Have you ever wished the days away until something happens? I call this the "grass is always greener" syndrome and here's what you can learn from it.


Have you ever wanted something and wished time away until it happened? Maybe feeling so excited to go to college and finally get out of your home town? Or a new job to finally start? Or even for summer to get here and the cold to go away?

And while these transitions often have honeymoon periods, they can sometimes make you miss the way things were before. Maybe family dinners weren’t so bad. Maybe the old job had some pretty nice co-workers. Maybe the summer is just too darn hot.

Know what I mean?

What is the “Grass is Always Greener” Syndrome?

I call this “grass is always greener” syndrome and I’m the first to admit I’ve experienced it hardcore. For instance, I was so, so excited to study abroad in France and counted down for months until I boarded that plane.

I was beyond ready to be independent, away from my high school, start speaking French and absorbing European culture.

Yet, a few weeks into getting there, I found myself missing home. I missed my friends, I missed speaking English, I even missed Poptarts and Oreos! (Never thought I would’ve experienced that with French food!).

In addition to experiencing homesickness, I started to also feel guilty for having wished time away in those months leading up to my departure.

I felt mad at myself for not appreciating the present moment more when I was home.

And then, also feeling frustrated that I was repeating the pattern since I was now not experiencing the present moment in France!

Simply put, I was deep into “grass is always greener” syndrome. Maybe you can relate?

Since then, I’ve been wary of myself when I’ve been too excited for something because I don’t want to wish away or take for granted my current situation and life.

This especially came into play last year, when I had decided to quit my 9-5 job, and often found myself wishing away the days until it happened.

Particularly on Fridays, I would stare out the window at the sunny day. I was so hungry for that freedom I could taste it. I was SO ready to be self-employed.

“But wait”, I would tell myself…

“Don’t wish away the benefits of your day job. You like your coworkers, your work is interesting, you have health insurance, you have a steady paycheck… you don’t want to wish all that away, just to quit and realize you miss those things!”

After all, I knew that I had definitely been guilty of grass is always greener syndrome before.


The Grass Really is Greener

And then, something amazing happened.

I quit my job, I lost my health insurance, I no longer had coworkers, a workspace or office, I lost my direct deposit, the whole nine yards. And I can honestly say that not once have I missed it.

I wasn’t suffering from grass is always greener syndrome, the grass is greener HERE.

And boy, oh boy, is it green.

Not only does it feel good to be in the place I was waiting for, but what a lesson this has been in listening to myself and following my instincts. After all, we may logically know that certain parts of our lives are “good”, but that doesn’t mean they’re aligned with who we are. And no matter how logically you want to think, you can’t think yourself into alignment. That was the case with me.

So, if there’s part of your life that you know isn’t quite right, no matter how grateful you “should” be for it, it might be an alignment issue. And from what I’ve learned, the grass is the greenest when you’re in alignment with what you TRULY want.

You deserve that!

So today, take action toward something that you (and only YOU) truly want. Your grass needs some water!

Here’s to your biggest vision!