NYC CAN be affordable if you know where to look.

4 things you should not spend money on in NYC; making NYC more affordable. Whether you're a tourist, a native New Yorker, a college student or like to come on weekends, this post will surely help you save money in Ne York. Click here to get my tips and make the most out of your time in the best city in the world!

In a city where savings accounts are urban legends, opportunities to avoid unnecessary spending are important. Because of high competition in New York, some prices have been driven down lower than you’ll find in suburbia. Here is a list of things you should never be spending a lot of money on in New York City.

1. ATMs

It’s no secret that random ATMS in bodegas and bars come with a heavy price tag. Indeed, you should do your best to avoid them. There is really no shortage of ATMs for banks like Chase in the city. So, if you have one of those banks, you don’t need to worry about not finding an ATM. But if you don’t, go to McDonalds! All McDonalds in NYC have 99 cent ATM fees.

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2. Salon Luxuries

One of the few things in NYC that is actually less expensive than in most other places is salon services. You can find affordable manicure and pedicure deals for under $40 and eyebrow waxes for under $15.

A note: I personally try not to go to the cheapest of the cheap since the publication of this heartbreaking New York Times article. It revealed the harsh working conditions and little pay for employees in salons all throughout the city. These articles from NY Racked, Vox and Bustle are great references when searching for ethical salon treatments. I always am sure to tip with cash for the same reason.

3. Bottle Service

I admit that this is easier for females. But! I stand my ground in saying that paying for bottle service is not necessary to get bottle service. You can go to clubs in an affordable way and party like its 1998. There are promoters at every club in New York. While they certainly favor promoting girls, they will promote guys, especially if they are well dressed and ideally with other girls. You can find promoters at clubs (or the door of clubs) with 5-20 girls surrounding them. They’re often dancing on the tables and diving for the vodka bottles like their life depends on it.

martinis in Manhattan! How the New York life can still be affordable

4. NYC Pizza

New York is known for its amazing pizza and further known for its inexpensive, dollar pizza. If you don’t know where to find dollar pizza, simply go out on a Friday night and follow the crowds leaving bars in the wee hours of the morning. Then follow them. You will likely end up sharing a slice with them. The dollar slices aren’t bad, especially considering they are… a dollar. However, if you cough up a couple bucks more, you can find excellent pizza for still an affordable $3/$4 a slice. No matter what, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza in New York and it is never something you should spend a lot of money on.


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