Drew DuBoff started Scale Your Side Hustle with an existing business, a stagnant revenue, and huge goals to grow his virtual assistant business, DrewDuBoff.com, around his schedule as a full-time student and his existing part-time job.

He was drawn to Scale Your Side Hustle because of the live, personalized support with weekly calls, coupled with a community of entrepreneurs. As Drew says, you’re not supposed to do this alone!

He knew that investing in himself was a risk, but as he was ready to, well, scale, he knew that it was an investment he would make back by learning how.

Sure enough, he went from the $1,000 in monthly revenue he saw to $3,000 by the time the program ended. And, he even ended up becoming one of the virtual assistants here at Urban 20 Something!

Hear Drew’s story to learn how to grow a Virtual Assistant business and how Scale Your Side Hustle was a success for his goals. Or, as he said, “life-changing!”

The Side Hustle Before the Program…


Drew went into SYSH with a website and business up and running. At that point, he was making around $1,000 per month and had two clients. However, he was ready to scale and was ready to grow his revenue. He also was a full-time college student with a part-time on-campus job, so time wasn’t a huge luxury. Still, he knew investing in education on how to scale was worth his time and money.

Income Jump in the Program…


Drew started at $1,000 per month in side hustle income and was at $3,000 per month by the end. 

Three Favorite Parts of Scale Your Side Hustle…


1- The weekly calls

2- The content in the modules

3- The emphasis on automation

Words from Drew about growing his Virtual Assistant business…


“I was initially skeptical about Scale Your Side Hustle because I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I had a virtual assistant business that I was growing, but I also thought that I wanted to grow my career advice blog. I wasn’t sure if Leah would be able to guide me in the right direction. I was 100% wrong and I couldn’t be gladder to say that. Through her program, I realized that what I wanted to do was focus on being a virtual assistant and work with clients one-on-one to help them grow and scale their businesses. I completely rebranded my site during the program. I also received a 25% raise from 2 of my clients during the program. Right after the program ended, I picked up an additional 2 clients, including Leah herself, which grew my monthly revenue up by $1,700, putting me at a forecasted revenue for the year at over $35,000 (around $3,050/month). Because of this, I’ve decided to pursue my business full-time after graduation (21 and still in college, by the way) and I’m so excited what the future holds. My business is growing so fast I’m even discussing with a lawyer about setting up an LLC and I’ve hired a virtual CFO to help me manage my cash flow. If you have any hesitations at all about this program, just know that Leah is on your side and will be your cheerleader. Hop on the weekly calls and pick her brain. You won’t be disappointed.”