A vibrant entrepreneurial community is one of the most valuable and helpful parts of my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve found this through social media platforms, receiving emails from you all, creating groups to be together and being part of other groups have well. Truthfully, I know that I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t found community along the way.


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Here have been some of the best parts to finding and creating an entrepreneurial community for me:

1- Common ground.

Even with supportive friends and family, they don’t usually vibe when you start throwing around words like landing pages, sales funnels, or conversions over happy hour. Having people that are there to not only understand but geek out on your sales strategy and SEO growth is not only exciting, but it’s also hugely helpful! You’ll start seeing your progress in these areas skyrocket when you surround yourself with those doing and learning the same thing.


2- Accountability.


Sharing your goals, progress, and ideas with others in similar mindsets as you holds you accountable. As well-meaning as your friends may be, the truth is that if they see you struggling, stressed or challenged, there’s a good chance they’ll suggest that you stop. This isn’t because they don’t want what’s best for you; it’s actually because they think what’s best for you is take away stress and worry. However, when you’re in a community with other entrepreneurs, you’re with people that know there’s nothing easy about this, and will keep you moving through those inevitable tricky times.


3-  Visionaries.


The most exciting point in this list is how putting yourself in inspiring communities will push your vision of what’s possible beyond your wildest dreams. Connecting with those that have big dreams will put your dreams even higher. Before you know it, you’ll be envisioning yourself doing the things, traveling to the places, and having the type of income you only saw as possible for others.


4- Long-lasting success.


When you surround yourself with people that are committed, positive visionaries, and aren’t going back and forth with what they want to accomplish, you put yourself in the same frame of mind, and you experience long-lasting success for yourself.


As you can see, community and connection are critical and hugely exciting pillars in the journey toward your biggest and most fulfilling life.


And this year, I’m so excited to share that I’m taking this community to the next level! I’m offering in-person intensives for the next 90-days throughout the United States!


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Are you interested in a transformation day of work together? Are you interested in a day of luxury and dedication completely to yourself to work on your business, marketing strategy and raise your income? Email me back or inquire via the form on the page. There is no commitment to just reaching out and I’d love to hear from you.


No matter what, thank you so much for being part of this community. Here, you always have a place to feel supported and connected, and of course, to push your big dreams even higher than you could’ve imagined.