Bloggers are great. With the movement of blogging, blogs have turned into a different platform than just records of travel stories and personal anecdotes. They’re places where people can provide value and lessons in an accessible way. This movement has brought so many incredible people to light that can shed their inspiration in a unique way. I’m so happy to have paid attention to this movement as some certain bloggers have helped inspire me in a recent decision!

These bloggers especially helped me figure out how to make unconventional income so that I could supplement my volunteering. I’ve compiled a guide for unconventional incomes with this post, yours free below!

I recently made a very big decision in my life. It was a bit scary, but mostly excited. I couldn't have done a lot of it without the inspiration and related nature of these bloggers. So, thank you, bloggers! Thanks for the help and the inspiration!

As some of you may  know, I recently made a huge change in my professional path. I deferred law school acceptances; a very difficult decision. You’d think that getting into law school was the hardest part, but refusing those acceptances was much harder. Trading a secure, promising path for a more unconventional route is scary! Once I had made it, though, I felt liberated and excited for the unknown of what was next. I was a bit nervous, but presently surprised by how much more excitement I felt than fear. I constantly remind myself of one of my favorite quotes:

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.”

This decision was difficult, and I couldn’t have made it without the major support I had from my friends and family. But, none of them were truly going through the confusion that I was. It actually was support from a lot of bloggers that helped this decision (whether they know it or not), because their situations related to mine. I wanted to give these bloggers a shout out today! Thank you, bloggers, for helping me (and so many others) choose to pursue my passion! Every day!

I began my blog as a sort of outlet for my thoughts on the millennial generation and a way to organize my ideas on the opportunities our generation has. Connecting with other, like-minded bloggers has probably been the most rewarding part!

by Regina

Y’all, if you don’t read this blog, you’re missing out. Not only is Regina extremely informative and helpful, she’s hysterical. I have actually choked on my coffee while reading her posts. Personality aside, her blog bridges what you’re passionate about and how to make that passion part of your career. I wanted to go to law school to pursue public interest and improve global cultural awareness, philanthropy, and women’s rights. Regina’s posts helped open my eyes to the multitude of creative and personal ways I can do that which don’t have to be the traditional way. Not only did she introduce specific ways for me to reformat my mission via different methods of delivery, she simply opened my mind. The best part? She doesn’t just teach you all that you can do, and she teaches you how to do it. You are the best!

The Finance Girl

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Natalie Bacon. Her blog is very informative (I’m also finance-obsessed) and it was one of the first blogs I really read regularly. But more than that, Natalie is an ex-lawyer! I had read her story in the spring when I was deep in the daily internal debate about my law school acceptances. I knew that of course, not one decision is a “right” decision for everyone. But, Natalie’s story resonated with me. Though our professional situations wouldn’t be synonymous, her message about loving what you do made so much sense to me. Maybe law would have been something I loved, but it was an expensive risk I wasn’t ready to take quite yet.

Melyssa Griffin

Unless you don’t use the internet, you probably know who this rockstar is. I have Melyssa to almost exclusively thank for inspiring me to start a blog. I really never considered it until I found her and her amazing website. She’s an inspiring entrepreneur that also has personal stories of leaving a job she hated to take a risk and pursue what she’s passionate about. The most inspiring part of Melyssa, though, is that you’d never know about her wild success on the surface. I met her in New York a couple months back and she is one the sweetest, kindest, and most humble young entrepreneurs you’ll meet. (Living in Manhattan, I’ve met quite a few!) This makes her site and all she produces even better. She genuinely does want to help others fulfill their dreams. Thanks for being a great figure, professionally and personally.

Wallet Hacks

As I mentioned above, I am a finance geek. So, I’ve been a faithful follower of this blog for quite some time. What I did not expect was to receive a personal e-mail from the writer of the blog in response to my law school decision! How awesome is that?

A huge reason I was hesitant on attending law school was because of the debt I’d have to take out. I knew that a career in the legal field could lead to a lucrative path. I was confident that I could pay back my loans if I was very dedicated for the first couple of years. But, I still was really nervous about that debt. After reading much of what Jim had written, I felt like he’d understand. He did! Debt it scary. Neither Jim’s advice nor blog swayed me in one direction or the other, which is what I loved about it. It simply showed me what was important to me.


My friend Milou writes this blog, and she is such a powerful female traveler. Shifting from my corporate life in New York to my digital nomad life was not something my friends at home understood. Milou reached out to me and offered so much support during this crazy time! She and all her female digital nomads have been so supportive during this journey and I’m so thankful to people like her for reaching out to others. She embodies the idea that success it about supporting each other, not competing with each other!

All of these bloggers are awesome and inspirational people. If you need a dose of motivation, just go visit any one of their sites! (Any day of the week!) What bloggers have inspired you the most?

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