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Update from Leah

Lately, I’ve been scheduling in time to my schedules just to be creative, and it’s made a world of difference. I wanted to share my experience in case you’re in a chapter that might need more of your creativity too!

When I started building my business, I had to quickly go from creative mode to “figure it out” mode. This was honestly essential, and something that I see people not step into often enough.

Here’s what I mean by “figure it out” mode:

Let’s say you start your business as a skin care blogger. You do so because you love skin care. Marketing isn’t exactly your cup of tea, nor is tweaking your WordPress site, and sales? Forget it. This is the same if you’re a health coach, an artist, a content creator, or any other creative.

So right away, you have to make a choice. Will you be the victim to what you don’t know, or will you step out of that box and into “figure it out” mode. You can’t care that you don’t understand marketing, you have to learn marketing. You can’t dwell on the tech blues, you have to learn your tech. You don’t have time to feel uncomfortable selling, you have to learn to sell.

This chapter of “figure it out” mode is hugely important and shapes the resilience of entrepreneurs.

However, it’s important to recognize when that chapter is over and when you can step back into your full zone of genius. For me, that looked like scheduling a few hours every week (and I’m working toward every day!) to do what I love most: creating content to teach, inspire, and empower entrepreneurship and beyond- supporting people in creating their birthright legacy.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to pass days upkeeping my inbox, designing sales pages, writing emails, and on calls and in meetings. It’s not that I don’t enjoy those things, but at this point, I can outsource them. However, my unique vision and signature strategies that support entrepreneurship are not things that can be passed onto others.

That’s my zone of genius and it’s what has shaped my success. I think it deserves some dedicated time in my calendar!

What’s your zone of genius? Do you feel that you’re doing enough of it? Let me know!

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