These entrepreneur success stories motivated me so much during my side hustle journey.


This is the step that gets you visible and the world to know how great your content and offerings are. Within the Leah Gervais Methodology, marketing means far more than posting on social media a couple times a week. It’s meant to get you to be the go-to person for your audience and will create you to be omnipresent to them.

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Our favorite marketing strategies...

Have you ever thought of a VIP coaching day? My clients love them for obvious reasons. They get to achieve much more then they thought. Are you ready?
  • Email marketing, Your email list is the backbone behind a successful business. Use your list to ramp up your sales, create authentic relationships, receive customer feedback, fill your groups, brand yourself, leverage your social media and features… the list is endless! However, it takes a strategy. Randomness won’t work.
  • Paid ads for visibility. We use Facebook Ads to get our message seen. Oftentimes, ads are just used for lead generation. But the magic happens a step further when you use them for nurturing and visibility. Book a Power Hour with us to learn how to do this in your business.
  • Social media content. We us social media to share our brand story, our successes, and our strategies (our “three S” system). The key here is consistency. 

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