Thanks for tuning into my goals series! Though I try to keep this website filled with tips on personal branding and side hustling, I take a couple posts a year to selfishly talk about myself and my goals. I do this for three reasons:

I track my goals quarterly. Monthly is too short and annual is too long to keep momentum. To keep myself accountable, I post them each quarter on my blog AKA the internet for everyone to see! Click through to read my upcoming goals for Quarter 4, 2017.

1- Accountability

Nothing puts the pressure on you to do something than when you’ve made it publically known you are and might not come through.

2- Relations

I hope that in sharing my goals, we can communicate about our goals together and help and support each other.

3- Support!

I’m a young professional trying to figure out how to make money outside of my 9-5 job. Hopefully, my wins and failures can help others, too.

I’m a fan of setting and keeping track of my goals (personal, professional, and financial) on a quarterly basis (you can see my entire goal system here). I find New Year’s resolutions to be too big + long to keep momentum, and a month isn’t usually enough time to make a big change.

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Quarter 3

It’s been a fun couple of months! It was a great summer and now I am welcoming fall with the most open of arms. It’s truly the most magical time of year in New York. The football, the leaves, the crisp air… it’s the best.

This quarter had its ups and downs, just like anything in life. July was a really fun month spent mostly traveling to places like Chicago and my home in Colorado. July and August are also nice times to explore the city since they’re the quiet months here (well, as quiet as New York ever gets). I explored Governor’s Island after hours, saw the Park Avenue tulips, and finally met the Fearless Girl.

I’ve found March and August to be my least favorite months of the year. Both always seem extremely long. March always feels colder than it should and August is typically uncomfortably hot. By the end of March, I’m really ready for the spring and summer. By the end of August, I’m really ready for fall and the holidays. I suppose I just get antsy during both and this August was no exception.

As such, I’ve welcomed fall with open arms. Though it’s been a bit warmer than usual, I’ve loved the football gameschanging leaves, and beautiful sunsets.

September was also a great month for Urban 20 Something and I’ve kept the momentum going since. This quarter, I

It definitely feels great to be on track with my side hustle goals and I love seeing Urban 20 Something grow the way it is. Thank you for tagging along for the ride!

With that, let’s dive into the goals I had for Quarter 3 and how I did!



Join a nonprofit board

I did this! I am in the process of joining the Junior board of one of the oldest charities here in NYC and I’m really excited about it!



Spend an hour a day on my body and mind

This was probably the goal I did best at over this quarter and it felt so great! I did not know what I was missing. Beginning to meditate every morning, making it a non-negotiable, has been incredible. I have felt so much more present and calm and overall true to myself.

I also began journaling more but in a different way. When I was trying to journal last quarter I would do so before bed and write down what I was grateful for. This didn’t really work for me in the long run. I would forget or it would feel forced.

But, this quarter I’ve started journaling when I just have something to write down and it feels great. I do this on the subway to work, after I work out, or whenever something profound hits me.

So, checking this goal as accomplished!




Read our newsletter every day 

I have royally failed at this. But, in my defense, the news is so consuming, emotionally and time-wise, that I’m lucky if I can even get through most of what’s happening each day.



Be more present

I’m really happy with how this came along. Meditating was definitely the biggest help in my progress here. Other helpers have been to keep my headphones off on my commute to work and throughout most of the day. I only listen to headphones when I need to focus on writing or reading something quite lengthy.




Pay of my highest student loan

I failed at this. But, I did refinance this loan. This brought me from a 4.7% interest rate to a 3.0%. And, I paid an additional $2,000 off of it. I’m almost there!



Be more forgiving with myself

I can’t explain how good this has felt.  Lately, I’ve worked so much on dropping the drama about spending and it’s felt so good. I didn’t realize what guilt I felt around money! I’ve still got some guilt to get rid of, but I’ve noticed such a shift in how I feel about spending. By worrying less about what exactly I spend each dollar on, I’ve relieved myself of so much stress. And, to my pleasant surprise, this relaxed mentality hasn’t made me spend like crazy or anything. I’m just less stressed, and we all need that.



Complete the 90 Day Year

I’m still working through the 90 Day Year as a whole. But, I did implement a lot of what I learned for my blog planning this quarter and was really happy with the results. I am now on the next 90 Day Year cycle and finishing the rest of the program as I plan Quarter 1 of 2018 is on my to-do list.


Side Hustle

In my Quarter 3 post, I said I would start emailing out my side hustle income each month to pull back the curtain and show the numbers behind what’s working and what’s not. To be honest, I totally forgot about this until I was writing this post and looked back for reference! My apologies! If you want to receive my side hustle income reports, please sign up for my mailing list below. I’ll send the first one out during the first week of November.



Quarter 4

The months of this year have just slipped through my fingers! But, I can’t complain. 2017 has been an amazing year. Here’s what up in Quarter 4, 2017!


Get a raise!

Tis the season… with the end of the year coming up, I’m certainly hoping for a raise!


End the year strong

This is a really vague goal I realize. But, I’m taking a relatively long trip to Spain in November and the timing is pretty difficult given my work schedule. We have loads of big meetings and events in November and need to be pretty prepared for all the holiday events that follow. So, my goal is simply to come through strongly on those events, especially considering my long absence.



Focus on side hustle money

Right now, I’m less concerned about paying off my debt than I am about making more money. Not everyone will agree with this strategy and that’s fine. But, it’s what feels right for me. I’ve noticed that the more I put into Urban 20 Something, the far more I’m able to make. So, while I’d love to get out of student debt, I’m more focused on learning to make more income. That’s a skill that will carry me far beyond my debt payment. And, my interest rates are all at about 3.0% and I’m still scheduled to pay them off years ahead of schedule.



Journal more

I’ve noticed how ah-mazing journaling has been for my mental health- and business! I want to try to keep it up at least once a day.


Pay extra attention to my health

I’m a pretty healthy eater, but it’s always worth paying a little extra mind to this during the holiday season!


What are your goals for the rest of 2017?