December Recap: Travels, Gentle Launches, and Marketing
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 113

December was a month full of family, travel, and of course Holiday craziness. It was also a very successful month for my business.

I got to host clients at my retreat in New York City, we made nearly $80K in sales, and I was able to do all of this while being a full-time mom.

In the first episode of 2024, you’ll hear:

  • What I was selling throughout the month and my successful launches
  • Adjustments that I made that still allowed me to have a high sale number
  • How I was able to gain more clients after losing almost half

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December was a month full of family, travel, and of course Holiday craziness, as well as a great business month. Tune in for a December recap!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hi everyone, Welcome back to the show. Welcome to my first episode of 2024. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this podcast for Five Man. I think that this will be six years since I recorded my very first episode. That is wild to me. It has been such a fun way to share and to connect with all of you. And I know so many of you, I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve been binging this podcast lately and my seven figure secrets. 

One, if you want more hard business content, if you wanna hear more about my marketing strategies and things like that, go check out Seven Figure Secrets. You can just go to seven figure secrets It’s a free podcast, but it is private, so you have to sign up for that. So if you, uh, wanna hear more about the inner workings of my funnels and things like that, that’s where you should go.


But today I want to talk about December. Now I’m recording this on January 15th, so I’m a bit late. It’s already halfway through the following month, but better late than never. I wanted to share a bit about December. I wanna share a bit about what we sold, how we sold it, some takeaways from you guys that could be helpful. Um, how I made these sales as a stay-at-Home Mom, and just anything around being able to be with your kid or kids as much as possible while still having the business that you want, that I can. 


So let’s go ahead and start. Let me just share a bit about December. I hope you guys had a great holiday season. I hope you gotta travel if that’s what you wanted to do. Spend time with family. All of the things the holidays can have the best of. I know that they can be tiring at this time of year, especially.


Um, I’ve been hearing from moms that they get tired. I think that moms can sometimes feel like they carry, um, the holidays. And so I hope that you feel like you were very held and spoiled as well, and like you didn’t just do it all on your own. Um, it was a great holiday season for us. So we were able to go to Colorado for Christmas. I’m from Colorado and my husband is from Chicago, but we alternate every year going to his family. So this was a Colorado year, and it was special because it was our son’s first year, having his first year in Colorado for Christmas. He’s been to Colorado, you know, a few times since he’s been born, but he was born four weeks before Christmas in 2021. So we stayed in New York that year, and then last year we went to Chicago.


So in 2023 we got to go to Colorado. And so that was, that was really great. My mom lives and I was, it’s the town that I was, I was born in and, or I wasn’t born there actually, but I grew up there. So it’s my hometown, but it’s very hard to get to. It’s very isolated. Uh, you can’t, you know, fly directly from New York, you have to connect. There’s always flight cancellations. Um, we actually had a pretty smooth, uh, trip there and back this time, which my mom was joking about. 


And it’s so true. Every time you go there, you just have your fingers crossed the whole time that, you know, it doesn’t snow the day that you travel, that you get no delays the day that you travel. And then you really want it to snow the whole time that you’re there because you want to ski and you want a white Christmas, but then it absolutely has to stop snowing the day that you leave because you don’t want to, you don’t wanna get delayed again.


And that’s, that’s how it was. But, um, we were able to kind of check all of those, which was great. We came back to New York for a few days and then we went down to Florida for New Year’s, which was really nice. A little bit of warmer weather, although it was the coldest winter experience I ever have had in Florida. It was still like 60 or 70 degrees, which is much warmer than New York, but much colder than Florida usually is. Well, this is to say it was a really lovely holiday season for our little family. I think at some point there will come a time where we don’t want to travel every year for the holidays and we’ll want our son to feel like he, you know, has all these holiday memories in our home, because that’s how it was for me growing up.


But we’re not there yet. We’re still enjoying seeing our families as much as we can. So that’s what the holidays held for us, as well as I hosted my Christmas in New York retreat, so if you haven’t gone, I saved it all, uh, on a highlight on my Instagram story that was so fun and so special. It was something that I did not like specifically, but in an abstract way had been wanting to do truly since I started my business because it was Christmas in New York that made me fall in love with New York the way that I now am, and it’s still my favorite time of year in the city. 


And so getting to host my clients here and have kind of a new year feeling here and really experience what the city has to offer was so much fun. And many of my clients that came, I think all of them except maybe one, uh, are in my mastermind this year.


So it was, it was kind of, um, you know, this double whammy of like a pre mastermind kickoff retreat. It was just a really, really fun experience. Yes. Oh, we are definitely going to host it again next year. Reach out to me if you want to sign up for next year, because we’ve already had a lot of interest and the spots will fill up, but we’re definitely going to do it. So if you want to do it, if you wanna get on the waitlist, if you wanna just confirm, reach out to me because we even have dates picked out. It’s happening. 


So that was one of the highlights of my business this year. And I swear during the first meeting that we had, we, you know, we would work, work in the mornings and we’d do something kind of Christmassy in the afternoon. Uh, it just started snowing right when we started and our meeting was on, I think like the 15th floor of the skyscraper in Midtown.


And so we felt like we were in a snow globe. It was just poetic. One of my clients was like, how, who did you pay to get it to Snow right at the beginning of our Christmas in New York retreat. So that was amazing. Uh, okay, what else? Businesswise in December we ended up having a round of 79, let me see, I have the exact number here. A $79,824 sales month. We made that much in sales. Um, you guys know this about me by now, but I think it’s worth reiterating.


 I let go of my nanny four months prior to this, and to see my sales numbers be at this level, having let go of our nanny, um, is still, is still mind blowing to me. Um, we don’t really have more than 10 hours of childcare a week if that, you know, we kind of, I, we get creative about it. I share this a lot on my Instagram stories. We have a coworking space that helps us out from time to time. Um, sometimes I’ll bring my son to the gym where I, there’s a kids’ club for, for


One or two hours. My husband’s very helpful. Um, but for the most part it’s, it’s mostly me and it’s mostly my husband and I working and, um, you know, being with him full time, which is the best, it’s, it’s been the highlight of motherhood for me. And I wanna tell my story from the rooftops because I think so many moms feel like they can’t do both. They can’t grow their business, they can’t make the sales they want. They can’t have the, you know, empire that they wanna build while being the type of mom being with their kid as much as they want to be. 


And you can, you absolutely can. It takes some shifting, it takes some, some creativity thinking outside the box. And you do need to have a foundation laid. I mean, I certainly don’t think I could have done this while I was starting my business, um, but I didn’t.


And in, and it, and it is very possible. So I wanna continue to reiterate that. Uh, so it was a great month, great month sales wise. Now let’s talk about what I sell? Okay, what did I sell to equate to nearly 80 grand in sales? Um, a few things. Okay. I, we opened, we reopened the doors to scale your side hustle. So if you’re new here, you might not know the hype about scale, your side hustle, but there is hype to be had. 


So scale your side hustle is really the, it’s really the program that blew up my business. It is a, it, it was originally a three month and a four month. Now it’s a six month group coaching program, uh, there to help you lay the foundation for a six figure online business. It is pulled from the things that made the difference in my own business to get me to six figures.


Um, and I still pull from them today. And if you don’t know my story, then you might not know that though things have happened relatively quickly for me. And my income has, you know, gotten to, to pretty remarkable heights considering how long I’ve been in business. It was still not an overnight success story. In fact, the first two years were extremely frustrating and not profitable. 


And I was in debt and it was, it was not pretty. There were many times where I felt like I needed to throw in the towel because I couldn’t live like this. This was why I was wasting my time. The amount of time that I was giving up, being with friends and family and doing other things for this business that wasn’t working was just not adding up. It just didn’t, just didn’t feel right. And during that time, I just couldn’t figure out what kind of code I couldn’t crack.


And, eventually I cracked the code. And anyway, that’s what scale your side hustle is based off of. So it’s an amazing program for, for side hustlers, but also for full-time business owners, anyone who just feels like they are on a hamster wheel every month, starting from zero every month and not really sure how to scale in a way that can last and not really sure how to get to six figures in a way that isn’t kind of like an overnight success story. 


Um, so we reopened scaler side Hustle. We had, I closed it I think around when I had my son. It had been about two years since I opened it. Um, and so we opened it again and sold a few spots in that. So we sold, you know, pretty much all, yeah, we sold all of them in December, I think maybe one in January.


But we have an amazing group there. And that was probably the easiest launch of Scale Your Side Hustle I’ve ever had. Um, in the past, I’ve done four day, uh, challenges in the past. I’ve done, you know, uh, I’ve spent tons of money on ads to build it up, and I just didn’t do that this time for, uh, for many reasons. It just didn’t make sense and that was okay. 


So I think we have maybe eight people in there. Um, and that’s perfect. It’s a great group, it’s a great size and, uh, it is kind of the perfect mix of a, a good community there, but also, um, enough, it’s small enough where you have, you have individual support the whole time. And that was really done through just some emails. Um, I did one webinar, uh, which was a lot of fun, actually. That was one of my favorite things I did in December.


And that just worked, that just clicked really well and I attribute that and the kind of low lift that it was to the value I have provided pretty much all year and the relationships I’ve been building in my business throughout the year, because I think that that’s where it just clicked for a lot of people. Once it opened again, they’re like, oh, great, I’ve been wanting to learn from you. I’ve been wanting to do this. Um, there just wasn’t this option. 


And now that there is, there it was. So we’re very excited to be running that again. My, uh, sister Abby is the head coach in it. She, this is I think like her eighth scaler side hustle that she’s been part of. So she’s very knowledgeable in it and, um, she’s doing, she’s gonna kill it with that. Um, so that is one of the things we sold.


Then the other thing is my mastermind. I talked a lot about that in the last quarter of the year. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by the end of December, we got so many inquiries and so much interest in the Mastermind, um, that we are considering opening a second this year. I don’t know when, I don’t know what it would look like. The details aren’t really there. Um, but it was amazing to see how many people were really craving something big this year and wanting to do something different and wanting to be more strategic and wanting to structure things differently, and especially wanting to get monthly recurring revenue up.


 I think that was the biggest thing I heard. Um, and that’s really what my, my mastermind is known for. So we filled the mastermind, uh, which I am going to Miami a week from yesterday to host my first retreat with them of the year there.


That’s exciting. And then the third way that we had an 80 k sales month this month, or I’m sorry, in December or through my digital products, I’ve talked about this. My passive park sales you guys see on my Instagram, this is totally passive, just sales happening, you know, while I sleep literally or while I hang with my son. So those were pretty much the three main things that we sold that equated to around 80 grand. Now I wanna address something because I don’t think enough people talk about this. 


And this has happened to me a few times and it used to really get to me and I would lose sleep, and it did a number on my self-confidence. And so I, and I wish someone would’ve told me what I wanna share here. If you are closely watching my Instagram, you might know that after December ended, so probably January 1st or something, I shared that we had a six figure sales month, and now I’m here talking about how it’s 80k, what gives, well, we had one big sale, one big contract.


I would say it was a year-long package working with someone, um, that I have, that I’ve known for a very, very long time. And, and, and I thought that this would be a great fit. And I, I adore her and I was, I thought it, it was a, you know, a good partnership, um, that had brought us over that. ’cause it was a long, a long, uh, a long, um, uh, container and a high touch package. 


And she paid, and we had multiple conversations about it, and I had counted that as a sale because it went through, right? The deposit was paid, but it fell through, for lack of a better word. It really didn’t fall through in any negative way. In fact. So long story short, it’s not about what happened because I wanna protect her personal details and that’s not really the point.


It’s no longer going to work out. We just, it just wasn’t the right timing. It just wasn’t the right moment. That’s, and that’s okay. That’s why I wanna share this because I think sometimes people feel a lot of shame and guilt if someone buys from them and then something comes up or they change their mind or, um, you know, it doesn’t end up working out or something falls through or you know, they get cold feet or whatever these things happen. It is okay, and particularly in my situation here, I’m still on excellent terms with this person. It was very mutual. I imagine that we’ll work together in the future, in, in, in fact. 


So there was no negative situation and, and sometimes there is a hard situation that happens. But nonetheless, no matter what it is, if you are in a service-based business, you’re going to be working with people, meaning you’re going to deal with human error and things not working out for a variety of reasons that are beyond your control.


The best thing you can do is control what you can control, meaning have your contracts in place, show up with honesty and integrity, um, show up in service with your clients, be clear about what you can offer and let fate handle the rest. And fate just wasn’t in our favor right now. In fact, I think fate was in our favor right now because I would rather have her and I establish that this was a mismatch before moving forward and going into it and, you know, things potentially not feeling good for one of us or for both of us. 


So I just wanted to share that honestly, because I think it’s very, very important to know that things change to two, not take it personally when they do. And to three, remember that you can only control what you are in control of and to not try to beat yourself up about things that happen to your business because of things out of your control.


It’s just the name of the game. It’s the cost of doing business. Everyone knows that. And, you know, the more you can internalize that sooner, the less you’ll beat yourself up about the normal obstacles that come with business. So it is no longer, I mean, I guess I technically could still say it was a hundred over 100k sales a month because the sale did go through. Um, but we’re not executing it. So I’m gonna, you know, be an integrity and, and, and withdraw it from the, from the sum.


 So that happened. And that’s, like I said, totally fine. We’re on very good terms. I hope to work with her one day when the timing is right, and I know that there’s still so many clients that I’m excited and happy to be working with in the meantime. All right, A fun, a few other kinds of facts I wanted to share with you guys about December and this sales month is that 46% of the sales, so nearly half of the sales that I made in December were clients resigning.


So these are clients that either have worked with me for, you know, a year or, or sometimes a bit less, but typically longer, um, that were happy with me and continued on. And I have shared over the past few months that our retention rate in 2023 was higher than ever. I think we had over an 80% retention rate, meaning most the vast majority of our clients are choosing to stay with me, which is probably my favorite win in my business right now far more than like the income numbers, is the fact that my clients are supported and happy and growing and continually wanting to continue together.


 Um, so again, we saw that here with around half of these sales being clients resigning on, and then that also meant around 50% were new sales, a little more than 50%, actually 54 were new clients that had found me.


And I wanted to give you guys some juicy notes about how people found me, how people decided to work with me. I think that that’s a big question a lot of people have. How do you find clients? How do you find clients that can afford you X, Y, and Z? It’s really not that juicy. You know, when I look at this, it’s really the same formula that I’ve been using for the past six years , honestly, which is basic. People find me through an ad. I don’t, I have other strategies for visibility.


 Um, and I talk about all of these in my ebook, Million Dollar Marketing, if you guys haven’t bought it, I just edited it. It is so good. I forgot how value packed it is. But we have, we do have other visibility strategies. We have high SEO on our website. I still have viral Pinterest pins from blogs that I wrote six years ago that bring me traffic.


We have my podcast. Um, social media brings me new traffic. So those things happen. But ads are what I rely on the most because the amount of reach you can have is incomparable. And also it just takes the work off of me, which is important as a mom. Um, so really the funnel is people find me through an ad, I have ads running every day of the year, and then they follow me on social media and or my emails and or my podcast, and they get to know me.


 And if I’m the right fit for them, they work with me. That’s really what it is. Have a way for people to find you regularly, consistently and ideally in an automated way. Have them give them a way for them to get to know you. We use social media and emails and podcasting, but frankly, you could get away with one of them. Do one of them very, very well before you do all of them. Um, but yeah, and if you do one very, very well, that will be enough. And then have something to sell them. Have something that can help them. And that is, that’s really how it is, that there’s really not much more to it than that. Um, all right, I think that those were pretty much the main notes that I had for you guys on what I sold, how I did it, and what worked well in December.


I hope that you guys found this helpful and I hope that you’re excited for the new year. Um, continue on with this podcast. Please subscribe if you’re not already because I have some good episodes this January coming for you. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I am going to be sharing the whole behind the scenes of my Miami retreat here in just a few days. Oh, I’m so, so, so excited to do it. I’m excited to see my masterminds. I’m excited to go to the Sunny, hopefully. I think it’s much warmer in Miami now than it was when we were in Florida a few weeks ago. 


So I’m really looking forward to that too. Um, and just all the rest of things that this year is going to have in store. So thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you love this episode. Happy New Year, and I will talk to you soon.


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