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This last summer, I took an e-course that completely transformed my blog and showed me the power of blogging. Today, I want to share my Pinfinite Growth review!


What is Pinfinite Growth?

Pinfinite Growth is a class by the inspiration and genuine entrepreneur, Melyssa Griffin. Melyssa uses a blogger’s best social media platform, Pinterest, to show you how to boost your traffic, create a brand, network, and save time. Probably 80% of my traffic comes from pinterest, and I know I’m not alone there. But her class isn’t at all just about using pinterest. It’s a makeover for your blog and a way to find your brand, goals, and vision. It’s really a blogging boot camp.

My story

When I started my blog, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had a lot to say (obviously) and a lot I wanted to share. I knew I wanted to connect with similar people. What I didn’t know was that blogging could become a source of income, a way to build your online presence, and a way to influentially network without having to wear a suit. Thanks to Melyssa Griffin’s course Pinfinite Growth, I began to see all of that and quickly.

I took her course only about 1 month into blogging, which I was worried was too early. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The earlier the better with her course! It doesn’t just teach you about Pinterest. It teaches you how to build your blog, a brand, your vision, and your audience.

I know that it’s a big investment, especially when you maybe haven’t made any money blogging yet. But, you end up saving yourself a TON of time. Time that you would otherwise spend reading online, trying to figure out branding, traffic building, list building, and social media on your own. Not to mention, there is a LOT of bad information out there. So you need to ask yourself what’s more valuable: money or time. If you’re serious about entrepreneurship and the potential that building something on your own holds for you, then your answer should almost always be time.

The value of Pinfinite Growth

After Melyssa’s class, my blog’s traffic and social media following all began growing at over a 100% increase, and they continue to do so thanks to the strategies she taught. The best part is she teaches you automation strategies. This means that you implement them once, and then they work for themselves. Again, value how much time you’ll be saving!

It’s important to know that Pinfinite Growth is not just a one-time class that you go through then finish. Rather, it’s a business resource. It’s something you can come back to again and again as different parts of it become more relevant to you. Plus, it’s updated frequently so the information is reliable. I really can’t imagine my blog without it and can’t recommend it enough.

I am posting this because before I bought the class, I had really wished I could find more reviews on it. So, I hope that this helps others make their decision. If you have any questions on the course, I am more than happy to answer them! This is a complete and honest review of the course. Please note that this is an affiliate post and I may receive a commission if you purchase it through the link here (thank you so much for your support!).

To pinfinity and beyond!