It’s easy to dismiss December from your hustle radar. It’s nearly the years end, but you don't have to! Here are 3 tips for December sales.

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It’s easy to dismiss December from your hustle radar. It’s nearly the end of the year, the holidays are upon us, and this year has had the extra anxiety that should allow us a break. At the same time, two weeks out of 52 we annually have is nothing to dismiss!

December has already been our highest income month of the year, and only half way through the month. Below are some tips to make more sales this month without exhausting yourself and giving yourself the rest and relaxation you deserve this holiday season.

1- Sell with 2020 prices before you raise them to 2021

As is standard in a New Year, you probably are considering, or planning on, raising your prices come 2021. You can do so quietly, of course. But, you can also take this opportunity to let your audience know that a price change is coming. Give them a chance to secure an opportunity with you at your current price.

2- Help your audience plan their 2021 goals

Whether you’re a health coach, a lawyer, or a spiritual guru, serve your audience with the time of year in mind. You can approach this with both free and paid offerings, but supporting them with their goals in your niche for the next year is a surefire way to lead with service right now. For instance, offer a free 2021 health goals planning session, then sell to those on the call to help them achieve those goals in the New Year.

3- Don’t be afraid to invest yourself

Just as giving is receiving, receiving is giving. We commonly experience the energy of frugalness around the holidays because we’ve spent so much on gifts, travel and the holidays. Carrying around an energy of scarcity (I don’t have enough to spend) will stunt your ability to receive (there’s not enough for me to receive).

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Ep. 52- My Biggest Lesson of 2020
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I have been trying to learn this lesson for years and in 2020, I finally did! The way I invest my money and the way I view money has shifted this past year. Before investing my money, I always used to focus solely on the return of my investment that I would receive above all else. This way of thinking wasn’t necessarily wrong, but it was also keeping me stuck. In this episode of the Your Biggest Vision Show, I share my biggest lesson of 2020- the mindset shift that transformed my life and business and allowed me to get out of my own way!

  • The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 and why it changed the way I think about my investments for good.


  • How this lesson of 2020 and crucial mindset shift allowed me to uplevel to get one step further into my biggest vision.


  • Why you will be in awe of the person you are once you learn this extremely useful perspective shift.

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