Leah Gervais- travel lifestyle with a side hustle.

Update from Leah

This time last year I was in Antigua on my mini-moon. I partnered with Logitech to promote something I believe in so strongly- the ability to work from anywhere from your computer! We are so blessed to live in the day in age where this is possible. So, if being able to travel and work (when we can travel again!), I can’t encourage you to go for it enough. It’s never been easier!

Starting my side hustle, I had no idea it would turn into the business that it has. But because of starting it years ago, I’ve been able to travel to places like Antigua, Thailand, Italy, France, Ireland, Israel, and the Maldives all while being able to work remotely. A dream come true to say the least!

While we can’t travel like that right now, this is the opportunity to build a business that will allow for that when we can travel again. Here’s what I believe contributed to this being able to happen:

1- I focused on being able to sell remotely from the beginning. I didn’t offer any sort of in-person work for the first several years of having my side hustle and business. I wanted everything to be virtual. This has turned out to be a huge blessing for my dreams of traveling coming true.

2- I started growing my email list from day one. The backbone of any online business is an email list. One of the first things I did was start growing one, even when I couldn’t see why anyone would even want to join it- ha! To this day, my email list is a huge pillar in my business.

3- I prioritize my mindset above strategies. This one took me a bit, but I can confidently now say that this all wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t lean into some serious mindset work. Truth be told, my mindset work is at least 75% of my success, strategy is far less! This is why the entire base of my signature program, Scale Your Side Hustle, pulls back the curtain on the mindset shifts that literally transformed my life.

Email me back and let me know- is a laptop lifestyle something you’re working toward? I’d love to hear from you and read each email myself!

New Podcast Episode

S.2, Ep. 43- 10 Motivational Quotes that I Love
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Looking for a pick-me-up on your entrepreneurial journey? This episode is for you regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. Motivational quotes are the most powerful for me when I can apply them to the circumstance that I’m in. So, today I am sharing with you the 10 motivational quotes that have served me at different stages of entrepreneurship. In this episode, I explain these motivational quotes, why I chose them and what they helped me realize as an entrepreneur.

Tune in to hear:

  • My top 10 favorite motivational quotes for entrepreneurs.


  • How each of these motivational quotes have served me in the different stages of my entrepreneurial journey.


  • What I have learned from them and hope you can learn from them too!

New Podcast Episode

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