I’m so excited to share that I’ve been recently featured on Grow, a personal finance collaboration between CNBC and Acorns. When I first started planning this with them, they told me they wanted to share my story because side hustling is one of the most popular personal finance topics right now.

Urban 20 Something started as a side hustle and turned into a six-figure business. Here's the feature in Grow, a collaboration between CNBC and Acorns.


This isn’t surprising. Having one income just often won’t get us to where we want to be. That’s what got me started!

But turning that side hustle that was just meant to make a bit of extra money into a six-figure business was beyond what I could’ve dreamed. That’s exactly the story I shared on Grow!

My Interview with Grow, a Collaboration between CNBC and Grow

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Tune into this interview to hear:


What I did to START making money.

This was helpful for me to get started, but it’s not what I recommend my clients do at first! Make sure to tune in and hear what I started with just to make a few extra hundred dollars per month.


What I charge now.

Deciding that I would become one of the top business coaches meant always up-leveling and learning about the information I could teach. This also meant learning about sales techniques, improving my money mindset, and learning about how I could help my clients and even change their lives. 


How I stopped denying that I was unhappy.

Have you ever felt guilty about being unhappy? Maybe you’ve stayed in denial that you’re stuck because you don’t want to complain? Did you grow up being told to be grateful for what you have? All of these thought patterns let me live in a place that was just… “fine” for far too long. Here’s how I got out of it and moved on from fine.