The Tale Of Two Opposite Clients
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 102

It’s no secret I’m a fan of coaching. Coaching changed my life and it’s why I became a coach myself!

But, it is not an overnight process, and it looks different for every single person. 

Often we assume coaching equals results.

That could not be farther from the truth. It’s so easy to get bogged down by disappointment and comparison, but everyone’s journey is different. 

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing the process and mindset of two opposite clients, and what their individual success looked like! 

We will be discussing: 

  • The different processes and practices of the two opposite clients that led them to their own success
  • How you can approach coaching in a way that is unique to your business 
  • Why you should stop comparing yourself to other business owners, and start reframing your mindset to get the results you want

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Coaching changed my life and it's why I became a coach myself! I’ll be sharing the process of two opposite clients, and their individual success!

Hear the Episode

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey everyone, Leah here. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision Show. I’m excited to be here with you and to give you today an inside look into a few different examples of opposite clients that I’ve worked with and how coaching has worked differently for them. 

I think it can be easy to see the results that coaches post online of their clients or that I post online of my clients and think that there is sort of a uniform way that those come about, and that is very, very far from the truth. 

So I wanted to give you some breakdowns today, specifically to two opposite clients, uh, and their different paths so you can see a little bit of what it looks like to work with me, to be coached to, uh, coach your own clients, if that’s something that you do if you’re a coach or a consultant, and just to have a little bit more reverence for everyone’s different timelines.

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Okay, now that we’ve gotten through my announcements, let’s talk about a tale of two opposite clients. When I sat down to get the specifics out about this episode, I had two specific opposite clients in mind as I go through this, though, it’s more going to be two different avatars rather than two specific people. And it’s sort of just here to illustrate what coaching can look like in this specific way for different people. 

So if you have been a client of mine, or if you followed me for a while, you may have picked up on my approach and it being a, what I believe delicious mix of masculine structures and feminine energy, meaning I work with marketing and systems and specifics and numbers and data, and I infuse a lot of intuition, helping my opposite clients follow their intuition.

Decision making connection with your subconscious mind connection to a higher power, if that’s what works for you, retraining your mind to think, uh, amongst the most successful. And when you bring the two together, very powerful things happen. However, we often are naturally more one or the other. And I know that that was certainly the case for me. I always had more of a masculine energy to my work. 

I still do if I, if I, I still know that about myself. I have to be more intentional with bringing in the energetics and bringing in the faith and bringing in the mindset work and bringing in my, how I decide to see things that’s not as natural to me. I am more of a doer. I am more of a, um, just sort of workhorse by nature. So we all are kind of more one than the other.

And I don’t think that you can only, I don’t think you need to be both to be successful, but I do think finding where you are naturally less one than the other can lead to success quite a bit faster and quite a bit more enjoyably, and most importantly, in quite a bit more alignment, meaning in a way that feels more customized to you, in a way that feels more personalized to you in a way that just doesn’t feel like a cookie cutter.

 So I wanna illustrate two of my opposite clients that naturally leaned one way versus the other, and what that kind of played out as, as they were creating their businesses. So client one was, I would say more in the masculine energy. Naturally, she was very, very educated when it came to online business when we started working together. 

She was one of those people, and maybe some of you can relate, I know I was like this, that by the time I had really started investing in my business and taking my business seriously, I had already attended pretty much every webinar and read every blog post I could get my hand on, and taken a ton of e-courses and read every free download I can find on Pinterest about building a business, about growing traffic, about online marketing, about sales.

I was so desperate. It is the truth in that desperate energy to get this going. And I was so, uh, you know, what’s the word I’m looking for? I was in so much less. I was so, uh, mesmerized by the lifestyle of that I was being shown online by other online business owners and by what I was dreaming of, the freedom that I could have, not having to work at a nine to five job anymore, being able to create my own schedule, being able to travel whenever I wanted and still worked. I was very excited about it and very starstruck over the whole thing. 

So I educated myself quite a bit on that online business as had this client. Now, the fun part of working with someone who is like this is that there is less education on my part as a coach and more actual coaching that can happen. So it’s less sitting down and discussing, well, here’s how a funnel works, or here’s how you set up Facebook ads, or here’s why a pixel matters, or here’s what an email functions as, or here’s how you set up automations. 

They always, they typically know a lot of these things. This client in particular did. 

Again, now I’m more talking about a generalized avatar than a specific person. But that is where this person was at and that’s where this type of person could be at. Maybe this is where you are at, you know, a lot of these things, you know how SEO works, and that’s great because then you get to use your coaching on actual coaching instead of just how-tos or things you can YouTube.

And because this client or this type of person is so educated and has so much background and just so much familiarity with all of this, they are typically quite determined to make money relatively quickly because they feel like I already know what I need in order to make this happen. Which is true. You do know the technical and strategic side of it, and I’m determined and I’ve already spent this much time and I’ve already invested this much money, and I’ve already given this much of myself to it. 

This is what I expect out of it, and that’s completely fine. And this type of client, this client avatar, typically does see those results relatively quickly quicker than someone who’s starting at zero when it comes to how this all works. For this client example, they were able to start creating a livable income, by which I mean a few thousand dollars, maybe $5,000 relatively quickly within a few months.

And that was done through the simple, almost cookie cutter way of doing business. If you put X where it belongs and y next to it, you will get Z or whatever kind of equation. If you market blank enough and talk to enough people and know how to sell, you will make sales. If the audience is there and the value is there, there will be conversions.

It’s very simple. It doesn’t all take a magic touch. It doesn’t all take the most innovative idea in the world. In fact, it really doesn’t take any of that at all. And if you just plug and play those things enough, you will see results. It’s very simple.

However, this client started seeing quick results, quick ish, was able to make a livable salary within a few months, and I believe had five figure, I think even a 20 K month within six to nine months of working together with me, that then plateaued.

Okay, now let’s switch over to client avatar number two, who came in with the opposite approach. This is someone who always had a relationship with a higher power, a relationship with her own mind and excitement for how playful she could get based on her own energy, a very intimate relationship with her own fem feminine energy and her intuition, and really led her business the way she led her life, which was through intuition, through feeling, through flow. 

And when something doesn’t feel right or something does feel right, even if there’s not all the logic to back it up, this person would typically move forward with it nonetheless, because she had such an implicit trust within herself. This is enough to also go relatively far in business. You can go pretty far with little to no strategy if you have the right mindset, believe it or not, if you are someone who’s a strategy person, you might not believe that.

You might just think that no matter how positive you think that, you can’t ever crack the code. I don’t think you can get to six figures without a strategy. Actually I do. I think you can get to six figures without a strategy, but I don’t think you can. I think you will bottleneck yourself eventually. 

Now, when I say without a strategy, I am not saying that you don’t do anything. I am not saying that you just visualize money coming to you enough that it magically happens. I am saying that you are so intertwined with your mindset, work and your own thoughts, and you’re so dedicated to being the most positive person, you know, and never thinking about the worst case scenario. And always assuming the best and always assuming people wanna hear from you and always assuming you’re good at what you do, and always assuming that if they don’t respond, it’s because they got busy, not because they’re annoyed with you.

And always following up as a response to that mindset, and therefore always being able to be in front of the right person. That again, just statistically will eventually work. But here is the key difference between client one and client two.

 For client two, the success took longer. This client avatar worked with me for a year before she signed a client, okay? And I really want you to sit with that. If you’re listening to this and you’re someone who maybe are, you’re in your own frustration because it’s taking you a long time to sign a client, or it’s taking you a long time to make your first dollar, or you’re working with a coach and you’re like, what the hell, I thought I was supposed to get results in three months like her other clients did. And I’m not saying that means that you’re automatically less of a strategy person.

I’m not suggesting that one of these two categories or which one you fall more into is going to result in quicker or slower results. The point that I’m trying to make is that it will often result in a different timeline than someone who’s naturally in a more opposite headspace than you. But that doesn’t mean that you will overall be any less successful.

This ideal client, or I’m sorry, client avatar number two is a great example because though it took her quite a bit longer to sign that first client because strategy wasn’t her strong suit, and because she was more interested in doing the inner inner work through most of it, and, and paying me to sit with her and coach her through the inner work, that’s something I really wanna applaud her on because, because I think we are in such a de, uh, instant gratification moment, and because I think people are so afraid to spend money unless they know they’re gonna get a return tomorrow, which is so shortsighted, this person had the foresight to say, I am here to do the personal work.

I’m here to build a solid metal foundation. And if it takes me a year of having Leah coach me and having her sit through my blocks with me and having her sit through and hold the space for my disappointment, that I’m not able to move over my fears, that I’m not able to move through my, my questions that I’m not able to answer, if she can help me move through those, I will pay it because I so trust myself that on the other side of that will be the success I’m craving. 

And sure enough, a year later, she signed her first client, but even then that wasn’t, you know, she wasn’t making five figures a month. She wasn’t making six figures right away. I, I’d say it was almost two years from our initial, uh, work together that she started actually, that she had her first five figure month, two years, and today she has made millions of dollars.

And this wasn’t even that long ago, right? I’ve only been in business seven years. So , and I think I started coaching her like she’s probably been in business for three or four years, millions of dollars. And it was because that solid mindset was in place when she did start to implement these strategies that the strategies just catapulted.

Because unlike client A, who was very clear about how strategies worked, but not so connected with how strategies worked for her, because she wasn’t so connected with her own mindset and own vision and own strengths, the strategies eventually felt sale because they were, frankly, and this isn’t shading her, she was a very smart entrepreneur. And to her credit, when things stagnated, she realized that it was time to look in the mirror and see what she could do differently. So these can all happen on different timelines, and these can all happen with a resounding success in the long term.

But knowing and recognizing and giving yourself grace to work on the things that you need in your current chapter is different for everyone. And that’s why I am sometimes even hesitant to share how successful my clients are, because I believe that it is just such a quick shot of oxytocin, I guess, where you’re just like, oh my God, I want that. That money sounds good, that success looks great, and you’re not applying it to one, everything that went behind it. 

Two, how long it took, or three, how it actually would manifest for you and your strengths and where you are at and what coaching does for you. So what are my takeaways here? Why am I sharing these two things? First and foremost, I’m sharing it as a reminder to drop the comparison around the timeline to remember that how quickly or how slowly it takes someone else has no indication of how quickly or how slowly it will take you.

Most importantly, if you feel you are making some progress. And yes, I have opposite clients where an entire six months of coaching is a mindset. They’re not in a place where a strategy will be effective because they will self-sabotage the whole thing, or they’re not able to move forward with it, or they won’t, they won’t convert a sale because their mindset is in a bad place. And I understand, I can deeply sympathize with the frustration of paying for coaching and feeling like, why aren’t I making the money through my business that I wanted to or I thought I would? 

And having to sit with the fact that the answer is because you are not in the mindset where that’s going to sustainably last is not an easy pill to swallow all the time, but it is a profitable pill to swallow. Because with that client, not only did that year of mindset work put her in such an unstoppable mindset, most importantly, she built the tools to be resilient as hell through any obstacle business would give her.

Because she had that whole year of not making any sales. And I know that I had two years of making, and I never made over a thousand, do I think maybe one month I made over a thousand dollars in a month. But it was extremely stagnant and extremely frustrating. It really builds a sense of confidence in you though. 

When you turn it around, when you’re the one that makes it happen. When you’re the one that says, these things aren’t going to define me, these things aren’t going to be the reason that I’m not successful, they’re going to be the reason that I am. That’s when you take your power back and it really does build a lot more resilience from you than if you’re just a one hit wonder out the bat that sort of feels like, I don’t even know how I got here.

I don’t even know if I could do it again. Who am I to have this success? And I see that commonly. Now, I’m not trying to shade anyone who’s had quick success. I’m not trying to put anyone down that was able to see X, Y, and Z in a few months. And particularly, I’m not trying to say that my client did it wrong by coming into coaching, super prepared by taking time to educate herself on how online marketing works, and by seeing success quickly far from it, it’s very, very admirable.

 And there’s a lot of strong traits about how her ambition, her dedication, and her willingness to immerse herself in this all showed up. I only wanna make the point that you can’t skip the mindset work. So it’s kind of gonna be there no matter where you are. And coaching, lean into it as a mindset tool.

Don’t see it as I’m gonna hire Leah or whatever coach so that I can get results in six months because that’s what I feel like I need. Or because I’m scared or because I’m desperate. Think of it as I’m hiring a coach to bring out the best in me, and I trust that they can hold the space for what that needs to look like for me. 

And this will be a building block in my massive, massive success, in my huge success story. And whatever that ends up needing to be for you will be different than anyone else. Coaching is about inner work. It’s about space, it’s about self-trust, and it’s about decision making. Results are outcomes of those things. Coaching is not just about results. Hope that makes sense. 

So I hope that hearing this episode and hearing the examples of my opposite clients gives you a bit more perspective on the power of doing mindset work with a coach on the power of having a strategy that is in tune with your vision rather than just a strategy someone’s telling you is a good idea or that work for someone else.

And I really hope it gives you some freedom to invest in yourself in a way that you deserve, not in a way that’s reactionary or fear-based or desperate, because you feel like if I don’t do this, then I don’t have the answer, so I have to do this. Now, there will be people that will coach you through that, of course, like people will take your money and, and I’m not saying that they’re wrong for doing so, but I just think it’s a deeper gift to yourself and a much more long game view.

If you’re willing to see coaching as building something within yourself that will be resilient and be a tool in the big vision you truly have not in a quick fix, I need to get this done as soon as possible. And sometimes that can be painful. Sometimes you’ll have to sit through moments where you feel further away from your goal than you did before you started.

I have had moments like that where I felt like, oh my God, when I was starting, maybe I could have done this on my own, or maybe I shouldn’t have spent all this money or, you know, my vision was just, I was so excited, I was in so much, uh, commitment and dedication and I just was finally doing this, and I don’t feel like that anymore.

 Now I feel in debt from one was something I felt. Now I feel further away now. I feel like I don’t have a strategy in front of me now. I feel like I have more work to do than I anticipated, and I’m scared, and I don’t know that this was the right thing to do. And I understand that deeply, and I think you can honor that disappointment. But just know that as long as you sit in disappointment, you’re not really gonna be able to move forward.

So process that disappointment with a coach typically will help you do it faster and easier and let yourself move through it so that you can move on. It’s like going through any challenging thing in life. When I went through grief, that was the motto that everyone would tell me and I hated it. But it’s true. You can’t, can’t go around it can’t skip past it. You have to go through it. It’s the only way out. 

And if you are going through it right now, keep going. It is the only way out that you’ll be so much happier on the other side. All right, everyone, I hope this episode was helpful for you. Again, if you wanna be on the wait list to be coached by me and have the successes, just to be clear, both of those opposite clients ended up making six and seven figures in business. I don’t, it’s kind of hard because the first one was based on a few different people, but they’re both wildly successful is the punchline. And I’m very good at what I do. 

So if you wanna be on my wait list, go to list. You’ll be first on the list to know when we have a coaching spot that opens at the end of the summer. I hope you’re having a beautiful summer so far, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye everyone.

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