Leah Gervais on the top three decisions of 2020

Update from Leah

The year my business took off is the year that I realized the power of decision making. It might sound obvious or even hard to apply to our day-to-day life. When it really clicked for me was when I started seeing how long it took me to make big decisions.

Before spending money, starting my business, responding to people, texting my boyfriend (lol) and career decisions, I would ask for advice from others. Or, if I wouldn’t, I’d usually ask myself what others would say or think, and whether I was making a responsible decision.

This seems harmless but is actually harmful. First, it blocked me from listening to my intuition and own guidance. Second, it took me far too long to make decisions.

When I read Think and Go Rich, Napoleon Hill talked about how wealthy people make quick decisions. They know you’ll move faster by making quick decisions, and should they not work out, you can make a different decision. This is better than most people, who take too long to make decisions and are still in indecision while you’re several steps further.

To summarize, making quick decisions is something I swear by, even big ones! Here are the best ones I made in 2020:

1- Hiring my sister, Abby, to work with me full-time. Abby started helping me out on an hourly basis last year. But it was early in 2020 that we started letting ourselves dare to dream about what it’d be like to work together full-time. (There may have been wine involved.) It was so exciting, but I was also nervous! It was a bigger responsibility than I had ever taken on while self-employed. But from the moment she resigned at her 9-5, it has been THE best, professionally and personally.

2- Moving to Miami. Though from a bittersweet place, my husband and I decided to move to Miami after being in NYC through COVID’s devastation for months. Though it was a seemingly big decision, it was one we made quickly and haven’t looked back. I’m SO grateful to be here during this year and grateful for a husband fully on this adventure of life with me!

3- Saying “no.” This isn’t from one specific event, but a decision that I made more frequently this year and felt so much better from doing so. I have never thought of myself as a people pleaser but this year, I learned to trust that saying no to things, no to clients, no to people who want to be clients, etc. wouldn’t hurt my business. This was the scariest decision but helped me grow into the entrepreneur at my current level of business.

What was your best decision of 2020? Email me back and let me know!

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S. 2, Ep. 54- You Never Know Who’s Watching
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It’s the very last episode of 2020 and it’s storytime, visionaries! In this episode, I share a personal core wound that kept me stagnant and in low self worth in a good portion of 2018. This wound showed up time and time again until one simple message changed my perspective and life completely. This story has taught me a multitude of lessons, but, more than anything it has reminded me to share my message regardless of the feedback, engagement numbers, metrics, etc. None of the numerical metrics that we track can measure the depth of impact that you have on someone’s life. A post with only 15 comments changed mine…

Tune in to hear:

  • How learning to recognize my core wounds set me free of low self worth and limiting beliefs.


  • Why sharing your message (regardless of your feedback, engagement, etc) will likely change a life.


  • The story of how one person’s message changed my perspective and thus, life and business entirely.

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