I'm not one to be shy about my income or business growth. After reaching 6-figures, there are a few things that I've learned about raising your income!


I’m not one to be shy about my income or business growth. It isn’t the most natural thing to talk about money or my salary on the public internet. But still, I decide to do so because I believe it’s important to share what’s possible when you really GO. FOR. IT.

After all, if I hadn’t seen the successes of others all those years ago, I probably wouldn’t have had the faith to make the leap myself!

Something I want to share, though, is that each big break in income only came to be after (what seemed like a never-ending) income ceiling.

For months, I made more from my side hustle than I was at my 9-5 job. But it was only after two years of learning WordPress, finding my niche, hiring mentors, taking ecourses, and building an audience.

I quit my 9-5 job to work for myself. But only after I had built numerous streams of income within my business, which I had to be very patient in creating. It wasn’t easy!

I started making five-figures per month. But only after countless trainings on sales psychology, fine-tuning my skills to be able to raise my prices, and tons and tons (and TONS) of rejections.

I hit six-figures in sales in under a year. But only after I pivoted my business model, tweaking and retesting many failed sales funnels, went through months of feeling stuck, and focused more on personal development than I ever had in my life.



3 Steps to Raising Your Income

Maybe you can relate to these income ceilings too? Maybe you’ve had times where you feel like things just aren’t taking off? Maybe you feel totally stuck?

If so, this is good news!

You aren’t alone and this is actually quite normal. What’s better, below I’m sharing my ultra effective steps to take to break through your income ceiling, no matter what it is…


1.  Get a Reality Check

Ever heard the phrase “what got you here, won’t get you there?” This is a perfect time to use that. If you’ve gotten your online business to make around $4,000 per month and you’re hoping to get to $10,000, you won’t do that by doing the exact same thing you always have. That will keep you at $4,000.

Honestly assess your strategy. Do you need to do some more trainings or learnings to be able to raise your prices? Do you need to grow your audience to be able to sell more? Do you need to outsource something to buy yourself more time?


2. Get Focused

One of the biggest cripplers to the success of creatives is a lack of focus. It’s often disguised at bursts of inspiration or perhaps you think you’re just tired and need a break. Sometimes those things can be true, but if you’re trying to get to a next level, it’s probably just keeping you from being focused.

I recently did a podcast episode on How to Get Rid of Shiny Object Syndrome which I totally recommend to sharpen up your focus. As I love to say, BE SO DANG SHINY THAT IT’S YOUR OWN LIGHT THAT KEEPS YOU STARGAZED.”


3. Get Help

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to learn how to do everything alone. In my view, one of the most exciting parts of entrepreneurship is accelerating your timeline by learning amazing things from others. You get to bring it together to create a beautiful, unique symphony of strategy that is uniquely yours!


Most importantly, keep going and don’t give up! That next income goal is waiting for you on the other side!


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Lessons Learned from my Clients

Here’s what I learned then, and what has only been further proven over the past year is that there are no real differences between my successful clients and those that don’t move forward.