The Service-Based

If you’re starting a business, you likely have the desire to help others already embedded in you. Here’s where you put that into my motion by deciding what to sell, doing so from a place of service. Additionally, approaching your sales from a place of services makes the fear of being “sales-y” essential disappear. How can your program/products serve those that would buy it? How could it help their life? What would they be praying for?

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What do we mean leading by service?

Serving has been what’s allowed me to grow throughout my business. Not only does it help me create fulfilling work and helps me attract clients that I love, it also stops me from playing small. Here’s where this step came into play for me and will for you too:

  • Serving makes sales about your customer, not your fear.

  • Selling from service will help you see how much you have to offer

  • Selling from service is probably why you started your business to begin with!

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When I started my business, $10,000+ per month sounded too good to be true. Having my first one blew my mind. The problem? It felt like a fluke and I didn’t know how to do it again. I had to make it my new normal, and I found that selling from a place of service was the only way that felt right to me.

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Links Leah Loves

  1. Tara Zirker’s Facebook PageTara changed my life years ago when she taught me how to lead a business and create content remembering that people are praying for solutions you can answer. Follow her for business for women who believe in God.
  2. The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. This book explains how money is circulated in a  spiritual way. It helps you understand how leading from service, not from guilt, fear, money, etc., will always compensate you.
  3. Bob Proctor’s Abundance MeditationThis meditation changed my life when I listened to it every day for 30 days! It helps you see how infinite you are, and how much possibility is around you all the time, if you only allow yourself to see.

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