At my NYC entrepreneurship event, my amazing students met to share how they've grown their businesses. Most have left their 9-5 jobs. Are you the next one?

This past weekend was one of the best weekends of my life! I was blessed enough to host an NYC entrepreneurship workshop here in Manhattan. Following the workshop, I hosted a VIP dinner for some of my mastermind ladies in a penthouse in NYC. Both of these were dreams come true.

My Journey to Hosting a Live Event

At one point, I realized how full circle things have come for me. Many of my clients have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs during their time working with me. They’ve been able to create successful businesses live in alignment with who they truly are.

I remembered how just a few years ago, I myself felt completely out of alignment with who I truly was. I felt beyond lost and was so confused about how to make the life I dreamed of happen. Seeing it happen for myself, and in turn, my clients, is the most fulfilling part of my business!

Hosting my workshop in Midtown Manhattan and then my mastermind dinner in a penthouse was not something that happened without work, though. The same is the case for my clients. I’ve seen firsthand how much hard work they’ve put in to get to the point where they work for themselves and travel from all over the world to New York City for their own businesses.

All of this took a ton of:

  • Self-discipline and self-motivation
  • Faith in themselves (and faith in God helps, too!)
  • Belief that their dreams are possible
  • Risk-taking and making unconventional decisions
  • Refusal to settle for anything but the best for their own lives



So, how can take action today toward the business and lifestyle that you dream of? How can you have more belief in yourself, stay disciplined, take bigger risks, and uplevel what you desire for your own life?

It may sound cliche, but this life is truly your one shot. Comment below and let me know where in your life you are refusing to settle today!

Here’s to your biggest vision!

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Lessons Learned from my Clients

Here’s what I learned then, and what has only been further proven over the past year is that there are no real differences between my successful clients and those that don’t move forward.