If you’ve followed along with my entrepreneur journey, you’ve likely heard me talk about the fear that’s come with my story and building my business. I am so proud of where I’ve gotten myself, but I try to be really transparent about some of the scariness that came with getting here.

As an entrepreneur, the challenges are endless. We can think we've figured one thing out, but we're never truly done. Here's how I continue to move forward.

It’s always easy to look at entrepreneur successes and think that getting there must have been a fun time of creation, but of course, you don’t actually know you’ll be successful until after the fact. So, the truth is, a lot of fear came with building my (now) successful business.

And to be honest, until recently, I myself forgot how scary it was at times. Looking back, I remember more of the celebrations, the wins, and the excitement than the tough and scary times. It wasn’t until I launched the Your Biggest Vision show that I was reminded of how scary it is when you’re in your “chapter one” of a new journey.


Building Urban 20 Something and being an entrepreneur pushes me out of my comfort zone all the time. Truthfully, I do something that makes me uncomfortable nearly every day! But I have gotten used to it, or so I thought.


When I started building Your Biggest Vision, I realized that I had forgotten what it feels like to be truly and totally new at something. All these fears surfaced that I hadn’t really thought about in years…


“What if my audience didn’t like what I wanted to share?”

“Am I really ready for a podcast? I don’t have a studio and the streets of NYC are LOUD!”

“Starting something new costs money. What if this isn’t a great financial investment?”

“I don’t always love myself on video. What if I humiliate myself?”

“What if I put myself out there and it’s a flop?”

“What if this ends up all being for nothing…”


Maybe you can relate?


So, here’s what I personally did to combat fear this time and move forward with creating my show:


Looked back at how far I’ve come.

If you’re looking for a good chuckle, check out one of the first blog posts I ever wrote years and years ago when I started as an entrepreneur! It’s slightly embarrassing, but seeing that reminded me that if I hadn’t started my chapter one, if I hadn’t pushed myself out of my comfort zone, if I hadn’t stopped “waiting for the right time”, I’d still be at my 9-5 job, wondering when my freedom would come.


Took an honest look at my fears.

This is something that always works for me when my fear is holding me back from something big. I acknowledge the fear I have about moving forward with something new (in this case, my show). I then look at the fear I have about not moving forward (in this case, staying stagnant in my career, not creating something that felt so aligning, always wondering what would’ve happened if I would’ve just pushed myself…) and as always, the fear of NOT trying something new and living with regret was far (FAR) scarier than the fear of something new.



Switched “worst-case scenario” to best-case.

So often, we go into doom-scenarios about what might happen if we do something scary. We can stop ourselves from investing in our business because we might not make it back and go broke. We can stop ourselves from putting ourselves out there because we might be embarrassed or laughed at. Instead, make an effort to go into the best-case scenario. What if I invest in my business and make it back 10x over in just a few months? What if I put myself out there and doing so inspires literally millions of people? These are the better questions.



I hope that these three simple (not easy, but simple) steps can apply to you in something new you may be wanting to try. Remember, you will never have so much to gain in your journey as if you start something today.


Here’s to your biggest vision!

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