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The quickest and most sustainable way to get what you desire, is to first become the person who already has what you desire. This means thinking about how you would feel if you already achieved the desire you have. 

On this page, find my favorite resources to move through this stage of your transformation. This includes our podcast episodes that relate to it, journal prompts, my personal experience moving through this, links I love, and more! Don’t forget to check regularly for updates!

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In this download, you’ll get the prompts I suggest to support, you’ll hear my personal experience moving through this stage, and put your own transformation into motion.

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Becoming the entrepreneur
who lives the way you desire

For instance, if you desire to have a six figure business and want that BADLY, first consider the person who already has a six figure business. Do they spend day and night wanting one? No, they’re confident they already have done. Do they stress over objections? No, they’re grateful for the “yes” they do have.

Ask yourself questionsn like:

  • What is the woman I need to become stressed about? Is she stressed at all? How can I shed my stress as I enter this new chapter?
  • How does the entrepreneur I need to become take care of her or himself? What does a morning routine look like? How does she or he prioritize her or himself?
  • What type of support does this entrepreneur have? What about mentor? How can I step into that type of support in my own life?

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5 Daily Practices to Keep Your Vision Strong!

This download shares five simple, practical daily practices that you can do to keep your vision top of mind, stay in alignment with your goals, and transform into who you want to become. We created this in connection with our podcast, the Your Biggest Vision Show! Download it for free, and you can check out the podcast episodes below.


Supportive Podcast Episodes

Links Leah Loves

  1. Security- the Dream Killer from David Neagle’s Podcast the Successful Mind. This is my favorite podcast episode of all time and don’t think any other content has ever influenced me so greatly. Listen to it over and over and you’ll find TRUE freedom.The last 10 minutes give me chills every single time!
  2. How to Be a No-Limits Person by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Learn how to release yourself of the traps in your own thinking, even, and especially, the ones of which you’re not aware.
  3. Leah Gervais’ Success Mindset Pinterest Board. I save my favorite resources on success mindset to this board. Browse away!
  4. Abraham Hicks’ website. This is where you’ll find the in-depth study on the Law of Attraction. It’s deep and it’s powerful!
  5. The Audacity to be Queen by Gina Devee, founder of Divine Living. In this fun book, Gina gives you permission to go for whatever you desire unapologetically.

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