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My husband and I celebrated our “dating” anniversary a few weeks ago and we were looking through old photos of us. We were reminded that at this time just two years ago, we took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary (and get out of the NYC cold).


That trip was one of our favorite getaways. We upgraded to a casita with a private pool and loved the entire hotel and trip.


I remember feeling so aligned on that trip. I’d wake up early with the sun and work on my business on our patio. When my then-boyfriend would wake up, we’d order fruit smoothies and to our room and exercise- yoga for me, a run for him. After breakfast, we’d lay in our private pool and I remember listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Leveraging the Universe, on Audible in the pool.


It felt so right. I know, I know, of course vacation feels right! But being able to work on my business and learning more about personal development reinforced how badly I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The problem? I wasn’t even close


In reality, that trip was a vacation because it was so different than my day-to-day life looked. I was actually working at a nonprofit in NYC and living paycheck to paycheck. I felt like I was working night and day on my side hustle but was honestly kidding myself with how well I liked to think it was going. It wasn’t even close to being enough to quit my 9-5 job.


That trip really made me long for the days when personal development wasn’t just a hobby, but part of my career. The days where I didn’t have to ask for vacation time off. The days where I felt inspired regularly. Basically, I longed for a life I didn’t need a vacation from because the whole thing felt exhausting.


I was living two lives.


Can you relate?


Maybe you feel like you’re on fire in the mornings working on your business, but you’re totally going through the motions at your 9-5 job?


Maybe you feel like you’re giving your business you’re all, but still dreaming of what your life will look like someday when you’re financially abundant?


Maybe you feel like you’re telling your own clients to move past their fear, yet you’re still feeling constantly fearful yourself?


I know first hand that shifting out of your current reality isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers. But I also know from experience that living out of alignment is exhausting.


And let’s face it. We both know that you have a big mission in this world. You have a lot of work to do and a lot of money to make. You can’t afford to waste energy shifting between your “could be” reality and your current reality.


You have to go all in on your aligned, dream reality.


I’m humbled to be able to say that it’s possible! For me, I was able to leave my 9-5 job so I could travel when I desired. I was able to bring personal development into my business and teach mindset to hundreds. I am able to work on vacation. Being able to have that Mexico trip lifestyle be my reality, not a vacation, is the biggest blessing.


But it only came with action, risk, and being willing to do what most people are not.


So, email me back and let me know, are you living two different realities? And what are you doing to ONLY live in the one you desire?

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