clear on the takeaways and/or expected results people can expect? Are you leading from a place of service?


2. Put Yourself Out There

Each one of these people, in one way or another, pushed themselves to sell in a way that was out of their comfort zone.

They were not shy about their offerings and reached out to people that they knew they could help, even though it wasn’t always the most natural thing to do.

Takeaway: Are you really telling your ideal audience about your product or service? Are you constantly telling them that you have something that can help them?


3. Stay Consistent

These sales came from not giving up. Some of them came earlier on in business than others, but the timeline isn’t worth getting hung up on. What’s important is that they stayed consistent and continually showed up.

Takeaway: Are you staying consistent with your marketing, your communications, and offering value? And to be clear, three posts on Instagram a week and the occasional email are not going to cut it. 



Just remember, no success is an overnight success.

But never doubt that your success is there waiting for you.

Go claim it as yours!


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Lessons Learned from my Clients

Here’s what I learned then, and what has only been further proven over the past year is that there are no real differences between my successful clients and those that don’t move forward.