Reflecting on my goals in 2019, it's been absolutely amazing. I've invested everything into my dreams and it's paying off. Find out how you can do the same!


Happy second half of 2019! What an amazing year this has been.

Honestly, it’s thus far been the best year of my life, and I still have my wedding to look forward to! #Whatalife.

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Just as I’m sure you feel, the second half of the year brings on a lot of reflection. We want to make sure we’re on track with our goals. We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be where we want to be. It’s exciting!


Reflection of My Goals in 2019

As such, I wanted to share with you what I’m personally asking myself and reflecting on with this new half of the year!


1. What Went Well So Far?

Look at what you’ve done over the past six months and be honest about what really helped you. This could be:

  • Getting up earlier to work on your business
  • Daily exercise and self-care
  • Facebook Ads to build your email list

And, of course, note what was not helpful. Some examples could be:

  • Beating yourself up over things in the past
  • Stressing about money, just to make it back a few weeks later
  • Spending 30+ minutes per day on Instagram


2. What’s Holding Me Back?

We’re halfway through. Really let that sink in. To me, letting that sink in reminds me that I have absolutely no time to indulge in the people, thoughts, or fears that may be holding me back. So, it’s up to me (and you!) to be honest about what’s holding you back and move it out of your way. It could be…

  • Fear of failure and/or what other people will think of you if you do X,Y and Z
  • An unhealthy habit that makes you oversleep or takes away your energy
  • Saying “yes” too often and to people/things that don’t serve your goals
  • Simply not knowing how to do something, so not doing it


3. If Not Now, When?

Ask yourself, if you’re waiting for something, what is it? Why haven’t you started your side hustle yet? Why haven’t you outsourced something that you hate? Why haven’t you hired a mentor to teach you what you don’t know?

From my point of view, I have already invested everything I have into my dreams, particularly my emotions and my belief in myself. There’s no turning back for me. 



In my case, holding myself back and playing small isn’t responsible, it’s actually self-harm! I have a hunch it’s the same for you!

This already has been an amazing year. Let’s keep it up!