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There were no words to describe what it was like waking up in Bangkok this weekend. Long time followers/subscribers might now that genesis of my business actually took place in this very city nearly four years ago!


I stayed at a hostel for months on end in Bangkok pouring over the very original version of Urban 20 Something.


  • I created my first webinar (that no one came to).
  • I woke up early to try and join Twitter chats (not helpful).
  • I sent my first newsletter (Tuesday at 10 AM, which I still do every week!).
  • I ate every meal alone and got to know myself, but never felt lonely.


Every morning, I vividly remember walking by a nearby hotel with a luxurious, lush lobby. It had overgrown greens and a foundation and the lobby restaurant and bar always looked popping. I dreamed of one day staying there as I walked back to my $8 per night hotel.


Now, we’re staying in a suite of this very hotel. It’s truly allowing everything to come full circle and I am so grateful to spend this time with my now HUSBAND.


I’m sharing this as an expression of the truth that anything is possible. Keep moving forward. Your rewards are waiting to be earned!

New Podcast Episodes

Season 2, Ep. 15- Behind the Scenes of a Q&A Coaching Session

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On this episode of the Your Biggest Vision show I am sharing the behind the scenes of a Q&A coaching session. In this behind the scenes look, I go over my five biggest tips that help my clients not sound as “salesey”. These mindset shifts will help you get out of your own way and help ease your nerves about trying to make sales. They have been essential in my business and I hope they will be for yours too!

Tune in to hear:

  • My five biggest tips to help you not feel too “salesy”
  • How to get out of your own way when it comes to sales
  • Why these tips have helped me grow by business

Season 2, Ep. 16- Jess Anson, Coach & Private Yoga Instructor

(Released on Thursday>>>)

Today’s guest on the Your Biggest Vision Show is Jess Anson, Coach & Private Yoga Instructor. Jess is a Cornell University graduate, 200-hour certified yoga, and member of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network. Jess is coming on the show today to share her incredible story with us and how her entrepreneurial journey was born out a challenge. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • Jess Anson’s incredible personal and entrepreneurial journey
  •  How Jess overcame an obstacle and used it to evolve business wise and personally
  • How Jess empowers her clients today

Life & Travel Updates

As I shared, I’m in Bangkok, one of my favorite cities in the world. While I love the city for all it has to offer, I also have hugely fond memories here!


One of my big financial miracles took place in this city. It came out of a very big hurdle for me, but I can now see that I HAD to overcome that hurdle. It was meant for me and I wouldn’t have been able to be the entrepreneur I now am without it.


Listen to the story on the podcast here >>>

Business Resources

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed for the Investor Mindset podcast! This was a really fun and open interview.


You can listen to it here >>>


Some of the big takeaways from this episode are: 


  1. Life doesn’t have to be structured after a 9-5 job
  2. Learn how to ask better questions: Instead of “this can’t happen”, say “how can this happen”
  3. Understand your own unique fears so they can’t hold you back
  4. Fear often happens when values conflict


NEW Online Business Video Training Series


Next week, I’m hosting a three part series on building a legacy from your laptop. This shares my story like never before and will support you in building out your success from your laptop- more important than ever!


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