Getting ready to travel abroad? Lucky you! You’re about to have an unforgettable experience. Here are three things I’m sure to remember to pack with me that are usually glazed over. They will make your time abroad even more memorable for you and for everyone else you meet.

Are you going abroad or dying to travel? Add these three fun things to your suitcase to make the most out of your experience!

1. Business Cards

Do you have a travel blog?

Is your Instagram particularly awesome while displaying your adventure abroad?

Do you want to visit people you meet later on in life?

If you say yes to any of these, you should carry around business cards with you when you travel! Half of the fun of going abroad is meeting other¬†travelers. You’ll meet like-minded, awesome people that you already have tons in common with. You’ll want to stay in touch with them! You can do this by exchanging e-mails, numbers, and social media, but it’s much easier to get lost in the shuffle that way. If you have a card to give people with your contact information, ¬†website, or social media handles, you’re going to be more memorable and stand out. When people find that card, the memory of meeting you will come back immediately, rather than them remembering your name on Facebook along with the other 46 people they’ve met that weekend.

Get templates for the perfect travel business card below in my Travel Resource Library.

2. Small Souvenirs/ Thank You Cards

If you’re going abroad and want to interact with the locals (which you should), a great way to act as a cultural ambassador and represent your native country well is to go the extra mile and thank the locals that help you. Saying thank you is important. Taking the time to write a card or give them a small gift will be very meaningful to them! If you’re in a country where you can speak enough of the language to write a meaningful Thank You, it’s a genuine thing to do. If there’s a language barrier, a small souvenir from your country (such as a magnet or key chain) is a great option, too.

3. Disposable Camera

As much as I wish I could be a talented photographer, it’s just not in my blood. But! I often think that’s a blessing in disguise, because what is in my blood is a habit of losing things. Enter the disposable camera and all the joy that comes with it. Sure, the photos won’t be works of art, but it’s such a wonderful trip down memory lane getting these developed. The best part? Your bank account won’t cry if you lose them. You won’t remember what you took photos or how they turned out, which makes them so much fun! They’re also much lighter than a DSLR, which is great for backpackers.


If you’re going abroad, you want to make the most out of your time there, and these three quirky extras will guarantee an improved and memorable experience for you and all those you encounter. What are your favorite things to bring when traveling?

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