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When my clients join my mastermind, they’re given a list of ten values that we abide by and that breed entrepreneurial success.


While I could probably have made that list 100 values long, it’s instead made up of the ten most important. In fact, I would argue that without working and living within these values, it’s nearly impossible to create long-term, sustainable success.


One of these ten values is to take action toward your business from an inspired place. This is much easier said than done. Of course, we all wish we could feel inspired all the time. But our realities can cloud that easily, realities of stress, shortage of money, needing clients, lack of clarity… it goes on and on. 


But if we take action out of that place, we do things frantically, sloppily, and with desperation. I don’t know about you, but I would not hire someone who is giving off that energy. I wouldn’t expect anyone to hire me with that energy, either! My clients deserve better and so do yours.


So, if you’re wanting to get out of those pain points and feel less stress, generate more income, attract more clients, experience clarity and so on, these five steps will get you out of stress and into inspired action! I use these myself all the time.

Step 1: Identify the contrasting thought. 

(The BEST-case scenario vs. the worst, this applies the Law of Polarity).


Ex: There’s a chance I won’t meet my income needs this month and I’m scared —> There’s a chance I’ll EXCEED my income goal and I’m excited.

Step 2: Choose to shift from fear to faith.

Ex: I choose to have faith in myself rather than live in fear about a future could-be.

Step 3: Focus on something you love about yourself.

(This boosts the faith in Step 2!)

Ex: I have already made more from my own business than I ever thought possible because I’m an incredibly hard worker.


Step 4: Go back to gratitude. 

Ex: I’m so grateful for the opportunity to run my own business and be an entrepreneur.

Step 5: Take action.


Now that you’re mentally in a state of faith, confidence, and gratitude, you can take action!

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In this episode of the Your Biggest Vision show, I share some of my favorite health hacks that help keep me aligned and in pursuit of my biggest vision. Taking proper care of yourself both mentally and physically is perhaps the most important thing you can do in order to be successful. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, making small, healthy changes to your lifestyle can have extremely beneficial results that keep you focused and efficient. I am not a nutritionist, but wanted to share some of my daily habits that work for me and might work for you too.

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Josh Shefner is the founder and CEO of Agricycle Global Inc., a social enterprise that engineers fruit dehydrators that assist in the creation of fully traceable and ethical products. These fruit dehydrators are making social, environmental and economic impact in areas like Sub Saharan Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. The fruit dehydrators produce environmentally conscious products like refined sugar-free dried fruit, sustainable charcoal and fruit flour all while supporting a network of over 35,000 farmers globally. 

Tune in to hear:

  • How Josh created and founded Agricycle as a Freshman in college
  • The incredible social, environmental and economic implications of Agricycle
  • How Josh transformed as a structural engineering student to becoming an entrepreneur and CEO

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Last week, I taught a new class about five figure months- specifically five reasons most people don’t experience them consistently. I sure got fired up in this one!

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