Leah Gervais, Urban 20 Something saying goodbye to 2019

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Happy New Years’ Eve! As the year wraps up, I’m in shock and awe looking back at the best year of my life this far. I wanted to share some photos of the year with you below in this very personal email!

I’ve shared all month how incredible 2019 was- the best year of my life. But what’s so amazing about it isn’t just a great year. It’s that this year, I created a new normal for myself. I transformed my life and designed it to look and feel how I always desired, and will continually live on “the other side” of that transformation.

So, this “best year yet” is just the first of many just like it!


  • Started what would be my best program to date; a high-level, intimate mastermind for female entrepreneurs. 
  • Went to a publicity intensive, Pitch, Please, with Farnoosh Torabi and Susie Moore.
  • Celebrated my highest month in sales to date (at the time)


  • Traveled to Israel to be with friends & kayaked in the Dead Sea!
  • Traveled to Los Angeles for work & fun
  • Launched my podcast, the Your Biggest Vision show


  • Found my wedding veil and shoes!
  • Launched my signature program, Scale Your Side Hustle


  • Hosted a VIP Intensive at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia
  • Traveled to Mexico to retreat with my then-fiance
  • Hit my first six-figure year in under 11 months!


  • Celebrated my birthday at the Plaza Hotel in NYC!
  • Conducted a workshop in NYC for entrepreneurs
  • Had a photoshoot with Wendy Yalom around the city
  • Hosted a VIP dinner and event for my mastermind in a penthouse


  • Launched the second round of my mastermind
  • Had my Bridal Shower (you can see where we got married in this photo- the large skyscraper to the left!)
  • Traveled to Virginia to visit family- visited Busch Gardens!


  • Launched the final (!) round of Scale Your Side Hustle
  • Traveled to Chicago for our wedding shower
  • Moderated panels on podcasting & the launch of Clever Girl Finance’s Book


  • Knocked my own socks off with a $30k+ month
  • Traveled to Mexico for my bachelorette party
  • Was interviewed by CNBC/Acorns to share my side hustle advice and journey


  • Traveled to the Amalfi Coast, Italy to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday
  • Traveled to Milwaukee for work- to report on the entrepreneurial community there
  • Traveled to Philadelphia for another VIP day with a private client



  • Got married! Threw our dream wedding in the heart of New York City with our dearest family and friends. Walking down the aisle had an entirely different meaning than it would’ve it I was still at my 9-5 job, not living in alignment with myself, not working for my own dreams, and still ‘waiting’ to pursue the things that were really important to me.


  • Traveled to Antigua for our minimoon
  • Launched a Q4 Business Coaching focus group


  • Traveled to San Jose to speak at QBConnect
  • Traveled to San Fransisco to speak at Dreamforce and bought a Gucci belt to celebrate!
  • Traveled to Florida and Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving with family
  • Celebrated over $30k in sales 


  • Launched my 2020 mastermind groups
  • Traveled to Chicago and Colorado to spend time with family
  • Celebrated over $30k in sales- again!

Looking at this list, I am overcome with gratitude for everything that’s happened for me this year. Last year, I made a decision that this year would be the best year of my life, especially after the trauma I experienced in 2018. I am proud that I stuck with that decision and took action in accordance with it, but I never could’ve dreamed all of this would’ve happened.


This year, I learned to trust myself. I felt so many moments of fear, uncertainty, confusion, and nerves about my next step. But looking back, they all worked out exactly the way they should’ve. Learning to trust myself is the greatest gift I could’ve asked for.


Here’s to an equally fabulous 2020!

New podcast episodes

New podcast episodes

Ep. 95- Will it Work for Me?

(Click here to listen)

Episode 95 is the last original episode of 2020. This episode covers the questions we have all asked ourselves before, which is “will this work for me”? I have asked myself this a lot and it usually comes up when you are starting a business, joining a program, etc. We have all witnessed opportunities that sounds so promising, but we still ask if we will get the same great results as others.

Tune in to this episode to hear: 

  • Tools that I have used to make my story a success story.
  • 5 tips that I believe really moved the needle in my business success.
  • Why it is not necessarily the programs fault when people don’t succeed.

Ep. 96- David Neagle- Life is NOW, your dream is achievable and at your fingertips

(Click here to listen)

Welcome to 2020, visionaries! We are kicking off the new year the right way by revisiting one last episode of 2019 with David Neagle. I couldn’t help but pull from this episode before we dive into season 2, so we can go into this new year and new season with the right frame of mind. David is the king of mindset as he helps people understand their truth, their own strengths and how to live in accordance to that. David has changed my life in a number of ways and offers so much wisdom that I wanted to share with you all. 

Tune in to this episode to hear: 

  • David’s story and how a near death experience changed the trajectory of his life 
  • How David stepped into his purpose and found out what he was meant to do in the world
  • How he has built a multi-million dollar business after not having a college degree and being a minimum wage fork-lift driver.

Happy and Healthy New Year!